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I was doing some googling trying to find some open source RAT's that I could tinker with and came across a few that seemed interesting, however I settled with this https://github.com/y8hamon/HeroRat . The documentation is crap and the current fork doesn't work, however with some determination I've got it to a state that it runs ok, I was planning on taking it in another direction, one that would be more beneficial to pentesters and the like.

However it seems the code might be licensed or commercial that someone has stolen/abandoned as there have been no commits to this source in 2 years, but the loader requires authentication of a serial key and there are several instances of referencing a site (herorat.net) as the copyright holders but the site is down.

So I guess there are two things I'm wondering do you think there would be any complaints if create a new fork and change it drastically. And do you think there is any promise in a java based RAT designed to be compatible as multiplatformed and modular as I plan on making it.

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I wasn't sure if this was the correct subforum, but I figured if I go ahead with this project I'll keep this thread for updates