Base64 URI Download Link Generator - Convert any file into a link

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Base64 URI Download Link Generator is a tool that will convert any file into a downloadable html link. This is useful in certain cases, for example you want to send an html email to a user with actionable stuff! All you have to do is open the file you want to embed, Convert to Ascii, copy the code to "Base64 URI Download Link Generator", give it a filename and extension, a name and press "Encode".

In a few seconds, depending on the size of the file, a html code with base64 encoding will be generated.

The main reason why i code this tool was because attachments are been blocked on most email providers and you won't be able to send exe, zip, cmd, lnk, etc. This is a security method implemented by email providers to reduce virus spreading and "Base64 URI Download Link Generator" is the way to use if you want to send suspicious files to a user and still bypass email providers filters.

Note: The program is a bit slow.

Note 2: Data URI Scheme doesn't work with IE or EDGE. Also there is a premium tool based on this program called "URI FUD Generator" that reduces antivirus detection on certain files (not 100% FUD but with good results)! PM me for more info.



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