Calling All Artists - The 2010 Wallpaper Contest Is Now Open

Would you like VIP access and a SOLDIERX T-Shirt but don't have the cash? SOLDIERX proudly presents the official 2010 SX Wallpaper Contest. The contest begins now and lasts until 01-01-2011.
Here are the details about the 2010 SX Wallpaper Contest:
Image must be a minimum size of 1024x768 (any size larger is fine, dimensions are up to you)
Image must have something to do with SOLDIERX
Image should be emailed to [email protected]
Image should be in jpg/png/psd format (contact RaT if there is another format that you'd like to use)

Good luck everybody! Check out SX Propaganda for ideas.

1st Place wins a SOLDIERX T-Shirt and VIP access. For right now we are only having a 1st place. If we receive enough entries, we may have 2nd and 3rd place winners.