Neophyte's Guide - I Want To Have Knowledge Over All Computer Subjects

I Want To Have Knowledge Over All Computer Subjects

Congratulations. Out of everyone who's reading this, you're the only one who
will actually attain you're goal. You're also the only one who I actually
respect. A genuine interest in computers and computing is the only way to be
successful in this area. You will fail unless you really really want it.

So where to begin?

Start with dumping your windows installation. It's not that windows
is garbage - the newer releases aren't too bad. It's mostly to just
get you out of your comfort zone. You need to start experienceing
the different areas of computers.

Drop your stereotypes. "Microsoft only makes shit", "open source
is 1337!". "Mac is for artists only". I'm not saying these don't
have truth in them. I'm only saying you should find out for yourself
if they REALLY are true or not.

Read everything you can. Read things that you don't even think are
relevant. Read - everything. And stop looking at porn all day.

Reading - while tremendously important - will only get you so far.
Again you must experience things. You can memorize the C syntax
but you won't be able to code in it. You must try things out.

Don't be afraid to break your system. In fact I encourage you
to do so at least once. Breaking it will only force you to fix it.
This is good. It will also get you used to being pissed off and
frustrated. You will be a lot.

Come into IRC and be active on the Forums. We absolutely love to
talk about these things with other people and help them in their
misunderstandings. Don't be confused however - we'll point you
in the right direction but we won't do it for you.

Stop playing WoW or any other game you're addicted to. It'll only slow
you down. Absolutely 100% DO NOT BE A DOUCHE. People will stop talking
to you if you're an immature asshole. If you keep it up you'll get
banned and possibly owned.

Go to school. Yea that's right I said it. Get your ass to college.
Don't get me wrong you can do it without college but there's really
no reason not to.

Remember - if it doesn't sound insane, then it's not worth doing.