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Ok everyone, I do not post questions often as I have the ability to find what I am looking for normally and know how to use google Wink. Anyway, here is my dilema slash question. I need to run nmap and some other scanners against a .onion site. I have everything set up to go through the tor network, but when I specify a .onion extension in nmap it does not resolve. I guess what I want to know is 1) is this possible? 2) if so, does anyone know of a good tutorial or have any suggestions on why it would not be resolving or how to do it properly. 3) would i2p be a better solution?

What I have going now:
I am using tor, privoxy, tortunnel and proxy chains. I have also tried to connect to the network with a backtrack machine and then redirect all traffic on a certain port through the socks tunnel provided by tor.