Electrify Mailer V1 - Guide + Example on setup your own SMTP server

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A lot of users online, mostly people that are new to coding are constantly asking were and how can setup his/her own SMTP server. So i decided to make a research on the subject a few months ago and i found out that i already have a few SMTP servers in my list but never use it.

How to have your own SMTP server?
First you will have to own a domain.
Second you will have to own a web hosting plan.
Third you will have to know the basics of PHP or upload the files below.

Probably it's too expensive!
No, you can get all 3 for free.

* Register a free domain.
* Register a free web hosting plan.
* Download the archive below for a free live example.

Can i use it on my computer
Yes you can with Xampp, you just need to edit php.ini.

Why should i use my web hosting instead of Xampp or any mail client
Xampp or the mail client uses direct access to the mail service to deliver. Free domains tend to be removed frequently so it won't work after removal. By using the Web Hosting service the email is sended using their mail service which means even if you no longer have the domain but the nameservers remain the same you can create a free subdomain and upload the files to the subdomain and send email from there.

Free hosting show a link at the bottom
Yes, that's the only problem with free hosting, if you want to remove the link then you should buy a plan.

This seems complicated, how do i do it?
I have a tutorial with a step by step process aswell as a list of free hosting sites and 3 diferent mailers.

What is so special about the mailers you have?
The first mailer is free and is available below.
The second mailer is similar to the first but it allows you to send bulk emails (The same text to various emails).
The third mailer has a design and was made to send HTML emails. Also it allow you to send bulk emails aswell as plain text.

What mailer you recomend?
I will say the third because is the most complete, it allow HTML emails, sending emails in bulk or sending emails in text.

I have a question that isn't listed!
Just send me a private message...

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