How to Stay as Safe from the NSA as humanly possible

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EDIT: July 4, 2018:
The only thing I don't double-wrap are condoms.

I can now be 100% certain that Congress has received my request for assistance (I'm willing to bet that the original request (tracking number: 70171450000030893150) never made it (similar to the "OPM" report) and the RETURN RECEIPT (tracking number: 9590940234387275232912) was delayed.

No more (new) updates (existing updates may be expanded upon). I think I just unleashed Armageddon upon those that are targeting me (so this thread will now slowly slide off of the front page).
EDIT: One last "Fuck You" ("joke's on you, you attacked me first") to the sicko's that targeted me (their intentions were and are the definition of pure evil: to corrupt that which is good for (damn near literal) "sport," this is "just what they do and how it's always been") and to get me to LOWER MY VALUE BY STEPPING OUT OF INTEGRITY (EVERY SINGLE TECHNIQUE AND TACTIC USED AGAINST ME THAT I'VE DOCUMENTED HAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE BENT TOWARDS THIS END, and it's a MALADAPTIVE METHOD OF ATTEMPTING TO ESCAPE BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE).

TO CONGRESS: You're probably wondering why I haven't killed myself yet. Since you're delaying for as long as possible (hoping for a miracle that's never going to come...), allow me to make the problem worse:

The system/practice/program that I was subjected to seems to be a time-honed tactic used to covertly murder innocent American civilians without leaving any physical evidence of involvement in their deaths and, to a lesser extent, to covertly abuse and mentally torture innocent American civilians to extract from them abnormal responses to the abuse that would be seen by society as heinous, grotesque, and criminal in nature. The practice is highly reliant on THE METADATA THAT THE NSA COLLECTS AND STORES (and can be seen as a form of MENTAL TORTURE).

I repeat

The system/practice/program that I was subjected to seems to be a time-honed tactic used to covertly murder innocent American civilians without leaving any physical evidence of involvement in their deaths and, to a lesser extent, to covertly abuse and mentally torture innocent American civilians to extract from them abnormal responses to the abuse that would be seen by society as heinous, grotesque, and criminal in nature. The practice is highly reliant on THE METADATA THAT THE NSA COLLECTS AND STORES (and can be seen as a form of MENTAL TORTURE).

The practice goes a little something like this...

1) The NSA digs through the targets metadata to find traumatic weakpoints that can be used as sticking points of mental torture against the target.

2) Then, through the mental torture technique known as AMBIENT GASLIGHTING (manipulation of the targets environment using people, objects, or electronics connected to the internet), the target's potential traumatic weakpoints are triggered and re-triggered over and over again (with zero rest or breaks) until the targets mind destabilizes from the stress of the mental torture and either commits a criminal action or commits suicide to escape the mental anguish. The system is custom-tailored to the individual based on their metadata.
- An example would be my ability to see police tails (details are in the "deniable encryption post below") and how this data was used to attempt to get me to commit suicide. The techniques and tactics that I've witnessed used against me (I made the NSA flag the thread three times in a row, evidence is supposed to be impossible to collect.... umad?) require SEVERAL DOZENS OF PEOPLE AT LEAST to maintain a constant flow of of the targets trauma's being triggered (Leighton is a (guilty) scapegoat)... at least a couple hundred people for full coverage (over a 24 hour timespan).
-ANOTHER example would be the false line that I fed to James Crifasi (this is in line with me saving the email that I sent to Bill Murphy, also... lawyer up.) regarding my "ptsd" being triggered by "hazard lights." After this (false) line about my "trigger" was fed, several "disabled vehicles" would line the highway with their hazard lights on (I'd estimate between 30 to 60 "disabled vehicles" from home to work, and the same amount from work to home or from work to a client site) on a DAY TO DAY BASIS. This information also makes the "Go Wild" incident and the unnecessarily large Utility Truck (with the giant blaring arrow) make sense in context (no wonder they flagged the thread). This practice of lining the streets with hazard light vehicles went on for a solid two years before their realization that the information was false. Also, to salt the wound further: I went on a "slow depressed walk" in winter at past midnight, when NO ONE WOULD REALISTICALLY BE EXPECTED TO BE OUTSIDE, to analyze what would happen. As I sat on the side of the road at midnight (in a area where traffic was nonexistent and in the freezing cold), vehicles would stop in the middle of the road, put their hazard lights on, and the driver would walk to the back of their vehicle to re-arrange things in the back seat before getting back in the drivers seat and pulling off (hazard lights still on). This process repeated itself three times with three different vehicles WITHIN A 15 MINUTE TIMESPAN before I decided to stop observing and walked back home. The experience in itself is similar to the "Go Wild" driver (details are in the evidence preservation section of this thread).

... you read that correctly, the (false) information regarding my PTSD trigger was used by Nation State Actors to attempt to make me (literally) "lose my shit/kill myself" (the thread was flagged for a fucking reason... they REALLY DON'T WANT THE DETAILS OF THEIR PRACTICES TO GET OUT). I'm willing to bet that those that targeted me also got off on the potential prospect of having such an easy trigger to use. The "thought fuel" of "watching me break" must have really creamed some Twinkies.

3) Based on the above, THIS TECHNIQUE IS MOST LIKELY SOMETHING THAT CONGRESS IS ALREADY AWARE OF, HAS APPROVED THE USE OF, AND WAS MISUSED AGAINST ME (once I caught the NSA in my shit and figured out how to kick them out permanently). Whether it was "simply misused" or "intentionally used against me" based on my tests and findings no longer matters though.

4) Given the "intensity" and overt nature of the gaslighting campaign that was (and still is) ongoing against me (who's details got my github thread flagged), it should be safe to assume that I AM NOT THE FIRST PERSON THAT THIS HAS BEEN DONE TO and THOSE THAT HAVE TARGETED ME HAVE HAD YEARS OF PRACTICE. I just happen to be their first failure.

1) It's reliant on the target's emotional responses to the potential traumas that the government tries to inflict based on their metadata.
2) It's reliant on the target not being aware that the practice is even occuring.
3) It's reliant on the targets silence (if I didn't have evidence, the world would think I'm crazy. I'm glad I made the NSA FLAG THE THREAD THREE TIMES IN A ROW)
4) It's reliant on constantly triggering the trauma's of the target with no rest. If this factor can not be satisfied/if this condition can't be properly met, THE TARGET HAS RECOVERY TIME TO HEAL AND COUNTERACT THE PRACTICE.
5) It's reliant purely on the target's metadata and FALSE METADATA CAN BE FED TO THEIR ORGANIZATION TO MISLEAD THEM (this is the most important weakness of their system and I predict that generating fake metadata may be one of the keys to undermining the very fabric of what the NSA relies on most).

(skilled enough to catch the feds in my computer, strong-willed enough to understand and resist what it is that's being done to me... balls large enough to confront the impossible. God seems to have a purpose for me and that purpose seems to be fucking up every single one of you)

So... like I said before...
-I am aware that my refusal to step out of integrity burns a hole in your souls.
-I am also aware that the proof collected of the practices performed against me, an INNOCENT AMERICAN CIVILIAN (honorably discharged USMC war vet at that) that IS NOT, WAS NOT, AND NEVER WILL BE (you wish...) A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY PUTS CONGRESS IN A PRECARIOUS POSITION.

I have evidence that a government organization attempted to murder me covertly to escape being held accountable, and as it stands... (and this is to you, Congress) YOUR REFUSAL TO ACKNOWLEDGE MY REQUEST OR ASSIST ME IN FACE OF OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE IS HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS AT BEST.

Is this loud enough for you or should I raise my voice a tad higher? Also I'M STILL JUST SCRATCHING THE SURFACE, HUH?
(And to answer the question of "why haven't I killed myself yet," it's because I'm allowing my latent narcissistic traits to shine. They seem to be a great defense against the system that I've been subjected to. Also for context, the evidence folder on the RedZone laptop is called "Empathic Supernova")

There's a theory that I have that's worth mentioning: Those that targeted me rank among "the worst of the worst," with no prospective futures of their own outside of licking the government's boots as lapdogs. Perhaps this is the root cause of the envy that would drive someone to attempt to systematically crush innocent people (I am not the first). Fortunately for me, that's not a fate that I'll be sharing with them (not for lack of trying though, better luck next time with the life of the "next victim" that you try to add to your barrel of crabs).

Gutter trash goes in, gutter trash comes out. This may be me blowing hot air, but "collecting" the worst of the worst and leaving them to their own devices without monitoring their actions was a really really really bad idea. Based on the evidence brought forth, it is my belief that I am dealing with (no shit) psychopaths/cluster b personality disordered individuals that see people as tools/objects to be used/abused/manipulated and see the act of manipulating people's lives as a "game." Whoever thought that allowing psychopaths to be in control of Nation State hacking and surveillance technology was a good idea should be shot. They literally play "God" without permission.

Why did I not lose my shit and perform a criminal action:
1) They got caught red handed.
2) Two wrongs don't make a right.
3) Retribution does not require criminal action.
4) To engage is to provide those that targeted me with narcissistic supply.
5) Regarding those that targeted me, this is retribution aplenty. I escaped (view the title as a "metaphor") their grasp and exposed their grotesque practices (leaving a narcissistic injury that will never be recovered from and PERMANENT DAMAGE TO THE ABILITY OF THE PSYCHOPATHS EMPLOYED AS NATION STATE ACTORS TO OBTAIN NARCISSISTIC SUPPLY WITH THEIR CAPABILITIES BY MEANS OF FUCKING UP THE LIVES OF THE INNOCENT TO FEEL SHORT-TERM TEMPORARY RELIEF FROM THEIR EXISTENTIAL INSECURITY). I'm free to live the rest of my life, whereas those that targeted me will be stuck in their perpetual cycle of misery (it seems to love company). At this point, I'm more concerned with the enablers.
6) Unlike the rest of you, I have a conscious that hasn't been beaten into the dirt. I'm confined to factual data and to responding instead of reacting to the best of my ability. The truth getting out seems to scare you all shitless. I wonder why...

How long has this been occurring (I came to fuck shit up, let's see if narrowing the clearance level gap helps):
1) During my FIRST deployment in Afghanistan, I remember being asked a specific question by the MGySgt about an encrypted tunnel going out of the (SECRET or not, wasn't specified) network. I was also sent to a tent to fix a SECRET laptop that had random letters typing over the screen's GUI (the pilot that was using the laptop had no idea what was going on, the Windows logs were wiped clean). During this time, my skill level was NEAR NONEXISTENT (and apparently so was MCNOSC, I relayed the information of what I saw to the Sgt on deck (who was from MCNOSC) and he just shrugged it off as nothing).
2) During my employment at Redzone, I remember being asked by James Crifasi if I knew anything about an encrypted tunnel going out of the network (it doesn't pay to be a flying monkey).

The one that you don't see coming tends to be the one that knocks you out. You may have noticed that past the emotional "flak," the important things to take note of are in BOLD.

Obviously, no specifics are being given for a reason (don't need to). I understand that I am treading a VERY fine line here. That being said, the "who's, what's, and why's" should be pretty easy to investigate (with witness testimony, would just take a bit of TIME to hunt everyone down) (might lead to more buried evidence). Suffice to say, I've seen some shit... given my total acquired knowledge up this point, and combined with my familiarity with constructing and maintaining DOD infrastructure (servers, routers, firewalls, best practices, etc), it's not looking pretty.

(To compound the problem, I have a strange suspicion that the race of the individual being targeted plays a huge role regarding who is targeted in this ... "manner")

To the EFF (still got plenty of ammo):
Your organization is a front. If that email response that you sent me (RedZone's servers, evidence folder) saying that your lawyers were too busy to help me because they were preparing for the vegas hacker conference goes public...

... The pain train has no brakes. Marcus Hutchins' entire case can now be considered compromised (NSA flagged the thread three times in a row, email sent still exists, not to defend myself or anything but I'm not exactly talking out of my ass here). You're welcome, buy me a beer later (to thank me for saving you from psychopaths that are probably playing with your livelihood like it's a yo-yo).
Also, the bigger picture should look pretty fucking murky for anyone reading these updates. I wonder if Congress can afford to have me opening my mouth any further. I can see the ripples.
Also... pay attention to the... patterns... of this websites new threads, thread replies, thread updates, "etc."

To Offensive Security:
After this is over, you're next for helping them. (virtually, not physically)

To Hak5:
Not on my radar (remember that thread I tried posting?) so I suggest you keep your heads low. It's only because I really like using your products for both red and blue team purposes. Smile
To Digininja:
"Ruby app?" You are a fraud and a poser. I believe that you have zero expertise regarding pentesting. I bet you've never popped a box.

