Wicked Rose, Withered Rose, wth rose, Meigui

IRL Name: 
Tan Dailin

Tan Dailin a.k.a Wicked Rose is the founder of the Network Crack Program Hacker (NCPH) group, a Chinese hacker group based out of Zigong in Sichuan Province. In 2005, Wicked Rose was contracted by the Sichuan Military Command Communication Department which instructed him to participate in the Chengdu Military Command Network Attack/Defense Competition. After winning the local competition, he received a month of intense training in simulating attacks, designing hacking tools, and drafting network-infiltration strategies. He and his team represented the Sichuan Military Command in a competition with other provinces which they went on to win.

In 2007, Verisign’s iDefense released a report (PDF) on Rose’s hacking exploits, which detailed his alleged role as the leader of a state-sponsored, four-man hacking team called NCPH. Verisign said that the NCPH created 35 programs that took advantage of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office to implant so-called Trojans--programs that take partial control of an infected computer and can be used to send documents, spreadsheets and other files over the Internet.


He is credited with the development of the GinWui rootkit used in attacks on the US Department of Defense in 2006.

He claims responsibility for targeted email-based attacks containing Microsoft Word and CHM exploits from the spring of 2006.


He is the CEO and Founder of Anvisoft, an antivirus startup company based in China.