Neophyte's Guide - I Want To Break Things

I Want To Break Things

I recommend a sledge hammer, gun powder + pipe + nails, and if you're really
pissed off - C4. Google for Anarchist Cookbook but BE REALLY CAREFUL with
those instructions. Some of them WILL kill you.

If you're looking for a more safe route then check out your local
military surplus stores. Often times you'll find old munitions handbooks and
old survival handbooks. These contain military grade guerrilla tactics
complete with hommade 'goodies'.

Oh you meant break things virtually. Oops Wink There are many ways to go
about this.

- Virus
A virus is a perfectly acceptable way to mash up the insides of a
computer. They are, however, relatively obsolete unless you're writing
one from scratch. What I mean is that you're going to have a hard time
downloading one that won't be detected by an anti-virus. Look into
'repacking' techniques if you're still interested.

If you want to write your own virus then I recommend you look into
"Polymorphic Code". Begin by writing code that can print out it's own
code (without looking at the source file). Look into compiler techniques
and you must read "Reflections on Trusting Trust" by Ken Thompson. Smile

- Software Bomb
A virus replicates itself and infects. It's actually a very cool
concept that's not that easy to do. Most viruses include destructive
payloads. These payloads are what actually cause the damage.

A software bomb is basically the payload without the virus. It's a
program that is written only to be executed once (as in it won't need
to execute again). A good example is the Harddrive Killer Pro by
Munga Bunga. You can still find it around. Anti-viruses such as Norton
and Macafee do pick it up as a virus.

- Rage of the almighty faggot
Think software bomb without the automation. This is basically you
going crazy on your system.

"sudo rm -rf /"
"deltree c: /y"
"format c: /y"
"rm /boot/*; halt;"
Opening up your windows registry and just going to town..


This is commonly done on accident by dumbasses trying to free up space
on their harddrive.