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Ok, so seeing that I have been conveniently ignored on this topic within the community, I believe it is time to put my money where my mouth is. Since the evolution of the GS / MRI project, never has any of the members disclosed or written a tutorial upon which all of us can go off of to completely reverse the Orange sub system.

It unfortunately has cost me many hours of frustration and many blog postings and nobody has offered any clues. therefore I purpose this of the community. I am willing to pay 100.00$ US to the first person who will write a nice tutorial on how to do this. I have been politely ignored in the forum, although other members have showed interest and also acknowledged it has been done with the last public SX release (i.e 5.1). So I will donate to you personally via paypal, $50.00 and match $50.00 donation to SX with Rats permission under your name for a well written tutorial on how to remove all the Orange garbage sub menus to the MRI.

I want this because. A. I hate the orange i think its ugly, and B. everyone pays for education even in college. so why not? I want the high council to review it and post it in VIP only, but I will flip the cash.. let me know what you think?

PS. I dont mean that the Orange system in the main boot up, I mean the actual Orange of the FFS tool, progress bars..etc.

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