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Berend-Jan Wever

Berend-Jan Wever a.k.a SkyLined is an exploit developer who according to corelanc0d3r - has originally documented about heap spraying and that the first public use of heap sprays were seen in 2001 (MS01-033). Skylined used the technique in his IFRAME tag buffer exploit for Internet Explorer in 2004. As of today, many years later, it is still the number 1 payload delivery technique in browser exploits.

He used to work for Microsoft where he joined Secure Windows Initiative team and worked on Internet Explorer and Windows Vista security. In early 2008, he left Microsoft to work for Google on Google Chrome Security. Dunno though if he still works for Google anymore or just did bug hunting and submitting exploits for ZDI.


Developer of ALPHA2, an alphanumeric shellcode encoder which laid the foundation for many similar encoders

He is an author of a number of exploits for various security vulnerabilities in various applications on various platforms especially Internet Explorer.