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This technical discussion list covers vulnerability research, exploit development, and security events/gossip. It was started by ImmunitySec founder Dave Aitel and many security luminaries participate. Many posts simply advertise Immunity products, but you can't really fault Dave for being self-promotional on a list named DailyDave.
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Hammerhead repost for Halvar

13 August, 2018 - 15:27

Posted by Dave Aitel on Aug 13

- Fishing for Obscurity

Some sharks and fish have a unique sixth sense – they can generate and
detect electrical fields, even minute ones. According to the font of all
natural knowledge, the Discovery channel (as opposed to Dawson's Creek, the
font for all social knowledge), a hammer head shark's funny looking head is
actually a voltmeter of...

Voting Village at Defcon

13 August, 2018 - 14:33

Posted by Dave Aitel on Aug 13


So I don't know a ton about the details of voting machines, but I'm pretty
sure what happened at the DEFCON voting village is not being represented at
all accurately in the media, and I'm curious why nobody in the community is
pushing back on it, specifically I think we have a duty not to be used as...

information operations efforts and data carving

9 August, 2018 - 12:14

Posted by Dave Aitel on Aug 09

Previously Unreleased Work:
Paper on the 3M Tweets from Clemson:

So what you see a lot in some papers is this sort of thing (this one is
from the original Clemson paper):
[image: image.png]I always get flashbacks of that XKCD Correlation vs
Causation comic <...


9 August, 2018 - 12:12

Posted by Branco, Rodrigo on Aug 09


[ - Introduction - ]

It is a pleasure to invite you to submit abstracts to iSecCon 2018, the annual Security Conference at Intel.

This prestigious conference aims to bring together esteemed speakers from the industry, government and academia to
share knowledge and leading-edge ideas about security and related topics. This is an
excellent opportunity to network with like-minded people...


20 July, 2018 - 12:02

Posted by Dave Aitel on Jul 20

So soon after the Immunity deal closed we had this big all hands conference
call with everyone in the larger Cyxtera group on it, and Chris Day, who
runs the group I'm in, said, "Hey Dave, can you give everyone a quick
rundown as to what Immunity is, now that we're all one big team?" and I'll
be honest, I totally bombed.

Immunity has never done corporate verbiage. There's a tendency to be
extremely bland and generic...

Capstone disassembler framework v3.0.5 is out!

20 July, 2018 - 12:00

Posted by Nguyen Anh Quynh on Jul 20


We are very happy to announce version 3.0.5 of Capstone disassembler

In no particular order, we would like to thank CrowdStrike, CMC Infosec &
Jurriaan Bremer for sponsoring this release!

This stable version fixes some security issues in the core, as well as many
improvements, so existing users are strongly recommended to upgrade.

More details are available at http://capstone-engine.org/Version-3.0.5.html

(For those...

Peach season

13 July, 2018 - 15:53

Posted by Dave Aitel on Jul 13

As Ryan Naraine has pointed out I never did an announcement on this mailing list when Cyxtera<https://www.cyxtera.com>
and Immunity finally closed our deal. Partially that's because these things are in some ways anti-climactic, and
partially because I and a lot of the team at Immunity immediately went on a binge of experimenting with various large
toolkits we'd never had access to before.

For example, this one:...


9 July, 2018 - 09:27

Posted by Branco, Rodrigo on Jul 09