Psygnosis is a BSD geek from the Philippines who is one of the pioneer members of the inactive underground group "Asianpride". Not much is known about him but he was part of the 4'oclock project. He also masturbates OpenBSD and firewall configurations. He developed Anino Firewall Project which is based on OpenBSD, uses pf as it's native ruleset management and can be easily configured as a transparent bridge filter (aka "invisible firewall"). It can also be configured as a network address translation utility.


Anino Firewall Project is now a forgotten project.

Developed PsygNAT which contains the necessary tools in configuring a simple NAT router, a stateful (and transparent) firewall, or a bandwidth limiter via ALTQ. It supports both static and dynamic client setup. It also includes mg, an emacs-like text editor, which can be used to write firewall and network address translation rules.

He is a self-confessed cat lover.