To the Hyattsville police officer that was scheduled to respond to the police report call at SGT during my retention policy inquiry (that has a similar body structure to Melody Leighton) :
I intend to rip your badge from your neck and wear it as a trophy.

To Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies:
Not on my radar. Given your company's level of involvement, it's safe to say that your organization is fucked and your government contracts are also fucked.

To RedZone (specifically Bill Murphy and James Crifasi, people that had the power to help me and chose to look the other way):
1) You have successfully demonstrated to me that you do not value "truth."
2) You have successfully demonstrated that you are 100% ok with allowing abuse to continue out of fear and in hopes that the abuse "won't transfer over to you."
3) You have successfully demonstrated that you are concerned primarily with how you are perceived by others over the safety and well-being of your own employees.

Because of the above factors, you will be shown no mercy. The "problem" that your weak spirits hoped would "simply go away with time" is now here to stay permanently, and I intend to grind your organization, your brand, and your souls into the dust in response to your willingness to overlook narcissistic abuse.

Shouldn't be too difficult, you willingly aided in attempted covert murder/psychological abuse. You dug your own grave and I intend to force you to sleep in it.

Getting me to step out of integrity seemed to be very ... very... VERY important to those that targeted me. I wonder why Congress allows such practices to continue. (Maybe it's because the shame of the situation is too much to face... from LOVEINT gone wrong to attempted covert murder via a NATION STATE GASLIGHTING CAMPAIGN to escape getting caught red handed to VARIOUS ATTEMPTS TO INVITE ME OUT OF INTEGRITY VIA ILLEGAL HACKING (frustration at the system/"oh no congress isn't going to help me") OR SEX (honey traps) after I went public with zero days witnessed to ATTEMPTING TO BURY AS MUCH EVIDENCE AS POSSIBLE (futile, I still have a solid case)), to ATTEMPTING TO CHOKE OUT MY LIFE AND FINANCES (could serve several purposes) AND ATTEMPTS AT STOCKHOLM SYNDROME/TRAUMA BONDING, to SABOTAGING MY CLEARNET ACTIVITY FOR THE PURPOSE OF DRIVING ME TO USE TOR/INSTILLING THE "NEED" TO HIDE MY TRAFFIC, it all screams "I don't want to be held accountable for my wicked deeds")

(You heard it right. I shit you not, everything that I enjoy on the internet (, the instance of Summit1g getting hacked live on stream when he got a new keyboard (in this instance of being hacked, Summit1g was aware that it was going to happen before it happened... can't find the youtube video for some reason)), TF2, queuing in every match I play to purposefully drive me away from the game, purposefully freezing the youtube videos that I watch whenever specific things are said or mentioned, the list goes on) is slowly being targeted and eroded for the purpose of driving me to use TOR... IT REALLY DOES GO THAT FAR. I'm still NOT USING TOR FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF SPITING THEIR "SYSTEM." If I don't use TOR, they have no justification to classify me as a "National Security Threat." Also, it's worth mentioning that the same "signaling" method that has been used when I watch youtube videos has also been used when I send text messages to others with my cellphone by means of altering my cellphone signal from a 3G signal to a Cell-tower with no signal, and falls in line with the other techniques and tactics of dropped emails and dropped traffic that I've experienced. It's THAT bad (and, from a poetic viewpoint, seems to be to undermine both my "handle" and my accomplishment of preventing access to my PC by sending new shells that spawn the SIGTERM signal... but this isn't as important as why the threads were flagged and is only being mentioned for context.))

I'd even go as far as to say that THE NSA DOESN'T ACTUALLY PREVENT NATIONAL SECURITY THREATS AND HASN'T DONE SO FOR A VERY LONG TIME (they're too busy trying to control people with their metadata). It is now my belief that "National Security" is a joke/ruse and that those currently employed by the NSA never have had the interest of America at heart and aren't actually interested in their role as protectors (and it's going to take a terrorist attack from a threat that's NOT ARTIFICIALLY CREATED BY THEIR HANDS to change the NSA's "culture" at this point). I could also argue that the entire organization as it stands, and this is putting it lightly, should be purged from the top down and rebuilt from the ground up (eureka... abuse explained)... lest the practices detailed within this thread be resumed to ruin the life of another innocent person like it has so many others before me (I am not the first). The entire organization, from top to bottom, is ROTTEN TO THE CORE and there is nothing/no one worth salvaging (National Security is simply a "mask/identity"). So... the next time the government tells you "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear," America's response needs to be, quite literally, "fuck you, you don't deserve to know."

The above being said, I'll settle for simply "getting my life back and having nothing to do with them (since the actions above aren't a requirement to maintaining my privacy... makes it easier to kick them the fuck out of my life)."
Shouldn't take too long... I figured out the secret to their methods and tactics. TLDR is: I no longer view them as Nation State Actors, but for what they actually are... psychopaths with very powerful "toys." Regardless of the position or circumstance, all psychopaths should be dealt with in the exact same manner: by NOT DEALING WITH THEM WHATSOEVER AND RESPONDING INSTEAD OF REACTING TO EVERYTHING MALICIOUS THAT THEY DO.

Q) How do you force a "psychopath" that refuses to let go to release its grip over your life?
A) Break its hand to weaken its grip.

July 2/3, 2018: I accept that my life and finances will continue to be systematically ruined by psychopaths that use covert murder tactics and trauma bonding techniques, and I accept that they will be ruined for the sole goal of allowing those that targeted me to escape all forms of accountability.

I accept this because having anything to do with those that attempted to murder me covertly is not an option.
Like I said... I'd rather catch a bullet. So I'm ok with losing everything I know and love, so long as the world knows the truth of what went down.

At the very least, I can live with myself as a person regardless of how this goes down. Everyone that targeted me, however, will have "specters" haunting them for the rest of their lives, filling them with thoughts of the type of people that they really are. I'd rather die free than live as a slave to the false self of another person/group of people (that seems pretty likely at this point).

At the end of the day, my situation could be much worse.
I'll take it one step at a time. No Contact is a top priority. Whistleblowing for the greater good of privacy is just a means to that end so I can go back to enjoying my life without a Nation State actor constantly fucking it up for their own sick pleasure (everything that has been done to me has been done to reinforce someone's false self... like I'm an object. Achieving no-contact is critical. A simple "no thank you" doesn't work with Cluster B's).

To Congress/To SENATOR BEN CARDIN: Have you figured out how many people the NSA has successfully murdered covertly using the techniques and tactics outlined in this thread yet? A dozen? Couple hundred? Couple thousand? How much financial damage has been done as a result of a psychopath misusing the system/how many "secret programs" have been scorched/burned to the ground? Couple hundred million? A billion? DID YOU APPROVE THE USE OF THEIR METHODS AND TACTICS BEFORE THEY WERE MISUSED? Smile

(the damage that I've done DOESN'T (just) COME FROM STOPPING THE NSA FROM BREAKING IN. That's just a supporting factor regarding why I was targeted The damage comes from leaking the evidence locations of the extended gaslighting campaign/attempted covert murder via psychological abuse. ATTEMPTING TO KEEP ME FOCUSED ON BEING BREACHED/BEING ABUSED DIGITALLY IS A D-I-S-T-R-A-C-T-I-O-N FROM THE PROOF OF ATTEMPTED COVERT MURDER THAT I HAVE OBTAINED... and it's a SHITTY distraction at best. here, have more evidence that my clearnet activity is being actively sabotaged to distract me from the fact that the government tried to murder me covertly. Account is offline, and upon queuing for a match I seem to re-join a random party. Upon leaving and re-queuing, it joins me to a random party again. Shit tier distraction. I don't do Stockholm syndrome. )

So... the list of shit that has been tried:
-Attempting to get me arrested
-Attempting to murder me covertly (get me to commit suicide)
-Attempting to systematically destroy my finances
-Stockholm syndrome

But enough about that, I'm more interested in how much shit Congress has had to bury up to this point.
(It's probably for the best anyway. Considering the fact that the "success rate" is no longer 100% and that evidence can be collected to prove its practice, it's probably for the best that the government stops/buries the use of Nation-State technology to MURDER INNOCENT AMERICAN CIVILIANS USING COVERT PSYCHOLOGICAL MENTAL TORTURE TECHNIQUES AND TACTICS AIMED AT GETTING A TARGET TO COMMIT SUICIDE. )

June 30 2018: Details regarding the dangers of "parallel construction" and how the government will abuse this (they tried against me a little over 4 to 5 years ago, this has been going on for a VERY VERY LONG TIME) as well as an example that happened to me THAT CAN STILL BE INVESTIGATED, have been posted in the "deniable encryption" post (as well as hints on when the "ambient gaslighting" actually began). I've got PLENTY OF DIRT to counteract forum sliding. I'm not going to run out anytime soon.

I just made the problem worse, huh? Smile
(the "government" will attempt to put away anyone that they don't "like" by, quite literally, OVERBLOWING metadata findings and sliding it to other agencies or police officers to get an IMMEDIATE investigation started (it ended with a failed knock and talk search, never open the door, ignore the knock) just to satisfy an emotional need, and I'm still only SCRATCHING THE SURFACE of how far the abuse goes... attempted covert murder nonwithstanding)

Also... I was just reminded of an "unassuming Lenovo laptop" (never bit the fruit, fucks given zero) in my possession that has demonstrated that it has an active management engine in it (I've owned it for 4 or so years). So I should have everything required for a solid case at this point... just waiting on Congress. Two laptops are better than one.

(No. Shame. Evidence is evidence.)

-Also bumped the thread with a TOR-browser about:config audit and posted a few... questions... such as "why my clearnet activity is being "controlled and manipulated"... in such a manner that can be traced. It's like leaving evidence/getting caught is the goal or trauma-bonding is the goal (joining party? what party? A party of murderers?)...

I don't see attempted covert murder as a "game" ... so... like I said before...
...This may go down as America's most embarrassing and shameful "National Security Incident" in history. Whatever it takes to accomplish no-contact, the capabilities of those targeting me prevent no-contact and the NSA has Congress wrapped around their thumbs like puppets, so since flight wasn't/isn't an option, I chose fight.

Also... and this is just a hunch... the ambient gaslighting and image management goes PRETTY FUCKING FAR, huh?
-It really is that easy. Also, made it worse again. International Incident???? Psychopaths will go to great lengths to manage how others perceive both themselves and how others perceive threats to their self-image

Here, have a reminder at the top of the page of ONE OF SEVERAL REASONS WHY THE GOVERNMENT TRIED TO MURDER ME COVERTLY.

#WolfHound: Wolf Killing Dog

#AKA ""

#Script created by SIGTERM (h2kchicken/notballin)
#How to use:
#Ensure that you have multiple terminals open, be they individual windows, multiple tabs, or multiplexed via TMUX.
#This script has only been tested with "bash" and "sh" specifically. Other shells have not been tested (though testing should be as easy as adding another loop and adding the binary name).
(( $(id -u) == )) || { echo >&2 "Not Root."; exit 1; }
d=`date +%Y-%m-%d`
t=`date +%T
echo "$(tput setaf 6;tput bold)Checking Installed Shells : $d $t $(tput sgr0)"
cat /etc/shells
echo ""
echo "$(tput setaf 6;tput bold)Forking Loops : $d $t $(tput sgr0)"                                                                                                                              
sleep 5

while [ true ]
        for i in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
                sleep 1
                killall "bash" -q -v -y 5s > /dev/null 2>&1
done &  

while [ true ]
        for i in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
                sleep 1
                killall "sh" -q -v -y 5s > /dev/null 2>&1
done &

echo "$(tput setaf 6;tput bold)Begin tests by opening shells (as both a regular user and as a user with root privileges). $d $t $(tput sgr0)"
#In denying yourself the ability to open new terminals, you deny an attacker the ability to open terminals. The terminal that an attacker relies on during a hack resides on the user's PC.

#No Ego, but...

... should I keep leaking things that makes them want to flag the thread?

June 21/25, 2018:

I only bump this thread with content to combat forum sliding, something I was previously unaware existed. It's worth mentioning, as this is a low post website and the new thread creations seem a bit... "bursty."

