Old PortWolf Humor

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EverestX found the "unite us" panties to be humorous and wondered how much PortWolf made off of them. We decided to ask.

(5:18:48 PM) RaT: one of the sx members wants to know how much money you made on "unite us" panties
(5:20:21 PM) Portwolf: lol. I still get checks from cafepress
(5:20:27 PM) Portwolf: more teeshirts and posters than anything
(5:20:30 PM) Portwolf: but the panties sold too.
(5:21:20 PM) RaT: that should go in the SX humor section I think
(5:21:22 PM) RaT: you don't mind do you?
(5:21:42 PM) Portwolf: Go for it.