Tell the Copyright Office You Demand the Right to Repair

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Your rights are under attack
Tell the Copyright Office to fix the DMCA.

Click on Storm The Gates to submit a form to be heard.

In 2012, they made it illegal to unlock our own phones. But we stood up to them, and President Obama agreed with us. We got a law passed. Now the Copyright Office is considering taking that freedom away again.

Copyright law is shaping up to be the next big battleground in technology. It's fundamentally redefining ownership. But there's something you can do about it. Right now.

For an exemption to be granted, we need to demonstrate an 'overwhelming market need.' That's where you come in: Let's show them what thousands of people demanding their rights looks like.

Software is eating the world. Copyright is impacting more people than ever before because the line between hardware and software, physical and digital has blurred. This is a property rights issue, and current copyright law gets it backwards, turning regular people — like students, researchers, and small business owners — into criminals.