(Both threads below were targeted by downvotes, I watched the upvotes rise and fall)

"No response" is not equal to "not making an impact/not making a difference." In fact... I'm 100% certain that the impact I've made thus far is unprecedented.
-That being said, I'm also bumping this for a reason. I'll probably be killed before Congress intervenes in time at this rate (they've already tried, it seems they've had years of practice, and I have a feeling that I am not the first). I say this for two reasons:

1) Because of THE PATHOLOGY/MINDSET of those that are ACTIVELY targeting me (it never stopped, and I'm willing to bet that Congress is "hoping for a miracle" before they jump in AND I'm willing to bet that Congress CONDONES their practices in this case because getting me to derail myself would be easier than acknowledging the problem/accusations).
2) Those that are actively targeting me have went through both hell and high water to destroy who I am as a person, using tactics that are designed to, quite literally, "CRUSH MY SOUL" and "render me silent, and have been at this for YEARS. Their failure to do so and my repeated exposure of their abuses (abusers hate being exposed above all else, it removes their ability to "control") puts me at great risk of being killed.

To Congress:
Go research cluster b personality disorder. This is not a technology issue (the NSA's going to need every ounce of technology it has at this point). This is not a National Security issue (I've collected enough dirt to argue that the National Security risk/threat is currently EMPLOYED BY THE NSA). This is a PEOPLE issue. I remember saying that I'd make "Senator Ben Cardin's" job (basically Congress) as easy as possible. I did. However, I don't recall saying that I'd make it easy on "America's EGO/SELF IMAGE." I am aware that the proof that I've collected has done PERMANENT/IRREPARABLE damage to the self image of those that were involved with targeting me, and that's the idea (they DID try to kill me).

... the phrase "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" should never be uttered by the government, the NSA, or any "pro spying" organization ever again.

EDIT: June 14, 2018:
Corna's me_cleaner also works on the "Asus Maximus VIII Hero" motherboard (the below guide will work on this board too).
It should be safe to assume that most every modern day Asus motherboard will test successfully.

I'd post it here, but...

... but...



EDIT: June 7, 2018:
"How to deblob the Intel Management Engine (AKA how to neutralize 95% of the NSA: skid edition)" guide using Corna's me_cleaner is complete (bottom post).

Please read these: (yep...)

Note: The board I chose as an example (Asus Z170 Pro Gaming, I was the first to test deblobbing the board with Corna's ME Cleaner) became VERY POPULAR (probably the most popular/common board deblobbed, Amazon sold out FREQUENTLY despite the board being older in model to newer Asus boards) and had MULTIPLE guides on how to deblob it written for it by others, and the "Intel ME Update Tool" DID NOT SUPPORT PATCHING THIS BOARDS MANAGEMENT ENGINE FOR A VERY LONG TIME, leaving the Asus Z170 Pro Gaming model VULNERABLE (Asus had it as an available download. I tried with my stock BIOS image on Windows 7, the error message said that the Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard wasn't supported). Asus had to patch it into their BIOS image manually... check the release date of their latest BIOS image.

Skylake/modern day board, earthshaking patch needed? Uh, hello?


There's no excuse in existence.

EDIT: June 4/5/6, 2018: Suspicions of "Corrupt Western Digital Firmware" on spinning platter drives (hard drives don't "click," clicking is a sign of "corrupt firmware," the hard drive is relatively new. Strange "device binding" behavior noticed on my headless router), switched to Intel SSD's ("stick to the evil you know") that allow flashing/validation of firmware (believe it or not, I (barely) trust Intel (for different reasons than normal). I'd imagine that their firmware upgrade/validation process for their SSD's is relatively secure by virtue of the Intel Management Engine's existence (before it was capable of being deblobbed). Preserving the old hard drives, they need to be checked. Also, posting my IPTABLES config to bump the thread.

Back to not engaging and sticking to the strategy of "responding" instead of "reacting" (this is getting pretty serious, when the right hand is moving...).
-open source peripherals (keyboard and mouse) just jumped to the top of the to-do list. CD/DVD drive replaced with micro-sd cards for .ISO's (linux firmware and DD for disk images is close enough).

Let's recap...
-Unmasked NSA TOR exit node IP (EDIT: TOR seems to be working.)
-Recording of ambient gaslighting with a "utility vehicle" (USPS truck with no mail at a time where deliveries aren't being made)
-Hard drive firmware acting wonky

... Congress?

You realize that my accounts were flagged for a reason right? That I should be dead? (pure ego statement: My experience makes SERE look like a cake walk, and they're allowed to break your bones during training)
(I'd even bet that the NSA is banking on your ignorance regarding technology and surveillance)

Hoping that I'd forget? Shit tier distractions?

Let me repeat that:

The accounts were flagged as a poor attempt to cover up ATTEMPTED COVERT MURDER.
The accounts were flagged as a poor attempt to cover up ATTEMPTED COVERT MURDER.
The accounts were flagged as a poor attempt to cover up ATTEMPTED COVERT MURDER.
The accounts were flagged as a poor attempt to cover up ATTEMPTED COVERT MURDER.
The accounts were flagged as a poor attempt to cover up ATTEMPTED COVERT MURDER.

No really, I'm being targeted by a (group of) Cluster B('s). I've even witnessed attempts at inducing trauma bonds/Stockholm syndrome (isolation via dropping my communication and forging responses? Financial damage to freeze my life? Ambient gaslighting aimed at attacking various aspects of my emotions? ...not today, Satan. I'm half tempted to drop exactly how far "the interactions" go in terms of my Clearnet internet usage). I'm half tempted to believe that Cluster B's join the NSA to ensure they can never be rejected and so a target can never escape them (this is not a game. This is my LIFE that is being toyed with. Not engaging saved it, and, from this, the solution to this situation should be surprisingly simple.)...This shitshow exists as a result of the NSA never being held accountable. As a result, nation state surveillance is a cluster b paradise, who's culture is incapable of change barring external influence.

Also, the public opinion of me means very little to me. I like to get shit done and proof gets shit done, worrying about the opinion of someone on the sideline that isn't dealing with systemic abuse does NOT get shit done. And while I'm at it, I might as well expose the female manipulation technique/tactic (this is aimed directly at the individual I've accused of stalking me, who's name is listed in the evidence section below), if you throw in NSA monitoring capabilities then you get a shitstorm. If some official actually takes this seriously and watches what I'm posting (I'm leaving as many context clues as possible), they should be able to figure out the nature of my situation (I'm dealing with someone who's tactics stem from a psychological template of PURE EVIL).

EDIT: June 19, 2018:
To Congress: For the record, the "volcano" tactic that I'm using now WAS NOT MY FIRST OPTION. I attempted to obtain assistance with coming to you (to Congress) for help from RedZone as a first choice (which was a BAD choice, as the cluster b personality disordered individual beat me to it the day after I caught "the NSA" in my computer). Please refer to the "questions to RedZone" section at the bottom of this post for details. This is probably the most relevant detail that any congressional official should take into account (in MY opinion, and, again, it's an opinion). It's NOT JUST THAT THE FEDS FUCKED UP. THEY TRIED TO PREVENT ME FROM REPORTING IT WHILE BURYING EVIDENCE.
... so if any government official is upset with ME for "burning it all to the ground," I beg you: REDIRECT YOUR ANGER AT THOSE THAT TARGETED ME. I no-shit tried to do the right thing, and those that targeted me took EVERY MEASURE POSSIBLE to try to PREVENT me from doing the right thing IN THE HOPES THAT I'D DO "ONE OF THE VARIOUS WRONG THINGS" so they could ESCAPE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THEIR GROSS MISUSE OF GOVERNMENT POWER.

EDIT: June 3, 2018: The incident regarding the mail truck used to gaslight me on June 1, 2018, should have been caught by two cameras (two instances of gaslighting (RedMan lot, USAA vehicle) on surveillance footage are better than one). Starting to wonder if there needs to be a strike three at this point (it depends... technically Bill's emergency meeting within 15 minutes of me sending him the link to the original thread, that "Sydney" and "Stephanie" cleaned the conference room for with zero prior notification forthcoming, counts as strike two of recorded incidents of gaslighting video surveillance wise... meaning this would technically be strike three if we're including RedZone surveillance footage).

I'll just take this experience and the things that have been done to me as a harsh lesson: The best way to deal with a situation is to understand the nature of what you're dealing with, and I am dealing with a cluster B (or a group of cluster B's) who is (are) in a position of power within the government that takes an act of congress to deal with. The individuals in question abuse their power of nation state surveillance capabilities to an unspeakable extent and go to great lengths to avoid being held accountable for their illegal actions. The tactics and techniques used rely on the use of several third parties (also known as "flying monkeys") to execute the abuse strategy as a method of providing distance between the perpetrator and the gaslighting tactics being used, as well as a method to maintain plausible deniability (and they can't even get that right). The (un?)willing participants are either paid to participate, are lied to as a means of getting them to participate (USAA driver being military? Warrior2Warrior?) or are covertly threatened and intimidated into participating via Nation State gaslighting tactics (Andrea? "No one likes a fatty?" The dread of being watched?). I am being targeted by 100% pure pieces of shit that see their capabilities as tools to gain and maintain control over people.
EDIT: June 4, 2018: Also, I've sent several emails to, zero responses. IT MATTERS, I'd bet that these emails were dropped too believe it or not. There's a track record. Stonewalling tends to occur when a psychopath gets caught ("punishment for finding out the truth;" cluster b's protect their false self at all costs).

If anything though, I sure as shit have a case now.

Next roadblock: Congress.

EDIT: June 1, 2018:

While I wait, I've posted more of my work in the latest post of this thread (because lock screens just don't do it for me). I don't believe in mindless bumps, best to add content to each bump. The latest post gives new light into how to properly secure a PC while you're not near it (lock screens just won't do, but removing GUI access and locking each terminal with "WolfHound" running give more mileage. A keylogger for your own keyboard and logging when USB devices are plugged in is the cherry on top, and it also destroys foreign USB storage devices on insert (the entire script is there now, as well as its supporting scripts). Also added a "skid's guide to deniable/plain mode encryption (because I'm still salty)."

The only reason I posted content is to say this: The longer Congress stalls, the more my life gets fucked up.

-They organization targeting me drops my communications with people I send this to (I've already demonstrated that they imitate legal officials).
-The organization targeting me interferes with my ability to find employment to cause financial damage (I'm lucky to have paid my credit card off to zero before RedZone fired me to help bury evidence).
-Friendly reminder that the github accounts that contain this threads contents were flagged and HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC three times in a row and instantaneously upon repost FOR A REASON.

Yes, I'm opening my big yap. Their goal is to slowly freeze me out of my life by causing as much financial damage as possible. Every job interview I've went to, I was beyond qualified for. The questions asked of me in both interviews were suspicious and seemed designed to trip me up and make me leak details about RedZone's infrastructure. Also, note that I didn't get either job (which would be easier than what RedZone had me doing) and that this tactic is similar to the warrior2warrior representative turning on a tape recorder to record my responses.

The longer congress stalls, the more successful the organization that targets me is at fucking up my life (stonewalling is a common cluster b tactic). That seems to be the main goal, though at this point I'm 100% sure that action is unavoidable since the amount of proof that I've collected is overwhelming.

No, really. They leaked their fucking IP address by accident when abusing me (it's continuous, and it's systemic, their goal hasn't changed and it never will) and made it so I could identify one of their TOR nodes as a result of both their stupidity and the fact that cluster b's always underestimate their targets. Their involvement is 100% confirmed at this point.

So I'm going to let them continue to fuck up my life until their ability to do so is removed by congress. Also, I have a feeling that congress is AWARE THAT THIS TACTIC IS BEING USED. Yes, Congress. I'm calling you out. If you wish to freeze me out of my life, it's going to take quite a few months to do so. The longer you wait, the more suspicious it looks. You now operate with the knowledge that the public is aware that the organization that targeted me is systematically attempting to destroy my life slowly.

It only works if I let it work. If I shed light on it, the tactic becomes riskier to use, no?

EDIT: Fucks given = zero. Here's the resume. As a courtesy to those that I've performed the work for (and not as a courtesy to RedZone), I've omitted the references. This is what you'd call a "guaranteed hire" resume (This is only touching the surface too these are just the most notable, I was milked like a dairy cow).

Waiting on you, congress.

