Electrospinning Explorations: Spinning Nanofibers of the Future

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Hello everyone,

The past year I have been doing research in a combination of Nanotechnology as well as Chemical Engineering. The goal of this project was to look into using nanofibers to produce better body armor for the Military (something thats stronger then kevlar). I have competed with this project in: District, Regional Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science, Regional Science Fair, and State Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science.

Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science (OJAS) is a competition that requires one to lecture on their project to a panel of judges based on power point, rather then having the project be put on a display board as you would for a science fair.

At the District science fair, I had received second place. As for Regionals, I had made 3rd place for the science fair (project was disqualified for state since I didn't make 1st or 2nd), but had advanced to the state OJAS through Regionals. At the State OJAS, I had received 3rd place out of the hundreds of students presenting/lecturing.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I did so poorly, due to not advancing through my project as I needed too. Out of the 3 phases for my project, I had only been able to complete stage 1, for Dr. Mao at Oklahoma, had told me that he was to busy to let me use his chemistry lab. He may have been busy, however, I'm trained on what I needed to do, but he still refused to let me use his equipment to further advance my project. I'm actually very surprised that I have been able to use my data from districts to advance as far as I have.

I may post my paper on the research here on soldierx, However I'm not sure if I should since this project will be caried over with me to the Navy (yay get to set in a lab for 3 years xD).

I would like to hear everyones opinions on any of this

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