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This technical discussion list covers vulnerability research, exploit development, and security events/gossip. It was started by ImmunitySec founder Dave Aitel and many security luminaries participate. Many posts simply advertise Immunity products, but you can't really fault Dave for being self-promotional on a list named DailyDave.
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The Amygdala, Cyberwar, and You

27 April, 2020 - 12:26

Posted by Dave Aitel on Apr 27

Humans, like other hominids, are giant machines for social status
relationships processing, which you're going to be reminded of every time
Google news suggests some article on TMZ with people you ostensibly don't
know, but enough forced exposure has convinced you they are *in your
extended family*. I mean, this also explains the rise and fall of Facebook
and Insta-Influencers and so much more about the modern techno-dystopia....