Also, just so everyone has a clear idea of what type of "demon" I'm dealing with, today a USPS mail truck sat in the apartment complex parking lot with its hazard lights on as I departed the complex. USPS DOES NOT DELIVER MAIL TO OUR COMPLEX IN THE MORNING. THEY DELIVER MAIL TO OUR COMPLEX EVERY DAY AT 5PM. THE MAIL TRUCK WAS EMPTY AND HAD NO ENVELOPES OR BOXES IN IT. This is another example of "being actively fucked with." I'm not using the internet, so my traffic can't be dropped or controlled. Their next best bet to extract narcissistic supply was through bluffing a response regarding my situation via mail only for me to find the mailbox empty (and no, I didn't check the mailbox, THERE EXISTED NO GOOD REASON FOR A USPS TRUCK THAT WASN'T DELIVERING MAIL TO BE THERE THIS MORNING). I'm posting this because it also counts as a fuck-up and can be investigated (and it's a fresh update that demonstrates that the covert abuse and gaslighting via vehicles is STILL CONTINUING).
Edit: June 3, 2018: This is a bigger fuckup than I realized, the complex has surveillance cameras. What is Southern Management's video surveillance policy... their surveillance footage should have the incident in its entirety. I'm curious how long the truck was told to sit there (and Southern Management's surveillance setups tend to be pretty good).

Congress please... get this cluster b bitch OFF OF ME.

EDIT: May 27, 2018:
GASLIGHTING LEVEL: OVER 9000 (and this is not a joke, the proof I post only exists because of misuse of power) Evidence of claim that I'm about to make (yes, I made a no shit onscreen security system from bash scripts. They work. Fuck you).
NSA, YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO, THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT PEOPLE WON'T SIMPLY "OVERLOOK." THIS IS ONE OF THOSE THINGS. Fake banning me was one thing, hacking/owning a TOR node is an entirely different ballgame (it's a legitimate TOR node too, and I doubt that the ability to verify its authenticity was dropped for everyone).

Also... IT WOULD SEEM THAT FORUM SLIDING HAS BEEN IN FULL EFFECT WHILE I WAS AWAY USING THE DARKNET. This seems to be how they roll. Good luck explaining this one.

1) The IP in the above image is from a LEGITIMATE TOR NODE (
2) This TOR node dropped my ability to check my exit node IP from both AND from When I attempted to check from both sites from my browser (and not just from the script), they failed to load and simply kept spinning (aka dropped traffic). It's only a coincidence if it drops the traffic from one site, not both. Also, during the time that this happened (10:26 AM EST), both websites were still up and TRAFFIC TO OTHER WEBSITES FUNCTIONED AS EXPECTED.

TOR nodes do not deny you the ability to verify their authenticity under any circumstance, especially when you're passing through them.
This is a red flag. It's a legitimate TOR node, too.

3) The NSA is attempting to undermine the fact that I'm tunneling all of my traffic through TOR/undermine my security scripts (anti-traffic analysis script that generates fake traffic data, to make my traffic usage indiscernible, which I made after I realized that using a script to check the tor project page can still be predicted) and DID NOT ACCOUNT for me using a backup IP check method in

Previously, I used THIS as my backup IP check method, but switched it to wtfismyip (it follows a theme of salt, if you can't tell) after I experienced this drop method a day ago. Also, after taking that screenshot and resetting my circuit, both methods ( and wtfismyip) were dropped when I connected to a new circuit. And yes, I had scrot on standby. It worked when I was fake banned... seems to have worked again.

Is this node owned by the NSA (or was it tampered with, which I doubt)? If it is, was I redirected to it for the purpose of gaslighting?
How much control over which TOR node I connect to does the NSA actually have? (Judging by the failure to drop my traffic to wtfismyip, I'm going to assume "not as much as I'd like to believe, but still enough to cause concern.")
Pro Tip: In your torrc file, set "MaxCircuitDirtiness" to 120 (using an exit node for no longer than two minutes seems to work wonders).

NOTE: This website doesn't seem to properly parse weblinks in bash code tags, so I've posted screenshots below.



########## Anti-Fuckup (Full Tunnel DNS Check)
tput setaf 1; tput bold; echo "Check /etc/resolv.conf, ensure you're using TOR's DNS"; tput sgr0
sleep 1
cat /etc/resolv.conf
sleep 1

while [ true ]
    d=`date +%Y-%m-%d`
    t=`date +%T`
    echo "$(tput setaf 6;tput bold) ***Tor Walk*** time is: *** $d $t *** $(tput sgr0)" | tee -a log-$d.txt
    echo "Cleared" > datastore.txt  
    #Generate between the range of 14 - 24 (Delay adds 6 seconds of padding, actual check time is between 20 and 30 seconds)
    sleep $((RANDOM % 15 + 10))
    ########## Easy Mode
    #curl -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> --stderr - | grep -i "Your IP address appears to be:" -B 3 | tee -a log-$d.txt | tee datastore.txt &
    ########## Hard Mode
    fuckyourcouch=$(shuf -e trackdeeznuts1 trackdeeznuts2 trackdeeznuts3 trackdeeznuts4 trackdeeznuts5 trackdeeznuts6 trackdeeznuts7 -n 1)
    case $fuckyourcouch in
    #### Bimbot Web Crawler
    trackdeeznuts1) curl -A "Bimbot/1.0" <a href="" title=""></a> --stderr - | grep -i "Your IP address appears to be:" -B 3 | tee -a log-$d.txt | tee datastore.txt ;;
    #### Boitho's Web Crawler
    trackdeeznuts2) curl -A " (<a href="" title=""></a>)" <a href="" title=""></a> --stderr - | grep -i "Your IP address appears to be:" -B 3 | tee -a log-$d.txt | tee datastore.txt ;;
    #### EsperanzaBot
    trackdeeznuts3) curl -A "EsperanzaBot(+" <a href="" title=""></a> --stderr - | grep -i "Your IP address appears to be:" -B 3 | tee -a log-$d.txt | tee datastore.txt ;;
    #### Larbin 2.6.3 (Multi-purpose web crawler)
    trackdeeznuts4) curl -A "larbin_2.6.3 (<a href="mailto:larbin2.6.3@unspecified.mail">larbin2.6.3@unspecified.mail</a>)" <a href="" title=""></a> --stderr - | grep -i "Your IP address appears to be:" -B 3 | tee -a log-$d.txt | tee datastore.txt ;;
    #### obot (German spider from Internet Security Systems)
    trackdeeznuts5) curl -A "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 4.0; obot)" <a href="" title=""></a> --stderr - | grep -i "Your IP address appears to be:" -B 3 | tee -a log-$d.txt | tee datastore.txt ;;
    #### Qseero 1.0.0
    trackdeeznuts6) curl -A "Qseero v1.0.0" <a href="" title=""></a> --stderr - | grep -i "Your IP address appears to be:" -B 3 | tee -a log-$d.txt | tee datastore.txt ;;
    #### YandexBot 3.0 (Russian bot)
    trackdeeznuts7) curl -A "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; YandexBot/3.0; +" <a href="" title=""></a> --stderr - | grep -i "Your IP address appears to be:" -B 3 | tee -a log-$d.txt | tee datastore.txt ;;
    sleep 2
    ########## Backup Check (The NSA will unmask you and drop your connection to
    curl -s -A "Mozilla 5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> --stderr - | tee -a log-$d.txt

    sleep 4
    tor=$(egrep -w 'Congratulations|Sorry' datastore.txt )
    if [[ $tor == *"Congratulations"* ]] ; then
        tput setaf 2; tput bold; echo "TOR Check Passed." | tee -a log-$d.txt; tput sgr0
    elif [[ $tor == *"Sorry"* ]] ; then
        tput setaf 1; tput bold; echo "TOR Check Failed."; tput sgr0
        tput setaf 1; tput bold; echo "TOR Check Failed."; tput sgr0
        tput setaf 1; tput bold; echo "TOR Check Failed." | tee -a log-$d.txt; tput sgr0
        tput setaf 1; tput bold; echo "VARIABLE FILE IS BROKEN OR CONNECTION NOT RUNNING, GO CHECK EM." | tee -a log-$d.txt; tput sgr0



while [ true ]
    #Generate between the range of 4 - 6 seconds
    sleep $((RANDOM % 5 + 2))
    fuckyourcouch=$(shuf -e trackdeeznuts1 trackdeeznuts2 trackdeeznuts3 trackdeeznuts4 trackdeeznuts5 trackdeeznuts6 trackdeeznuts7 trackdeeznuts8 trackdeeznuts9 trackdeeznuts10 trackdeeznuts11 trackdeeznuts12 trackdeeznuts13 trackdeeznuts14 trackdeeznuts15 -n 1)
    case $fuckyourcouch in
    trackdeeznuts1) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to google" ;;
    trackdeeznuts2) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to theguardian" ;;
    trackdeeznuts3) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to cnn" ;;
    trackdeeznuts4) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to yahoo news" ;;
    trackdeeznuts5) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to espn" ;;
    trackdeeznuts6) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to deviantart" ;;
    trackdeeznuts7) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to reddit" ;;
    trackdeeznuts8) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to totse" ;;
    trackdeeznuts9) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to 4chan" ;;
    trackdeeznuts10) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to TOR entry node checker" ;;
    trackdeeznuts11) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to huffingtonpost" ;;
    trackdeeznuts12) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to forbes" ;;
    trackdeeznuts13) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to pinterest" ;;
    trackdeeznuts14) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to pcworld" ;;
    trackdeeznuts15) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 1 went to pcmag" ;;
done &

while [ true ]
    #Generate between the range of 4 - 6 seconds
    sleep $((RANDOM % 5 + 2))
    fuckyourcouch=$(shuf -e trackdeeznuts1 trackdeeznuts2 trackdeeznuts3 trackdeeznuts4 trackdeeznuts5 trackdeeznuts6 trackdeeznuts7 trackdeeznuts8 trackdeeznuts9 trackdeeznuts10 trackdeeznuts11 trackdeeznuts12 trackdeeznuts13 trackdeeznuts14 trackdeeznuts15 -n 1)
    case $fuckyourcouch in
    trackdeeznuts1) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to google" ;;
    trackdeeznuts2) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to theguardian" ;;
    trackdeeznuts3) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to cnn" ;;
    trackdeeznuts4) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to yahoo news" ;;
    trackdeeznuts5) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to espn" ;;
    trackdeeznuts6) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to deviantart" ;;
    trackdeeznuts7) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to reddit" ;;
    trackdeeznuts8) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to totse" ;;
    trackdeeznuts9) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to 4chan" ;;
    trackdeeznuts10) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to TOR entry node checker" ;;
    trackdeeznuts11) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to huffingtonpost" ;;
    trackdeeznuts12) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to forbes" ;;
    trackdeeznuts13) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to pinterest" ;;
    trackdeeznuts14) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to pcworld" ;;
    trackdeeznuts15) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 2 went to pcmag" ;;
done &

while [ true ]
    #Generate between the range of 4 - 6 seconds
    sleep $((RANDOM % 5 + 2))
    fuckyourcouch=$(shuf -e trackdeeznuts1 trackdeeznuts2 trackdeeznuts3 trackdeeznuts4 trackdeeznuts5 trackdeeznuts6 trackdeeznuts7 trackdeeznuts8 trackdeeznuts9 trackdeeznuts10 trackdeeznuts11 trackdeeznuts12 trackdeeznuts13 trackdeeznuts14 trackdeeznuts15 -n 1)
    case $fuckyourcouch in
    trackdeeznuts1) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to google" ;;
    trackdeeznuts2) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to theguardian" ;;
    trackdeeznuts3) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to cnn" ;;
    trackdeeznuts4) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to yahoo news" ;;
    trackdeeznuts5) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to espn" ;;
    trackdeeznuts6) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to deviantart" ;;
    trackdeeznuts7) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to reddit" ;;
    trackdeeznuts8) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to totse" ;;
    trackdeeznuts9) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to 4chan" ;;
    trackdeeznuts10) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to TOR entry node checker" ;;
    trackdeeznuts11) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to huffingtonpost" ;;
    trackdeeznuts12) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to forbes" ;;
    trackdeeznuts13) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to pinterest" ;;
    trackdeeznuts14) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to pcworld" ;;
    trackdeeznuts15) curl -s -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0" <a href="" title=""></a> > /dev/null 2>&1 | echo "Loop 3 went to pcmag" ;;
done &

echo "Loops forked. Enjoy the shitshow!"

If anyone needs me, I'll be BUSY TUNNELING ALL OF MY TRAFFIC THROUGH TOR SO THE CAN'T SEE A GOD DAMN THING THAT I DO (while I wait for congress). If me posting evidence of NSA tampering with a TOR EXIT NODE IP ADDRESS IN IT doesn't give anyone pause... NOTHING WILL.
This being said, TOR still works (even if you're being actively monitored by the government). Hopefully BURNING A TOR NODE is enough to make them lay off while I wait.

