ARP Utils - Call for beta testers

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So, as you folks may know, I've been working on a project known as "ARP Utils". ARP Utils is a project which focuses solely on performing attacks which utilise and thus abuse the inherent nature of the ARP protocol. Such attacks are currently restricted to Man In The Middle attacks, and the redirection of connections to rogue servers via live DNS monitoring (potential phishing vectors).

Recently, ARP Utils has become ready for an open beta, and as such I'd like to do a small call to action to anyone who may be interested.

ARP Utils, as explained in the documentation, only runs on Linux and Unix operating systems. This is due to dependency on the Scapy library, which unfortunately doesn't work all that great on Windows operating systems. This call to action requests the following:

I need people who can test my program and provide constructive criticism. It's also likely that there is bugs that I've not yet found in the codebase. Rest assured, once these are reported, they will be fixed.

Please remember that only issues which are raised on the Github page will actually be fixed. Issues on Github are not necessarily only for bugs, but may be used as suggestions for features, and pull requests are encouraged provided that the code being submitted is up to scratch.

The link to the project is here:

Thank you for your time.


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