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so i have been saying hey i am going to write a paper for SX for the longest time but rats always like where is the paper but i have been working on it there is a lot of detail that is going into it but for everyone thats wondering what it is and stuff here is a sneak peak of it.

Engineering An Attack

In the first quarter of 2009 there were reported over $20 million dollars in trade secrets, stolen from fortune 500 companies around the world. This is not the work of a computer hacker or some employee gone bad but a different kind of threat. Someone that is there, someone that you see on a daily bases, someone that you think works for the same company, but does not.
These people are a new breed of social engineers, someone who knows all the tricks of the trade. These people have no sides and no friends. Their life is a thrill and a rush. There moral compass is always facing south and they won’t think twice about that they do. These people are true actors and the world is really there stage and you are just extras in it.
This is how we do it.

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