I posted the firejail profile in the latest "bump" of this thread.

NSA, YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO. Gaslighting has put you into a hole that I don't think you're going to be able to climb out of. TOR node's don't deny you the ability to verify their authenticity.

To: Senator Ben Cardin: How much more evidence do you need before you step in? I ask this because they're making it kind of easy for me to collect evidence (via gaslighting) and the evidence keeps getting WORSE.
Theory: This is a terrible fuckup and I question the purpose of the gaslighting, since wtfismyip slipped through the cracks of the gaslight. This would suggest that my TOR traffic is not being monitored 24/7 by this method (my circuit moves every 2 minutes at most). From this perspective, the gaslighting makes sense. It serves a purpose.

EDIT: May 24, 2018:
Question: Since the ongoing abuse is fairly obvious (a blind man could see it at this point), would it be safe to assume that Congress has a VESTED INTEREST in the abuse continuing? Would I be "way off base" if I were to assume that the goal is to get me to derail myself instead of bringing forth more evidence like I've done today and over the past few days?

...Flabbergasted/dumbstruck that the system used against me (that, at this point, I'm beginning to believe that Congress champions and promotes) just... doesn't work? That fear of those misusing/abusing their power can't be instilled within me (it's a web of lies and a web of fear instilled in everyone involved)? That, unless a bullet enters my brain, I can't be "suppressed?" That halting my ability to get employment and to continue my education just... won't "shut me up?" Is this a maladaptive method of trying to "regain a sense of power and control?"

... or does Congress just believe that those that targeted me can clean up their mess that they consistently make worse on a daily basis (a belief that I would consider to be a HUGE mistake)?

At this point, Congress either condones the abuse (that is ACTIVELY BEING CARRIED OUT) or has too much faith and trust in the ability of those that targeted me to fix the situation (they have no intention of fixing anything). I'm beginning to believe that it's the former.

EDIT: May 24, 2018:
-OSCP Full Refund issued (Offensive Security never/rarely ever issues full refunds)
-Unable to make purchases until this situation gets resolved (since my emails are being dropped.. the irony)

Back to waiting on Congress.
(and back to waiting on the discard. Waiting is easier than entertaining (fairly obvious) mental/emotional manipulation tactics that have been used against me before (evidence still exists on RedZone's servers regarding Offensive Security's emails being imitated))

The THEME of the manipulations I seem to be experiencing seem to rely purely on:
-Preventing my communication with various reputable organizations (and sometimes imitating their responses) for the purpose of discouragement
-Relying on my silence (Already went public, already collected proof)

As if the previous fake soldierx ban (for 5 seconds during the second recorded incident, instead of for 15 seconds during the first when I didn't think to collect a screenshot) mid edit (getting caught red handed) wasn't bad enough...

A strange series of events, right?

EDIT: May 22, 2018: More salt removed.
-Also, I've just remembered that I still have the pictures and who they were sent by, that were taken by the camera of the person that offered to help me take pictures for insurance (with the Go Wild license plate... who shouldn't have known that I didn't have a camera and that I used a flip phone). The pictures were transferred to me via gmail. TWO EMAIL ADDRESSES WERE USED INSTEAD OF ONE TO SEND ME THE PICTURES (sloppy sloppy, she used her real email address by accident...). Screenshots below in the evidence section. They should make all of the difference, this is as good as it gets. (DROP THIS, let's focus on WHY THE GITHUB THREAD WAS FLAGGED THREE TIMES IN A ROW INSTEAD and give Congress more points of interest to investigate)
-After reading the entire evidence section with the new evidence in place, all of your smiles will be turned the fuck upside down.

EDIT: May 20, 2018 (10:36 PM EST): RaT, check your shit. This isn't supposed to keep happening. Smile
(And if it's supposed to be funny, I'm not laughing considering the fact that whoever did this should be locked up in jail for 20 TO LIFE considering everything else they've done to me)
Mid. Edit. Right as I pushed it. (Does your server still have the Intel Management Engine un-neutered, RaT? YOU didn't ban me... so who did?)

EDIT: May 17, 2018 (Email Drop Counter): I am sending Offensive Security an email once per day. OSCP would distract me from thinking about how the government tried to MURDER ME COVERTLY (and got sloppy because they thought they "had it in the bag," and tried to bury evidence from sloppiness/cover it up after I went public and started leaking what I've seen AND tried to use RedZone against me (pit me against RedZone) to distract from this fact so they could succeed in burying all of the evidence in time (even used multiple uniformed police officers to gaslight me at SGT). They failed to bury all of the evidence in time). Obtaining proof successfully should have been... impossible. Umad, NSA? Am I your first failure? HOW HIGH UP DOES THIS GO (or is this just a "one off")?

Picture of twitter notification to Offensive Security (Notifying them in this manner seems to be the only way to have the issue rectified so I can return to my education, SINCE MY EMAILS BEING DROPPED/MY COMMUNICATION BEING FORGED BY A THIRD PARTY SEEMS TO BE A COMMON TREND. This was not my first option. I just want to go back to the class that I love.):

Thus far, my emails have been dropped for: 8 days in a row (despite having paid for class).
I've lost: 6 days of class time.
(No, seriously. This is real life. I'm sending this email once a day (just creates more evidence that something is terribly wrong). Either my emails aren't making it (google's reliability is what... 99%?) or Offensive Security's responses back to me aren't making it.

CONTROLLING MY COMMUNICATION (by preventing it from making it) SEEMS TO BE A COMMON TREND THROUGHOUT THIS ENTIRE ORDEAL. Attempting to indefinitely delay the return receipt from Senator Ben Cardin's office? Dropping Offensive Security communications? Imitating RedZone's lawyer? Imitating the response of Zuckerman (severance agreement lawyer)? Preventing my communications regarding my severance agreement being negotiated (to force me to sign it)? Imitating Offensive Security and the EFF (evidence on RedZone's servers)? Preventing my original request to Senator Anthony G. Brown from making it? FLAGGING MY GITHUB THREAD THREE TIMES TO TRY TO SUPPRESS MY VOICE, THINKING THAT IT WOULD KEEP ME SILENT? This seems to be the last remaining control tactic (and I'm curious as to why Congress is dragging their feet about this despite being presented with overwhelming evidence. Maybe they don't have a procedure in place for what happens if someone actually collects evidence? I don't think anyone's ever made it this far before). It would also explain why they broke into RaT's server to ban me. the URGE to CONTROL my communication is too strong. Fortunately for me, it only works if I let it work.

Isn't the NSA supposed to be "monitor only?"


I ask again:


I'll ask a third time.


... this loud enough for you?
... misdirection?

I am being targeted by psychopaths that use NSA hacking and monitoring capabilities as a tool to obtain Narcissistic Supply from the targets/victims that they monitor (and, again, I've obtained proof so fuck you) via their emotional/physical reactions (like a toddler playing with an action figure). This is the TLDR of my entire experience (and should ensure zero wiggle room regarding the truth of what was done to me, as everything I've experienced falls within the idealization and devaluation phase of the narcissistic abuse cycle. The discard can't come fast enough). This entire situation HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NATIONAL SECURITY WHATSOEVER and is the end result of what happens when a cluster b is CAUGHT RED HANDED. Pardon me while I confirm America's worst nightmares.

EDIT May 1, 2018: My request for assistance (regarding government abuse) has been received by the office of Senator Ben Cardin (and the contents of this thread have been included with it).
EDIT: May 5, 2018: I'm awaiting the "return receipt" that was sent with my request to the office of Senator Ben Cardin. It seems to be "stuck in transit to the next facility" and has been stuck for over three days (and the original package made it within 24 hours). Note that the facilities are under 50 miles from each other. The USPS tracking number is: 9590940234387275232912 and this receipt is needed as proof to ensure that the request actually made it to the senator's office. I've made an inquiry about the return receipt and it was "mis-scanned for the incorrect zip code," so it's now stuck in the facility and, according to USPS, will be delayed for at least a week (I shit you not, this is real life).
THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME THAT THIS HAS HAPPENED (and is not the first time I've experienced abuse via delayed or missing mail/packages). I've experienced packages being re-routed to different states before, for the purpose of delaying its delivery, and I've experienced packages that would say "delivered" (electronically) but never made it to its destination (and they weren't stolen). The errors that have and are occurring with my packages are not "simple computer errors." (This is serious. I wouldn't be doing this if it weren't.)
EDIT: May 7, 2018: Return receipt obtained.
EDIT: May 16, 2018 (11:45 AM EST): Why is my IP ADDRESS being banned for 15 seconds (up to 2 minutes ago) and unbanned before I post more claims of abuse by the government (causing power outages)? Why has this happened multiple times? (TriGun 403? I'm not supposed to know what RaT's ban page looks like... and I'm not using TOR (I'm being watched like a hawk and I'm not using it anyway).) You feelin it, Mr. Krabs? (that makes three)

May 17, 2018: Let's try once more to return to obtaining my education so I can continue to forge my life (being jobless and debt increasing as a result of the bullshit be damned, I'M GOING TO OBTAIN MY EDUCATION REGARDLESS). I found the payment link through my old emails and it seems to have an option to provide a new email address. I have MADE THE PURCHASE for 3 months of class time, but have not received an email confirmation or any response from Offensive Security. My emails are still being dropped despite making the purchase. If my emails to the institution continue to get dropped, it's a result of how the action that I have taken to return to my education, despite the situation, makes someone feel (which is "HIGHLY INSECURE").

The email I just sent contains:
-Screenshot of purchase from bank account (PROOF OF PURCHASE (drop this). )
-Drivers License (proof of identity)
-Paystub from previous company (proof of previous employment/proof of identity)
(Documents out in the open, my fucks to give are zero. Unlike the people that targeted me, I have the luxury of being fully open and transparent due to my refusal to step out of integrity.)
-My emails to the institution are still being dropped, which prevents me from going to class. Senator Ben Cardin: What... the fuck? HOW MANY MORE RED FLAGS OF CLUSTER B ABUSE DO YOU NEED (and why are you allowing the abuse to continue)?

The above being said, I've come to accept that the situation at hand is out of my control. I'm actively being targeted by cluster b personality disordered individuals (a conclusion that was reached based on the collected evidence of government abuse and the purpose/nature of the abuse) that are employed by the government (with proof of abusive acts that have and are still occurring by their hands) and it's going to take an act of fucking congress to pull them off of me.

To Senator Ben Cardin: Government abuse of power is still on-going and is actively being carried out against me in a covert manner. The individual or group that has and is targeting me has no intention of facing accountability and will continue to abuse their power against me covertly, despite this thread being public and you being aware of it (instances that have already occurred include, but are not limited to, intercepting and dropping my emails, forging email responses to me/impersonation, interfering with court proceedings, financial abuse, property destruction, ambient gas-lighting, ambient gas-lighting via uniformed law enforcement, attempting to suppress my claims by flagging my threads in high traffic websites to reduce exposure of wrong-doing, evidence burial to avoid accountability, wrongful termination (to avoid accountability), the works... though I CAN safely say that the NSA will need to put a bullet in my brain if they wish to make this go away without consequence). In the words of Andrea Fitzsimmons, and I quote, "it's never going to stop." She is right. It's never going to stop on its own, unless someone that has the power to do so stops it. That someone, in this instance, is you.
EDIT: May 15, 2018: To Senator Ben Cardin: As of today, I've collected enough evidence that correlates with the posted claims of abuse that caused my threads to be flagged three times in a row (didn't even need to step out of integrity to do so either). Details are below in the "Financial Abuse Example/Primary Gaslighting Tactic" section. I'm going to make your job as EASY as possible. Smile

-This website may be subjected to "forum sliding" techniques as a result of this thread being posted here.
-Updates have been moved to their proper allotted sections.

A picture is worth 1000 words, so I've posted proof that the threads were falsely flagged (and that I am the original author of all three, which were created and subsequently FLAGGED IN RAPID SUCCESSION) and I've posted below correspondence with RedZone's lawyer, "Ed Hartman," AND the fake lawyer letter that was given to me by my former employers. These screenshots are in the bottom half of the thread.


-Proof of old thread's existence and account being flagged (the formatting is not as nice as what's laid out on this website, but proof is proof and Corna gave me permission to continue the thread personally):

Original Thread: (proof of account ownership and it being flagged) (proof of thread ownership)

Second Flagged Account: (proof of account ownership and it being flagged) (proof of thread ownership)

Third Flagged Account: (proof of account ownership and it being flagged) (proof of thread ownership)

I'd estimate that all three accounts were sequentially created; immediately banned (within 30 seconds of re-posting the thread after account creation) within a 30 minute period (excluding the original account's creation).

