VIP Status is an idea that the high council of SX came up with to get more financial support in order to help with funding for bandwidth, servers, contests, etc. Did you know that the 2009 tutorial contest alone cost SOLDIERX in excess of $200? The more funding that the group gets, the more contests and such we will have.

VIP status provides you access to private forums for discussion with the SX Crew and other VIP members. You also will get access to future SX releases early. In the case of Agent Steal, VIP members had it months before it was released to the general public. Some VIP releases may never be released publicly. Remember, it's not about the early releases - it's about supporting SOLDIERX for all of the hard work that we do for free. As an added benefit, VIP members will also have shell access (upon request) to the private SX VIP Server. Last but not least, VIP members are excluded from any spam filtering - which means you can post anything you want without the fear that it will be flagged as spam. This means your posts make it to the site immediately - resulting in faster response time from our community.

It's very easy to get if you are interested, just donate $40 USD/0.005 BTC or more to SOLDIERX. How can you donate? If you are interested, just email [email protected] for more information.

If for some reason $40 for a lifetime membership to VIP access is too expensive for you, VIP can also be obtained by winning in one of our many contests. Many people spend over $40 just going out to eat, so hopefully this isn't outrageous to people. We would like to give special thanks to our VIP All Stars.