Neophyte's Guide - I Want To Have Control Over My Computer

I Want To Have Control Over My Computer

We call people like you "efficiency Nazis". My old roommate was one of those. He
was a gamer and refused to run linux.

Before discussing what he did let me first say Open source is your friend. If
you can modify the source then you can control everything on your computer.
Period. (Slackware FTW)

Since nearly all efficiency nazi's refuse to actually do it the easy way then
we'll discuss doing it the hard way.

- Slipsteaming
Slipstreaming lets you manually remove/add things to the windows
installation. You'll usually hear things like "Windows XP CD with SP2
Slipstreamed". You can find slipstreaming guides that discuss how to
add things to the windows installation (like service packs and drivers)
but it's also good to note that you CAN remove things from the
installation as well.

- nLite / vLite
Automated Slipstreaming with a nice GUI tool to let you choose much
easier what you'd like to remove/add.

(note - this is the only TRUE way to get rid of Internet Exploder)

Did you just mean you wanted to be an Administrator on your computer?
This is called "Permissions heightening". Google for how to heighten
your permissions on windows. Various exploits will come up with some
tutorials. If all else fails - ask in the forums/IRC.