Cloudflare is the Hydra

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/theory/CloudFlare has been co-opted.//theory/
/theory/Basically, any site which uses it is almost certainly a .gov under cover.//theory/

BTW, Spamhaus was just the beginning; It was an operating test. Do you have any IDEA how many computers on Earth are currently infected with 'crypted bot packs?
Any time; any day, YOUR office, home personal and vehicle computers are going to come to life and start firing as many packets as physically possible at the tier 1's.
I'm doing everything I can to prevent that, and I'm not the only one.
But idiots like CloudFlare are going to make it WAY too easy.
Just examine for a moment, if you will, the logic behind CloudFlare and all similar services.
Examine how it actually works.
Then think of how CF could be co-opted into participating in the first world-wide internet blackout in history.
It's coming and we can't stop it; we can only delay it for a little while longer.