Dell Power Edge 2400

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Well as you can probably tell I acquired a Dell Power Edge 2400, with 4 pull out HDD's each 10g. It has the capacity for 6 pull out drives. its got 2gigs of memory. I'm not sure too much about it, I've opened it up and its got 2 processors and Ive been to a few sites and of course its not very powerful compared to these days servers, but i was wondering. What could i do with something like this? I was going to install windows server 2003 and get to know it a little, seeing as i have a class in a few semesters over it. But I feel like I'd like more out of it. Especially in the field I'd like to go into, breaking into machines and finding vulnerabilities in them. Either way I'd like to hear what the community thinks would be a good idea for this thing. I have all the Dell system cd's on setting up the raid and what not so all I need to do now is pick an OS, and check it out, and figure out what I'm going to do with it heh. Lemme know.