Onel de Guzman

IRL Name: 
Onel de Guzman

Onel de Guzman is a Filipino student from AMA who became a suspect for unleashing the "I Love You Virus" because of a thesis proposal he had submitted to his college which was rejected because it was unethical. Onel confessed that he may have accidentally spread the virus.

Short history for the I Love You Virus:
"On May 4 2000, an e-mail bearing the title ''I LOVE YOU'' began popping up in computers in Asia. When opened, it destroyed graphics and other files. The e-mail program, commonly called a virus or worm, which replicates by sending itself to all the other e-mail addresses in a computer's database. Within hours, the worm plagued through government offices in Europe and the United States which forced The Pentagon, CIA, the British Parliament, and most large corporations to completely shut down their mail systems."


Onel never worked in the CIA / Microsoft.

Claims he wrote the virus and Michael Buen has no hand in writing the virus.


Onel was the reason for the spread of the worm but was not the one who coded the virus.