We're back... sorta... and news about Shane Tarleton (aka COSCStudent)

Hello again everybody, we are somewhat back - although we are still working out some bugs. Sorry about the "seized by ICE" message. We were getting overwhelmed with emails so we decided to put that up. It did do us some good though, we were able to uncover a few bad apples such as Shane Tarleton (aka COSCStudent). The guy that disseminated MRI to us on multiple occasions and then started the OFACE project (due to how much he hated Geek Squad) was on the Geek Squad private forums declaring our site going down a huge "win". He also portrayed us as some sort of computer repair company, which we aren't. Sorry Shane, none of us clean mouse balls for a living like you - we all work in programming and security. Shane - in the future be careful about playing both sides even if it is on a private forum. We have eyes everywhere. So long COSCStudent, we hope you have a long life of reinstalling Windows and cleaning mouse balls.

Now back to what happened to the server. There was a power outage that somehow knocked out cisc0ninja's "magic" software raid. The motherboard was going crazy and he couldn't get the thing to boot at all. He got a new hard drive and proceeded to rebuild the raid. He got the raid back up with all of the data and then one of his Red Hat fanboy buddies told him to fsck the software raid. He started to do that and then gave me a call. I told him to stop the fsck ASAP, but unfortunately the damage had been done. He had toasted an entire partition made up of configuration files, tools, and source code. Luckily I hadn't put that much faith in his raid setup, so I had been doing offsite backups of the actual site. We switched to the new server that we had been building, and the site is now on that. The slowness is either due to some misconfigurations or PHP 5.3 and Drupal 6 not playing nice together. We are doing performance testing and checking each piece out, so we hope to have things going faster soon. Before anybody says that it's hardware related, we have upgraded from 2 processors to 4 processors and from 4 GB of ram to 6 GB of ram (with more ram coming soon!).