I wanna learn IT security

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I want to learn about IT Security,like forensics,...get my cissp,ccna.cap etc. I can't afford right now to go to school, so i wanna learn it my self. I wanna learn all i can from online sites and sourses.Any online free schools something. I wanna join my husband in the Pc repair business , I figure if i know the security side of it, we can really make money for our family. But I don't know where to start, i just keep finding stuff that says get ready for ccna,cissp etc, but i want to learn the ends and outs. So do any one know any good sites especially videos that i can get on my road to learning all about IT Security. From beggging to end. I have kids so a lot of videos and example with explantions would help so much. Sitting at a computer on hours is not bootylicious. So any help are advice thanks Smile