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I would like to use event lots in (CVS) format to print to a terminal or command prompt in a graphic output.
32 bit building base
Unknown, what language would I use or is this not the proper place to start on such a scenario.

My output would be bar graph.

Some out put options I would like
Is to take

(with in CSV File)
Int Security Logs Event ID = SLEid
Int Security Logs Event ID Date and Time = SLEidDT
String Security Logs Event ID Keywords = SLEidK
Security Log Event ID Increase = SLEidINC

If SLEid = 4624
Check SLEidK for "Audit Success"
If true SLEidDT = TimeHour

Using TimeHour I would like to return a graph

on the left should be 1 to SLeIDINC
on the bottom 24 hours if I wanted to do daily.

then my 2 points on the graph will be 1 and time.
so for hour 0-1 if I had an event it would show as 1 on the graph

This is a windows example. I would like to build in Ubuntu also

What is life with out a little KAOS?