Gotta Lotta RAM?

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Ever hear of a RAM Disk?

I came across this software a few days ago and thought id give it a try.

The program is free for ramdisks 4gigs and smaller. My test run was on a laptop with 4gs of ram, AMD Turion x2 2ghz, running vista home prem. My ramdisk size was set to 600mb, after the ramdisk started I checked and alongside C: is a new Drive E: with 599mb free. I then proceeded to download and install Delcam PowerShape (3D Modeling) which fit perfectly into the 600mb. It ran without a hiccup, and the load times for models was extremely fast. My next test was to change the cache directory in Chromium to the E: drive, what good does this do you ask? Well your normal laptop RAM sticks are what we call VOLATILE memory, which means whatever data written to the ram during a session goes bye-bye when the computer is powered down, so if my internet cache is written to the volatile memory aka E: that means cache is cleared every time you power off, an added security boost! My last test was a quick benchmark:

The only feature I didnt test was the. load disk image at startup, but all-in-all it ran very stable on my set-up, no crashes or bugs at all!

If you have any experience with RAM Disks please leave some feedback.