Thread Contents (the second and third account were reposts of the original thread's contents): (The thread was flagged immediately after adding this update (possibly out of panic, definitely to reduce exposure), which details the extent of RedZone's involvement and the instances of government abuse that I've experienced. It also may have been frozen due to the nature of what's required to successfully pull off an extended gaslighting campaign) (Corna's personal blessing/PERMISSION to continue the thread. The thread has existed for quite some time.)
-I was reminded today that a picture of proof is worth 1000 words, to the kind soul that reminded me of this: thank you.

The threads were frozen when I posted my experienced car loss and results thereafter, the manipulation of my court sentence via remote hacking, and the extent of RedZone's involvement in attempting to cover up evidence. Their issue isn't with my idea of "shell whitelisting" (the ability to identify terminals that don't belong to the user). Their issue is with the surrounding details regarding how it came about (through their abuse of power, belief that they're above the law, and their willingness to use their capabilities to systematically destroy the credibility of their target/destroy the targets sanity/overload the target with stress so they can avoid any accountability of wrongdoing). It's safe for me to argue that I'm one of their first failures regarding their "system" of escaping accountability (and I don't wish to think about how many people they've successfully driven to suicide/criminal activity).

Terminal Denial Script/SHELL WHITELISTING (I came to fuck shit up):

#WolfHound: Wolf Killing Dog
#Script created by SIGTERM (h2kchicken/notballin)
#How to use:
#Ensure that you have multiple terminals open, be they individual windows, multiple tabs, or multiplexed via TMUX.
#This script has only been tested with "bash" and "sh" specifically. Other shells have not been tested (though testing should be as easy as adding another loop and adding the binary name).
(( $(id -u) == )) || { echo >&2 "Not Root."; exit 1; }
d=`date +%Y-%m-%d`
t=`date +%T
echo "$(tput setaf 6;tput bold)Checking Installed Shells : $d $t $(tput sgr0)"
cat /etc/shells
echo ""
echo "$(tput setaf 6;tput bold)Forking Loops : $d $t $(tput sgr0)"                                                                                                                              
sleep 5

while [ true ]
        for i in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
                sleep 1
                killall "bash" -q -v -y 5s > /dev/null 2>&1
done &  

while [ true ]
        for i in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
                sleep 1
                killall "sh" -q -v -y 5s > /dev/null 2>&1
done &

echo "$(tput setaf 6;tput bold)Begin tests by opening shells (as both a regular user and as a user with root privileges). $d $t $(tput sgr0)"
#In denying yourself the ability to open new terminals, you deny an attacker the ability to open terminals. The terminal that an attacker relies on during a hack resides on the user's PC.

#No Ego, but...


My name is Carlos Royal and I'm being targeted by psychopaths that are currently employed by the United States Government.

I've witnessed several zero day exploits used against my computer. As a result of this, I've been the target of government corruption AND an extended gaslighting campaign THAT IS BEING CARRIED OUT BY CLUSTER B PERSONALITY DISORDERED INDIVIDUALS/PSYCHOPATHS and is designed to undermine the fact that the government got caught red handed breaking into my pc (when I was using an end-of-life system that had no management engine) by means of both attempting to erode my sanity/make me question my memory and attempting to pull me out of integrity (so I hand my power away/do something criminal-esque due to provocation and end up in prison/lose liberties or rights... to undermine the fact that the NSA got caught red handed). This post, which spans an experience of at least three years, is meant to combat the governments method/tactic of gaslighting (to escape accountability/acknowledgement of misusing government capabilities), by means of making my experience a public record (since the techniques/tactics employed rely on me staying silent due to doubt, fear, and "what if's"), and is highly beneficial to any security professional that reads it.

Mandatory backstory:

A while ago, I decided to challenge myself by attempting to obtain the Offensive Security Certified Professional certification in an effort to break into the penetration testing field. Over the course of 120 days, I managed to successfully breach and escalate on 16 systems within the OSCP lab.

Firefox Zero Day:

During my progress, I noticed unusual activity on my computer. I make heavy use of the Linux terminal on an everyday basis and I noticed that the Konsole application that I was using wasn’t the first shell that was open (it was the second Konsole application open, and I only opened one).

Upon further investigation, I noticed two bash processes running on my PC. Upon closing the one that I wasn’t using, my Firefox browser closed at the exact same instant. This leads me to believe that I was targeted by the FoxAcid system due to my activity from the OSCP labs and that the zero day exploit didn't use the proper escape sequence.

Firefox Binary Forking Observed Behavior (Added March 26, 2018):

I've observed that the Firefox browser will crash if any binary that it forks to has been killed by the linux "kill" command. Binaries witnessed thus far that have crashed my browser when killed by the kill command are "bash" and "dbus-daemon." Adding this section, as it's very important regarding the behavior of the zero day exploit that was used against my PC.

Also, the original instance of Firefox crashing when I killed its shell occured on an end of life Fedora distribution (which should not require a shell to run Firefox) and NOT on Arch Linux (which requires a shell to run Firefox). However, killing the noticed dbus-daemon process also killed Firefox (an incident which occured when using Arch Linux, which required a shell to run Firefox but did NOT require dbus-daemon to run Firefox).

Firefox Tip on Arch Linux:

In a pinch, the Tor Browser Bundle can be used as a replacement for the version of Firefox that exists in Arch Linux's package manager. The Tor Browser Bundle can be ran in Firejail with "shell none" (directly started without a user shell) The one in Arch Linux can not.

Tor Malicious Node Zero Day:

I utilized an Open-WRT router as the base of my build. From behind it, I built an Arch Linux “transparent TOR router” with a Raspberry Pi that was designed to fail-close (where if my PC could not connect to the internet through TOR, it wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet whatsoever). From behind this router, I rebuilt and used my new PC using the Arch Linux distro and an AMD motherboard. A few weeks later, after my build was complete, in use, and thoroughly tested, I observed on the “” page (which was a page that I would check compulsively) that I “wasn’t using TOR.”

This would lead me to believe that the government is in possession of a risky zero day exploit that exists to target TOR only users. Instead of targeting the TOR network directly, it would seem that this exploit works at the modem or on the Local Area Network (since Raspberry Pi's have a secondary operating system (VideoCore, possibly the Intel Management Engine of embedded systems) that the user can't access) and intercepts and possibly redirects the user to a malicious TOR node that’s not on the TOR network.

NOTE: If you "attempt to browse" the page and it attempts to resolve for an extended period of time when using TOR, you should probably reset your circuit. You're probably being unmasked and/or (most likely or, if entry node monitoring is employed) your connection to the page is most likely being dropped.

Google Nexus 5 Backdoor/Ubuntu Touch OS:

A few months before I became aware of "me_cleaner," I attempted to use Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 5 (unaware of the dangers of proprietary secondary operating systems contained within hardware or binary blobs of firmware), with the scripts listed below running as root on Ubuntu's console application. I observed on my blackbox (custom built) router that my Nexus 5 phone, even when the Ubuntu Touch Operating System had its wireless capabilities disabled/was powered off, would still pull a DHCP lease via wireless, even if I manually deleted the active lease. I also observed that my Wireless and Cellular signal would alter and disable at random times.

At this point, it's safe to assume that most proprietary hardware has a proprietary environment of some sort that the user does not have access to, that can be exploited by nation state actors. As upsetting as it is that Intel bundles everything with a proprietary backdoor, it may be best to "stick with the evil that you know" for the time being.

(Given my experience, I've concluded that cellphones are almost impossible to fully secure. The hardware required to develop a cellphone that can be trusted doesn't exist yet/exists in an extreme scarcity.)

DBUS Daemon Socket Exploit/X11 Socket Exploit:

The "bash" and "sh" Linux binaries aren't the only things that the government can target. They are also capable of targeting other things, such as the DBUS-DAEMON socket or the X11 socket on a Linux PC, to create a secondary session for the purpose of viewing, and perhaps interacting, with the target's PC. Things that can be done include, crashing GUI tied processes (such as security scripts running in konsole), crashing the GUI in general, viewing your keystrokes and monitors, etc. A home user's browser is one of the primary avenues of attack and can be targeted by state actors to spawn shell binaries (or any binary) or use exploits against the DBUS-DAEMON socket or X11 socket.

NOTE: This can be rectified with pre-existing open source software, such as firejail (read the man page, USE THE AUDIT FEATURE. It will TELL YOU WHAT TO FIX.):

firejail --rmenv=DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS --private=/root/a/fake/home/directory/ --x11=xephyr --quiet --net=ethernet1 openbox

(Best practice would be to run each application with as few required environmental variables as possible).

Alternative to openbox, adding "nolisten local" to the X11 options of the X server running on a users system will disable abstract sockets (which should be sufficient in combination with a private tmp directory and private network spaces to use the PC's gui instead of nesting it).

If you're concerned about sandbox escapes (which do exist), this can be combated with the "kill" command listed below, as well as with socket monitoring (such as running "ss," with extra parameters, in a loop to tie processes to IP addresses). I've also found that renaming "dbus-launch" and "dbus-send" to "dbus-launch.old" and "dbus-send.old (Steam uses DBUS)" as well as qdbus to qdbus.old serves to stifle the sandbox escapes that aren't covered by the shell kill script. On Arch Linux, I've found that "dbus-daemon" was too risky to move in the event of a system crash, and that it was easier to prevent it from spawning (outside of the system or session process of dbus-daemon) by moving /usr/share/defaults/at-spi2/accessibility.conf to /usr/share/defaults/at-spi2/accessibility.conf.old.

Theory: The 3 letter agencies connect to a users pc through google IP addresses.

Attacks on Blackbox Routers:

I've recently observed unusual activity coming from my Arris Modem, which is connected to my hand-built router/firewall (running Arch Linux, Management Engine removed, the shell kill-script listed below in use). DNSMasq was used as a DHCP server, particularly for my TOR only traffic. BIG MISTAKE, as it has access to X11 unix sockets and can make DBUS daemon calls. It also listens on every interface, providing easy access to an attacker that's connected to the WAN port.

During one of my attempted uses of TOR, I noticed that my circuit would flat out reset and webpages would fail to resolve. I would have to manually reset the circuit. I believe that using DNSMasq as the DHCP server for the TOR only interface allowed for a malicious actor to DDOS the traffic of the interface.

dhcpd should be used in place of DNSMasq for optimal safety if creating a blackbox router unless it's needed. Both should be sandboxed (firejail). Thus far, I've observed no negative effects with having wireless installed on the router.

Also, regardless of if you've deblobbed the Intel Management Engine/Disabled the HAP bit, don't use the built in motherboard NIC as the WAN facing interface. If you're using a motherboard as a router, don't use that interface at all. Stick to PCI NIC's (USB NIC's are prone to vulnerabilities that can be used to DDOS). That being said, the built in NIC of everything that sits behind the router should be fine to use if HAP disabled /deblobbed.

Zombie Tracking Cookies:

Firefox connects to the internet when opened, regardless of whether or not the user chooses to browse. Upon attempting to disable third party cookies, I noticed that there was a tracking cookie that was implanted in my browser despite the fact that I did no browsing. Previously, the only third party tracking cookie that I've witnessed was one belonging to "google." I theorize that the NSA's zombie cookies implant themselves when the user opens up their browser (which connects to the internet) and disguises itself as the site that the user visits first. Because I did no surfing whatsoever, the tracking cookie was disguised as a Mozilla tracking cookie. The Mozilla home page does not require third party tracking cookies. This exploit was spotted originally due to my use of an addon that self-destructs unused cookies after 1 minute. Before I found this cookie undisguised, I noticed that a "google" tracking cookie would continue to self-destruct every minute, despite me closing and re-opening the browser and not navigating to google. Catching it in it undisguised state some time later confirmed my suspicions that this was a zombie tracking cookie (which was most likely set to attempt to re-implant itself automatically whenever I opened my browser).

