Web Hosting Providers (Looking For Suggestions)

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Hi. As my current web hosting provider is extraordinarily unreliable, I'd appreciate a little input as far as reliable web hosting providers is concerned. Attached is a short list of some of the options that I am looking for.

Video Streaming Capabilities
Managed Dedicated Server
Free/OpenBSD or Linux
cPanel (Plesk works just fine, cPanel is preferable)
Unlimited Webmail Accounts
Unlimited Domains Hosted + Easy Domain Registration
Signed Dedicated SSL Certificate Included
99.9%+ uptime
24/7 Live Support (Phone preferred, Chat is fine)
US Compliant Pornographic Content Allowed
Flexible Plans *Ability to easily expand bandwidth and storage.
Managed Security *NOC Administrators handle security concerns such as patching vulnerabilities.
Automated Differential Backup Service
Reasonable Staff ***I don't want a host that is going to terminate my account for linking to "hacking" or "pirated" content that is hosted externally (on another web server with no direct affiliation to my own).
Web Application Firewall

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