IRL Name: 
Rafael Núñez

Rafael Núñez is a Venezuelan computer hacker who is a retired model, former member of the World of Hell, and was arrested by the FBI and The Pentagon's Defense Criminal Investigative on April 2, 2005 following his arrival at Miami International Airport for allegedly breaking into the Defense Information Systems Agency computer system on June 2001. He is believed to have defaced the system (exploiting a weakness of the Microsoft IIS 5.0 webserver) with a web page containing the text "WoH is Back... and kiss my a$$ cause I just 0wn3d yours!" with a link to another page featuring the World of Hell.

One of the funnier and less known facts about RaFa getting busted is that the real identities of WoH members started with the bust of cowhead2000 during an absinthe powered stint with RaT involving a payphone. RaFa thought the payphone getting torn off the wall was so hilarious that he needed to share it with the world, which he did through theregister. The FBI read this report and requested the vandalism report from the Alexis Park in Las Vegas. The vandalism report had the real life identity of cowhead2000, who they promptly arrested and convinced to snitch on other members of WoH.


Núñez also faced allegations of hacking into NASA computers in August 2001 and copying designs for C.O.B.R.A., a next generation space launch vehicle. However, the NASA allegations were dropped.

He has been quoted as an expert source on hacking incidents and computer security vulnerabilities in numerous news articles, including IDG News Service articles.

He is is the deputy director of cpiu.us (Counter Pedophilia Investigative Unit) an organization dedicated to educate the public in how to protect their children and increase general public awareness about Online Pedophilia since 2000.

Founder of EnfoqueSeguro, a website devoted to cover security breaches in computers.


Loves payphones