arma, Roger Dingledine

IRL Name: 
Roger Dingledine

Roger Dingledine a.k.a arma is an MIT-trained American computer scientist known for having co-founded the Tor Project. He created Tor together with Nick Mathewson and Paul Syverson under a contract from the United States Naval Research Laboratory.

Dingledine has drawn attention after the leak of NSA documents by Edward Snowden, and public disclosure of the rules guiding the operation of XKeyscore, the NSA's collection system, given XKeyscore's targeting of Tor Project onion servers, including the one Dingledine runs at MIT, which serves a directory authority for the system, as well as being the base of operation of the MixMinion mail service, and host to various gaming and other websites (from which the NSA might be collecting IP addresses).


He wrote the original onion service code as a toy example in 2004.

Roger was chosen by the MIT Technology Review as one of its top 35 innovators under 35.