How Corna's Intel ME removal script no shit saved my skin:
How to keep the NSA from breaking into your computer:

Because of the nature of the incidents that I've witnessed, I've designed a script that utilizes the killall command that will kill all processes specified that are older than 5 seconds.

killall "sh" -q -v -y 5s

This command, when run in a loop every two seconds, kills all shells ("bash" and "sh" specifically) that are younger than 5 seconds. So long as a terminal process that THE USER CONTROLS is already running, the user gains the ability to use their own terminals while denying access to terminals that are opened as a result of any exploits that are used against their computer. The terminal is THE HEART of pentesting, and in denying this resource to an attacker, it denies an attacker the ability to gain control over a users PC. The idea is to open a few terminal processes before running this command in a loop in a script (AS ROOT AND AS A BACKGROUND PROCESS, since a terminal manager's process can be "crashed"), and then connecting to the internet as normal. Your operating system is capable of defending itself (for free) with native tools.

This technique can be used for more than just stopping shells. It can also be used for sandbox escapes that occur through firejail. Common binaries that the 3 letters can target are "bash," "sh," "qdbus (kde)," etc. The kill command will work to stop the end result of Firefox forking to binaries on your system that it shouldn't fork to.

I actually ENCOURAGE anyone and EVERYONE to try this for themselves (I want to be proven wrong).

What's important to note here is that THIS IS USELESS WITHOUT THE INTEL MANAGEMENT ENGINE REMOVED FROM YOUR COMPUTER. No software solution will ever be a good enough solution so long as hardware backdoors/secondary operating systems exist within a users system. The Intel management engine contains an Operating system that shares physical resources with the target machine. Without Corna's removal efforts, I would be up the creek with no paddle. To obtain a better stance on PC security, open source security solutions must be used IN COMBINATION WITH CORNA'S REMOVAL SCRIPT/the removal of the Intel Management Engine. Both hardware and software security solutions must be used together.

I leave my post here for the security experts to judge for themselves (all attempts to take the appropriate channels to close the leaks, have failed spectacularly). Critique this logic, spin up a vulnerable VM, and TEST IT FOR YOURSELF.



Github threads are flagged.

UPDATE: April 3, 2018

-I am no longer employed by said company, so full disclosure is now possible.
-Individuals from my former company are involved in a cover-up and evidence of their involvement and knowledge of the incidents that have occurred exist on their exchange server, on my laptop, in their exchange server backups, and possibly on my laptop backups.
-I have declined to sign a severance agreement (which would erase all evidence in exchange for a minuscule amount of money. Lawyers have taken an active disinterest in assisting me with the severance agreement as well.)
-The organization that targeted me is NOT ABOVE USING FINANCIAL ABUSE to render a target silent (and has tried in the past... quite often). I have concerns that they may interfere with either my ability to find employment (because I will) or will approach my next employer.

The company that I worked for is an MSP company, known as RedZone Technologies LLC (2444 Solomons Island Road, STE 219, Annapolis MD 21401), that provides SECURITY AS A SERVICE to several clients (ranging from firewall installs to Alert Logic deployments, to audits of Edge Networks and Active Directory domains, Varonis, network equipment replacements, the works).

The individuals that work for the company and are actively aware of this thread and its contents (and have been for quite some time, arguably since this thread's creation) and have even PARTICIPATED IN/FACILITATED ACTS OF GOVERNMENT ABUSE are:

Bill Murphy (Company Owner)
James Crifasi (Former Employer)
James Miante (Senior Systems Architect)
Andrea Fitzsimmons (Project Coordinator)

To my company's attorney: This is the active cause of my "stress."
(EDIT: April 15, 2018, the "Lawyer" letter that was given to me by my former boss before my laptop was seized is most likely fake due to it being dated for 1 year in the future, and they weren't expecting to actually need a lawyer. Now they do.)

Recently, my laptop was seized, my active directory account was disabled, and I was placed on paid leave due to "stress" (in reality, it's because I began to seek evidence outside of my company's advice). Because of the nature of how this incident is playing out, I'm now making it a public note that I REPORTED TO MY EMPLOYER THAT THE MANAGEMENT ENGINE (which has been exploited before and can be used to gain remote access to a users PC) WAS ACTIVE IN MY LAPTOP AND ACTIVELY PASSING TRAFFIC, and did this via company email (which should still exist in company backups and on my laptop... so I'm sure they won't go missing).


The company that I work for that provided me the work laptop currently does not employ any software that would interact with the Intel Management Engine, nor have I installed any software that would do so on my own.

I repeat:

The company that I work for that provided me the work laptop currently does not employ any software that would interact with the Intel Management Engine, nor have I installed any software that would do so on my own.


MY EMPLOYER FAILED TO REPORT THE POSSIBLE DATA BREACH AND IS ACTIVELY AWARE OF THIS THREAD AND ITS CONTENTS (that the Intel Management Engine is a secondary computing environment that can be exploited to potentially gain unauthorized access to a PC). MY EMPLOYERS AND CERTAIN PEERS HAVE BEEN AWARE OF THIS THREAD FOR ALMOST A YEAR, AND MY EMPLOYER HAS BEEN AWARE OF THIS PROJECT FOR OVER A YEAR, AS WELL AS MY ACTIVE EXPERIMENTATION WITH DISABLING THE MANAGEMENT ENGINE DURING NON WORK HOURS. Also, due to the fact that the laptop was immediately seized by my employer due to me seeking legal proof of the NSA's misuse of their government capabilities outside of the advice that my company had provided me, the laptop can no longer be trusted forensically and can no longer be considered forensically sound.

Again, my laptop was immediately seized after I made it known that I would seek the evidence of government abuse of power at a customer client site due to my employers gross disinterest in reporting the data breach. I was inspired to act on my own accord to seek evidence on my own due to my employers disinterest in an incident that threatens the safety of their network environment and my employers disinterest in assisting me with the abuse of power that I witnessed at Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies sub site (THE DATE THAT THIS INCIDENT OCCURED EXISTS IN REDZONE'S RECORDS, AND THE TIME IT OCCURRED WAS BETWEEN 6 AM TO 8 AM), who's building no longer exists, who's video tapes no longer exist, and who's incident I originally reported to my employer less than 6 months after it happened (my employers actively performed behaviors that were designed to discourage me from pursuing evidence required to prove the incident when it first happened). This incident in question involves a female by the name of Melody Leighton gaining unauthorized access to SGT's sub building, GCP. The building required DataWatch keycards to enter and SGT's surveillance video retention policy is SEVEN YEARS. This individual has also stalked me in other public places and at other job locations, where the only knowledge of where I'd perform work for clients formerly existed on RedZone's SHAREPOINT SERVER, which is a server that SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD ACCESS TO AND THAT IS LOCKED DOWN IN AN MSP ENVIRONMENT.

This could be considered a case of "Love Intelligence" (known as LOVEINT) gone wrong (and yes, we have a prior history). SNOWDEN WAS RIGHT. The NSA's culture ACTIVELY PROMOTES using their capabilities to spy on love interests or ex partners and it would appear that several NSA employees gain unauthorized access to government spying capabilities to TO SPY ON AND STUDY THEIR INTERESTS ON THE DAILY. Given the events that played out at Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies as well, it's safe to assume that not even STALKING, HARASSMENT, OR TRESPASSING are off the table and that THIS INCIDENT WAS ACTIVELY CARRIED OUT WITH ASSISTANCE AND NOT JUST BY MELODY LEIGHTON ON HER OWN.

This incident is NOT THE MAIN ISSUE.


(if you ever end up dating someone and they reveal that they work for the NSA: RUN. They already know EVERYTHING about you and have STUDIED YOU AND YOUR METADATA CLOSELY using NSA capabilities for a VERY LONG PERIOD OF TIME, similar to how a PSYCHOPATH/CLUSTER B PERSONALITY DISORDERED INDIVIDUAL studies their CHOSEN VICTIM/SUPPLY SOURCE. I can also safely assume that the primary motivation for THE MAJORITY that choose to join the NSA is to gain a sense of POWER AND CONTROL OVER ANOTHER PERSON/GROUP OF PEOPLE via hacking techniques and through collected virtual data (to include the targets potential weaknesses and pressure points that can be used against them in instances such as BLACKMAIL, SMEAR CAMPAIGNS, AND (if the first two either fail or aren't capable of being used against the target) GASLIGHTING). This is why my cares have dropped to zero and why I refuse to back down. This is personal.)


THIS IS AN ACT OF SELF PROTECTION ON MY PART, by reporting exactly what happened in a public space to ensure no corrupt or underhanded actions are taken on the part of my employers or anyone else involved with my employing company.

Why do I not have an exact date:

My Laptop was seized by my company and I do not have access to company email, which contains the date and time that the email notification of my laptop possibly being compromised was sent to my employers and fellow employees.

This makes two instances of me catching the NSA red handed, one of which occured ON COMPANY GROUND and was reported TO MY EMPLOYERS.



OTHER SHADY INSTANCES OF ABUSE (will document as I think of them):

-I used VA Educational benefits to get certifications before ending up employed by RedZone. The ability of my school (The Vets Group) to take VA benefits was mysteriously taken away from them before I could complete the full certification course (leaving me "jobless" and without a source of money, similar to what is playing out now, which forced me to abandon the rest of my education via I.T. certifications to find a job, which I found at RedZone). Upon emailing this thread to Rhonda Smith, the program director (a few months ago), I received an email reply that said that their ability to accept VA educational benefits (THAT THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE LOST) would be restored within a week to two weeks (evidence of this email should still exist in RedZone at the above specified locations).

-During my employment at RedZone, a "Mr. Robot" style cyber attack occured on one of RedZone's client's various servers (who I will not list publicly). It targeted several dozen Microsoft Server 2003 systems (end of life systems), deleted the system32 folder, and hopped from host to host. The attack left the client company crippled for a few days. The antivirus vendor was on the phone with RedZone all day trying to figure out how to neutralize the virus, and servers had to be restored from backup. This occurred BEFORE this thread existed and during this time I DID NOT HAVE A FUNCTIONING PC OUTSIDE OF REDZONE'S LAPTOP (which only contains work related tools) and I did not use TOR. I did not have a working personal computer during this time due to being in a "slump," trying to figure out why my various electronic devices kept "breaking." The end result of this attack proved to be very PROFITABLE for RedZone in the end, as a result of services rendered (end of life servers being upgraded) and new preventative policy programs (anti executable, RedZone had no prior experience with said software before this incident) being purchased and installed by the client for asset protection. This attack also occurred some time AFTER I made it known to my employers that I spotted the NSA in my home computer, created the "shell denial" concept (posted below), and experienced the TOR exploit (posted below) (their erratic behavior and questions the day after the firefox incident (listed below), as well as me being IMMEDIATELY ISOLATED from the main helpdesk area and placed into an office by myself, also makes me suspect they were ALREADY MADE AWARE OF IT before I even bothered to tell them).

-During my employment at RedZone, I've experienced various "unexplainable bugs" one of which occurred during a cutover for a company that I will not name publicly. This cutover involved a SonicWall SRA, to be used as a forward facing device that mediated between the internet and the client's various websites. Whenever I performed the cutover, a glitch would occur within the SRA that prevented traffic from passing (causing the cutover to fail). My former employers, James Miante and James Crifasi, knew what the issue was already (a corrupted ip address in the configuration, which required console access to the SRA to discover, and would be a sonicwall escalation ticket due to it being a bug), and the config file corruption only occurred whenever I gave the SRA internet access.

(Overtime, the agency that targeted me became better at hiding their abuse)

-OSCP Fake Ban/Falsified Emails: Thinking that it was a good idea to do so, I attempted to send Offensive Security (an organization that supposedly "champions" security and exploitation) details of the things that I had witnessed, but received no response. Months later after being prepared to return to OSCP, I found that I was banned and I wasn't given a reason why. Shortly after considering the release of all of this information (after inquiring about why they banned me), I received an email (still in my possession) from "Offensive Security Management" that they unbanned me and didn't want me to send them more details about zero day exploits. I theorize that my emails were either intercepted and that a shady agency was imitating Offensive Security Management (and, again, I'm in possession of the communications that have occurred between us. I wasn't given a reason WHY I was banned, and I was simply told to not send more zero day exploits to them). I also find it slightly suspect that I was immediately un-banned when I began to consider posting everything that I've discovered in a public space (such as this one). As I have zero cares left (I've gotten everything that I need from OSCP and care not if they ban me again), my student ID is OS-16134.

EDIT: May 3, 2018: I'm attempting to go back to OSCP (and I need to switch my email from a business email address that I no longer have access to to a free mailer. I'm getting no response from offensive security; my emails to OSCP seem to be getting dropped to prevent me from going back to studying hacking on my own. This isn't the first time that this has happened. (RedZone has provided me my emails from OSCP). Since the emails to OSCP (containing this thread) are being dropped, it is my belief that Offensive Security is not aware of the fake ban and fake emails that were sent during my employment at RedZone. It's also not in my best interest to pay for class until my email is switched, due to lab time starting immediately upon payment.)

