Help Those Less Fortunate Than You.

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This is going to be rant-ish and I apologize before hand. I just want to remind everyone to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate. When you're worrying about what you're going to buy for your friends and family this Christmas, don't forget there are starving homeless folk all around. With unemployment as high as it is, there are too many families that will go without food and shelter this Christmas. There are even some with nobody. No friends and no family to help them. It can be a cold and fucked up world out there when you're down on your luck so do your part to bring a little bit of happiness to someone's otherwise dreary existence.

I know it's nice to live inside your little bubble, but for fuck's sake, go find somebody that's hungry and give them a fucking meal. That is, if you can. If you can't afford to give away food, perhaps you can lend yourself and your time down at a local shelter. Sometimes just having somebody to talk to is enough to brighten someone's day. Lend an ear, a hand, whatever you got.

There are *some* homeless people out there that just need a little bit of assistance getting back on their feet, don't turn your back on these people just because of their appearance. You never know, you just might find yourself in the same position one day. Hopefully, you'll have touched enough lives that someone will reach out and help YOU back on your feet.

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