To the community of Soldierx:

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To the community of Soldierx:
My name is Shinobi and I am a member of Soldierx. Soldierx is constantly looking for new members. I would like to point out, to all of you, if you are interested in becoming a bigger part of Soldierx? Please apply for recruitment. I can understand the doubt that some of you might have. Maybe you dont think your good enough, or maybe you dont think you can give back to the community or group soldierx. It isnt about a group of elites. We take people from all areas and different skill sets. Becoming apart of Soldierx is a journey, one filled with alot of learning. Please, if you really want to join; fill out the application. If you have any questions, come talk to me on irc; channel #soldierX. I love to hear from our community. You guys are the ones that really make SoldierX what it is, so apply and help strengthin our goal.

To apply for Soldierx:

email the following information to [email protected]
Contact Information (AIM, yahoo, etc):
Skills (reverse engineering, writing, programming, etc):
Hours Available:
Why You Want To Join SOLDIERX:
What You Will Do For Your First Project: