Everything you need to become a perfect Hacker

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Ok.....I've got a number of requests from different people asking me where to start from in order to learn hacking. The first thing i always say is that, "You never learn hacking, you build onto it!". As you go on you will realize that it's all about looking at usual things in a new way. It's getting your hands dirty with a couple of programing and tools exploration.

First there is nothing like a hacker's language. All programing languages are good, it's only the portability and know-how level that could limit you. But ofcourse, there are a few things you may want to consider because they top my list.

1. Learn Assembly programing, atleast be able to interpret it.
2. C is a good and powerful language to start with. However, as time goes on you will need to get your hands used to either Python,Perl,PHP or Ruby. You will never regret knowing at least two of them
3. TCP/IP networking
4. Unix shell programing
5. Get your self a copy of BACKTRACK and familiarize yourself with it.
6. Join a hacking forum and be an active member (Just google for the forums. Remote exploit is a good start)

When you join a forum or IRC chat room please, save yourself not to ask people how to hack because no one will help you. Research first before asking for help. It makes you look like a script kiddie pinging all night! lol

7. Stay focused not to lose hope. Remember, Rome was not built in one day. Do your revisions and keep trying out new things. Falling asleep should be your only limit.

Here is a detailed list of important areas that will get you started.
The list will be updated overtime. So watch out for more.