Congratulations to Kayin!

I would like to start by wishing everybody a Happy New Year. As any of you that have been paying attention to the news here at SX, the tutorial contest ended today. If you couldn't guess from the title of this news post, Kayin is the winner for his tutorial on covert channels ( We thought that it was a unique paper dealing with steganography. I hope that more and more people will contribute tutorials in order to share knowledge with the SX community. I have been working with cisc0ninja and Amp on the direction of this site, so look for some of those changes soon. If anybody is interested in helping, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. We really need to get more new blood into SX.

Again, congratulations to Kayin for his contributions. Hopefully he will be able to send a photo of his new SX shirt that will be arriving once we get a shipping address from him. Please leave some suggestions for future prizes on our forum.