WTF?!?! Where did all the good movies go?

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Sitting in front of my tv, netflix happily working..... I'm thumbing through lists of scary movies... when I realized something... they're all shit. Shit shit shit. Everything I found that I hadn't watched was 3 stars or lower. I give one almost 3 star movie a chance and I'm left staring at my TV wondering what the addresses to all the people involved are so I may murder them myself with a nylon rope, a bag of twinkies, and a rubber chicken... perhaps I can get some use out of my dead hard drive and beat them over the head with it a few times. -sigh-
This is why I entertain myself with the computer more than anything... at least there I can find some interesting bits... or just troll my heart out for lulz.

~They're coming to take me away haha~