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I've been working on bitcoin mining in a pool. Unfortunately, I've been an Nvidia fanboy (but AMD for CPUs) for years, and we all know ATI is faster at breaking hashes. I didn't really take this into account when I got the video cards. Actually, the dual GTX 460s I got were a gift to me from a friend. Several months back, I was invited to play FFXIV in the alpha and closed beta tests, as was my friend. Unfortunately, I was using a shitty card so he bought me those so I could play with him. Talk about nice friends ^.^

So, currently I'm running at a shitty ass rate of 70.5 Mhash/s mining bitcoins and namecoins. I'd like to pump it up using a cheap setup (electricity is no problem, it's free). I was thinking ATI 5830s, probably 2 for me, 2 for my friend, and 1 or two for another person (we're pooling the account). I've read they can reach up to 300 Mhash/s if configured properly. I'm also planning on installing the client on a few family members computer, but I don't expect that to give more than 100-200 Mhash/s.

I guess my question is, although I've been reading about it all day, is it generally still worth it? I know the site was (or is?) mining coins, but it seems everywhere I look everyone is saying something different.