Odd Question, not really 'hacking' but related in a way

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Before I start, I don't care much to get a lecture on ethics or 'legality'... I'm sure we all decide for ourselves what constitutes 'ethical', and ethical doesn't always mean legal.

But being the paranoid little fuck that I am, I keep a few USB's around with Katana, a couple hundred bucks in bitcoins, my GPG keys, RSA/DSA fingerprints etc etc all on a truecrypt partition. Pretty much everything I"d need in 1 place with the general idea being that if my PC's get seized, I have all I need to continue secure communications from a public library (well, bitcoins can also be liquidated into anonymous Visa cards or any currency of choice..)

In the past, I just had a trusted buddy in the local area hold on to them for me so they wouldn't be taken in a seizure at my place, should one occur. However, after some thinking, I think it would be nice if I were able to find some other way to hide these things without accidentally making my trusted friends accomplices or whatever.

I'm just having a hard time figuring out where to hide the data. I figure if my PC farm is seized, anything within my possession will be searched... including vehicles or whatever.

Any ideas?