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This technical discussion list covers vulnerability research, exploit development, and security events/gossip. It was started by ImmunitySec founder Dave Aitel and many security luminaries participate. Many posts simply advertise Immunity products, but you can't really fault Dave for being self-promotional on a list named DailyDave.
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11 April, 2021 - 09:26

Posted by Dave Aitel via Dailydave on Apr 11

A while back I was chatting with someone at INFILTRATE, over fried
alligator and more alcohol than I probably should have imbibed, and he
said, "We're going to make fuzzing obsolete, because we have more CPUs on
the problem than anyone can reasonably duplicate, and we're going to
exhaust the space".

And it's PLAUSIBLE in a way. I've watched a few of the live streams that
Brandon Falk does, and you can see how like,...