I know it's silly but I NEVER introduced myself!!!! So here it is...a brief on ME

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Been playing around since I got my commodore 64 when I was 8....learned some eeprom programming and wrote the code for Spy Vs Spy from a book;)
Somehow dropped out of the scene from 14 until I was 20....Became a skater, Stole some stuff, tried to hack a few Gvt servers(FAILED), smoked a lot of Pot, dodged the law, Joined the Army, got a girl pregnant....etc. When I was 20 a friend brought me a machine with win3.0 on it......I was more interested in DOS but the Windows Tree structure caught my curiosity so I went with it.....about a year later I found myself in front of one of those Mac PowerPC clone machines and once more found myself enamored with a new machine Smile around the same time I acquired myself a Newton with a cellular PCMCIA card through Verizon and I fell in love........even before I had a Cell Phone....lol .....But I had Data baby!!!! I went to the local community college in Sacramento for Electronics and made friends with one of my instructors who happend to be the biggest computer nerd in the world...lol. He hooked me up with a "donation" that came into the school.....you know those HUGE purple and grey Sun Servers from the late 90s with the gigantic 20" CRT? I drug that puppy home and plugged er in......the second I hit the power button the friggn lights flickered and it sounded like a Jet on the tamarack getting ready to take off......my heart started to beat out of my chest and there it was.....Solaris!!! I became Unixfied.
Since then I have went out of my way to be exposed with EVERYTHING I could find....it doesn't matter anymore....If it's technology I want to learn it Smile

Lots a Luv to you all my fellow Geeks.....Soldier X is my new home Wink

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