Neophyte's Guide - What are the common types seen in hacking communities?

There are several types of individuals within the hacking scene. Some types are individuals who mainly want to know more. Some however are not looking to do so for various reasons. As such, here are some common categorizations of individuals from the scene.

Lamers - A lamer is a person who has just entered the hacking scene but doesn't want to become a hacker. He/She is looking for fifteen minutes of enjoyment, not the life of a hacker. Lamers want to be spoon-fed the little information that is required to accomplish their goals, which are usually limited to havoc and destruction wrecked by Trojans or exploits which the lamer hasn't written him/herself.

Script Kiddies - A script kiddie is a type of lamer that knows enough about hacking to get, compile, and run somebody else's exploit. Script kiddies (also called skids) use this to maliciously attack other machines. This is generally frowned upon by the hacker community.

Newbies/Neophytes - A newbie or neophyte is a person new to the hacking scene, who has already understood some of the ethics aspects involved. Newbies try to absorb information from tutorials. They rarely ask questions except when really stuck on a concept and in need of a bit of specifics and clarification. Newbies go on to become hackers, a process that goes on constantly.

Makers - A technology-based extension of the DIY culture, makers have a focus on modifying pre-existing technology or making their own devices. Often these modifications are done to apply this technology for a new purpose or for improved operation.

White Hat - A white hat is a hacker who breaks security for non-malicious reasons. Typically, they do this to test their own security or for companies they work for. These types are also known as "ethical hackers."

Black Hat - A black hat is a hacker who breaks security for malicious reasons or personal gain.

Grey Hat - A grey hat is a hacker who falls in between white or black hat with regard to why they break security. This is an ambiguous term as sometimes they do break the law depending on the circumstances surrounding breaking security.