Trying Linux

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hey all, its been a while since i messed around with ubuntu in my virutalbox so this time i decided to GO FOR REAL! iv installed Linux Mint v10 on my laptop (dual booted of course cause im a scaredy cat) and i got it all installed and set up good except for the life of me i cannot find the correct video driver!! it sucks because its a intel chipset laptop so yea anyways any help would be nice, its a 64-bit Linux Mint OS, with a Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family graphics chip (lame i know).

So i'm assuming that because i'm able to get a 1280x800 res and enable all the graphics enhancements that my graphics card is already installed correctly is that right? also im running into a HUGE problem where my keyboard randomly stops working for no real reason, i know the keyboard it self isnt the issue because iv never had the issue before and it always works 100% with windows no prob.