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Douglas Berdeaux

Douglas Berdeaux a.k.a Trevelyn is an OSWP Wireless Penetration Tester from Greater Pittsburgh Area and the founder of WeakNet Laboratories, a small computer lab in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the developer of WEAKERTHAN Linux which is a penetration testing distro aimed for wireless penetration testing, web hacking and based on Debian Squeeze. He is an author of various wireless penetration testing tools which are pre-installed and categorized in his distro. His main focus is primarily on his WEAKERTHAN Linux and web application hacking now. His old works include WardriveSQL, GPS-Parser-ng, WPA Phishing Attack for EAP Phishing, SSWR (Scripted Security for Wireless Routers), Wificake-NG, Catchme-NG, Perlwd (Perl UNiX MD5 HASH Cracking application), and PerlWEPper. For more information about his works you can just go to his website:


Author of Celeritas Shell (Programming shell with custom advanced features)

Coded SMSI - Simple Mysql Injector

His article 'Bash Bash Bash!' is included in the articles section of 2600 - The Hacker Quarterly.

Coded Hellfire - LFI Automation Tool

Coded STRENCODE - XSS String Encoding Tool

Coded Filescope - Server Files Recon Tool

He is lead author of CODENAME: “WiFi Security: The Invisible Ninja” Course