EDIT: May 10, 2018: I've uploaded examples of emails that Offensive Security should have responded to. It is my belief that these emails are being dropped (and that someone is actively trying to prevent me from returning to my education). As a side note... if anyone is wondering, Offensive Security is the real deal and will give you a wealth of knowledge and capability in attempts to obtain a certification from them. (I'd estimate that 95% of the NSA's employees are rendered useless if a target doesn't have the Intel Management Engine on their system and they actually understand how penetration testing works). (, this email should have made it and should have been responded to) (, this email should have made it and should have been responded to)

-Extended Gaslighting Campaign: I've been subjected to an extended Gaslighting Campaign (by nation state actors). I can assure every person that reads this thread that its contents have been SEVERELY WATERED DOWN. One verifiable instance of gaslighting with UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICERS would be on the day that I went to inquire about SGT's surveillance video footage and their retention policy (and on this day the person responsible for maintaining camera footage was not there, which halted the discovery of evidence burial for a day). There existed no good reason for uniformed officers to knock on my door on this specific day. This could be considered a mistake, which was made during a time of possible panic due to my act of seeking evidence outside of RedZone's "advice."

--During the peak of the NSA's extended gaslighting campaign (before I made the mental shift of refusing to be broken down), after I crashed my vehicle due to a hit and run (being hit and ran) on the date of 09/04/2016, I attended traffic court (on the date of 10/27/2016). The judge was merciful (due to the fact that I lost my car) and sentenced me to pay a $50 fine. THIS FEE WAS DOUBLED IN THE ARLINGTON GENERAL DISTRICT COURT'S COMPUTER SYSTEM and the fee ended up being $100, despite what the judge ordered. The clerk of the court was "Steven R. Spurr," and this is NOT an incident of incompetence or a failure to enter the correct sentencing amount; the fine that the judge sentenced me to was ALTERED/INCREASED REMOTELY (this was not a computer glitch). I've attached the court receipt below, which will contradict the sentence that the judge gave me:

--On the day of the car crash (on the date of 09/04/2016), there was a large utility vehicle with a giant arrow that was used (for "safety purposes"). I remember the driver of the vehicle expressing discontent and wondering "why he had to be out for such a minor accident (the entire road was clear and usable)." A "helpful person" also stopped and asked if I needed assistance taking pictures for insurance (I have a flip phone with no internet service package and no ability to pull photo's from it, the flip phone WASN'T OUT when she pulled up and asked if I needed help taking pictures. Most people carry smart phones, which have cameras...). Her license plate read "Go Wild." I still have the pictures from her camera and the email addresses (there are two) that she sent them from. (she accidentally used her real email, didn't she?) (This picture should serve as evidence that I didn't take the photo's. She did. This picture should also serve as evidence that the utility vehicle called to the scene was UNNECESSARY and that the driver of the vehicle's complaint was correct: he wasn't needed there. THE ROAD WAS NOT OBSTRUCTED BY MY VEHICLE.) (why switch what email was being used to send me pictures? U w0t m8?)
-It is my belief that the driver of the "Go Wild" license plated vehicle that asked me if I needed help taking pictures for insurance despite the fact that she should have had NO KNOWLEDGE that I DON'T CARRY A SMARTPHONE and CAN'T REMOVE PICTURES FROM MY FLIP PHONE followed orders without knowing why (where to go and what to do). I question if the vehicle even belonged to her, I question why the first words out of here mouth weren't something along the lines of "are you ok" or "do you need help (calling 911/injury? nothing?)," and I question why THE FIRST OFFER OF ASSISTANCE that she made was to HELP ME TAKE PHOTO'S FOR INSURANCE. It is also my belief that the purpose of the "Go Wild" license plate was to evoke an emotional reaction unfavorable to my situation, such as a VIOLENT OUTBURST (due to me losing my car to speeding), and that the purpose of the Utility Vehicle with the GIGANTIC FLASHING ARROW (despite the fact that the road was NOT obstructed) was to evoke emotional reactions of shame. Live bait? ...really?

If this isn't good enough for Congress to make a move, nothing ever will be. This is a smoking gun (and it has Cluster B written all over it). At this point, if Congress pulls the trigger to investigate...the investigation will come back in my favor (... that's the problem, isn't it... THE GITHUB ACCOUNTS WERE FLAGGED FOR A REASON).

Immediately after this incident, my cellphone's keyboard began to malfunction and spammed "7's" on the display with no input from me via the keypad. When I attempted to reboot the phone, it wouldn't turn on (I had to buy a new one, I purchased the same model) (not paying for internet != no internet connection).

--On the day that I junked my vehicle with a third party at the RedMan Fleet Services lot in MD (Redman Fleet Services, Inc., Shirlington, 2611 Shirlington Rd, Arlington, VA 22206), (easier than going through USAA insurance for a claim), a USAA car pulled in and parked next to mine (LICENSE PLATE: USAA19). I made an inquiry about why the driver was there. He stated that he was there to look at vehicles (then rattled off a list of vehicles that he was there to look at). 15 minutes later, the driver drove away and NEVER RETURNED (the tow truck that was sent to junk my vehicle was delayed for hours due to a traffic jam, and the towing facility was open during this time). The driver of the USAA vehicle NEVER LEFT THE VEHICLE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE EXCHANGE, despite being there to "look at vehicles." The driver seemed to not be from USAA and looked to be military (haircut style between the length of a high-and-tight and a medium fade; recognizable through the USAA cap and is regulation to be worn by active duty military, tattoo's similar to this image on the RIGHT forearm that tend to be picked up by Marines in Okinawa, weight of 150, light complexion).
EDIT: May 14, 2018: I have obtained the receipt from RedMan. While the exact date and time IS NOT CONTAINED ON THE RECEIPT OF PAYMENT DUE TO A "MIS-SCAN," the storage fee is $50 PER DAY and the vehicle arrived at the RedMan Lot on 09/04/2016. This would mean that I picked up my vehicle between 09/07/2016 to 09/09/2016 (most likely 09/08/2016). RedMan should still have camera footage of the incident (what is RedMan's video retention policy...). Here is the receipt (that has the date of my "purchase" cut off from the original scan at the BOTTOM LEFT CORNER, but should still be sufficient since the storage fee is $50 PER DAY):


-I believe that the proper term for the USAA vehicle driver and the "Go Wild" driver would be "FLYING MONKEYS," people who are unwittingly (or for a small sum of cash) following orders without understanding WHY. I also find it curious that military, specifically USMC (the branch that I used to serve in), was used in the gaslighting campaign ... this seems similar to the DEVALUATION stage of a cluster b abusive cycle.
-I have a few "gaslighting via metadata abuse" examples (with RedZone employee participation) but they're circumstantial at best and aren't solid proof. So they're being omitted.

--EDIT May 8, 2018: One more update (this update requires great emotional strength)
I witnessed the incident that occurred in this headline (witnessed the death and how he died). I'm leaving the details of this out. What followed, however, was a stroke of bad luck. The first rescue osprey that responded to the scene broke down. A second osprey that responded to the scene transferred the corpseman to the hospital. So why is this relevant? DURING MY WAIT AT THE REDMAN LOT, TWO OSPREYS FLEW OVERHEAD WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF EACH OTHER (coincidence... right?). Again, I have nothing to lose by posting this.
The PRIMARY BREAD AND BUTTER technique of the NSA's ambient gaslighting is the use of vehicles. Overtime, the NSA has become better at hiding their abuse and has utilized utility vehicles (with several/an unnecessarily large amount of flashing hazard/utility lights, which were staged and used during my commute to and from work) instead of regular vehicles. While gaslighting by the NSA can't be proven (actually... at this point I'm pretty sure that it can be if it were to be investigated), I have nothing to lose by posting this. Posting this gives the general public a reasonable idea of how far the government will go to escape accountability (and they have an UNLIMITED BUDGET).

EDIT: May 11, 2018: ... I imply or suggest nothing short of: Aerial surveillance would prove to be very effective in launching a gaslighting campaign with vehicles against a target. An aerial satellite (unlimited budget/can afford to put a management engine in everything) would prove to be the most effective target tracking technique to exist on the planet. Better than "cellphone GPS" tracking, better than "car GPS tracking," better than manual tails, better than helicoptors. An "eye in the sky" would serve as one of the most effective ways to carefully position and arrange vehicles/teams of vehicles via cellphone orders. Nothing to lose by posting this either, I've gathered enough evidence and skill to get me THIS far, what have I to fear (and is this why my github thread was flagged three times in a row?)?

EDIT: May 13, 2018: Elements of the "techniques/tactics" of the "system" (it's a system, there's a method to the madness) used against me include, but are not limited to:
1) The end goal of making the target perceive a threat/perceive that their life is in danger
2) Maintaining a constant state of "Adrenal Fatigue" within the target
3) Instilling within the target the (false) belief that "there is no escape/nothing can be done about it and that the law can't help them" (examples include intercepting and forging email responses from lawyers, gaslighting with uniformed police officers via random tails and positioning officers directly outside of my window and near my vehicle, having armed security officers wait by the apartment complex's front door and open the door for me while staring blankly in the distance, the works)
4) Sleep deprivation techniques
5) The research of and repeated attempted exploitation of traumatic incidents in the targets past (discovered via monitoring the target and digging through the collected metadata of the target) to elicit a desired emotional state.
6) The end goal of the system used against me seems to be DESTABILIZATION: to cause an "outburst" or a repeatable pattern of "outbursts" in response to the perceived threats, constant stress, sleep deprivation, overloaded adrenal gland/adrenal fatigue, and constant "pressure" of having no rest from the techniques and tactics used. The end goal seems to be to manufacture the target as an artificial threat/to eliminate the targets credibility/to drive targets to eliminate themself.
This is the watered down version. Is this why my github threads were flagged three times in a row? I have a feeling that this system has been used multiple times against others (and if I didn't know any better, I'd theorize that the people using it enjoy it).

EDIT: May 13, 2018: It is my belief that the purpose of the abuse of power that I've experienced at the government's hands (which lead to me going public instead of being broken down) is to "MANUFACTURE" AN ARTIFICIAL THREAT to escape all possibility of being held accountable for any wrongdoing... and that this is being done due to nothing of worth being contained within my metadata to use against me. It is now also my belief that I'm not the first person that this tactic/technique has been used against, that this may be a STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, and that the techniques and tactics are custom-tailored to the individual being targeted BASED ON THE TARGET'S METADATA AND DIGITAL FOOTPRINT.

The tactics and techniques used against me, unfortunately, have had the opposite effect vs what was intended (and I can rest easy knowing that the public should have a reasonable understanding of exactly how the government actually rolls).

Watered Down Accusation: given the nature of my experience and the events that have transpired, it would appear that the capabilities of the government are used for personal gain moreso than for national security threats (personal use outweighs job use) and have become much harder to justify.

-Another Financial Abuse Example: On the day that I went to purchase a new car, the original deal that the salesman offered was $280 a month for a 2017 Toyota Corolla LE. My credit score was acceptable. This had to be sent (through a computer system) to "Toyota HQ." The response came back through their computer system and I ended up paying $333 a month and was bumped one model down (to their base model, in comparison to the original offer of $280 for an LE Increasing the payment amount, sure... reducing the model in tandem with increasing the payment??????). THIS CAN BE INVESTIGATED, the numbers were COMPLETELY OFF in comparison to the original deal that the salesman wanted to make with me AND THE SALESMAN'S NUMBERS WERE CORRECT UPON ENTRY. This would be a good example of stealth financial damage: slowly nickle and dime the target overtime.

-Failed attempt at Crazy Making: I grew frustrated at RedZone for not taking the incident at SGT seriously. After James Crifasi failed to give me proper legal advice, I decided to speak to Bill Murphy about the incident. During the conversation, when I mentioned the github link, he expressed that he "wasn't aware of any github link" (evidence that I sent him the link to this thread exists at RedZone in the above specified locations). He also stated, when I asked about seeking legal action, that "that's SGT's issue." On this day, James Crifasi and Bill Murphy spent time "making phonecalls." They ended up passing me to someone from "warrior2warrior," and the female that began asking me unnecessary questions turned on a tape recorder (and I was very careful with how I answered them). One such unnecessary question was "do I own a firearm (I don't)." The angle that RedZone wished to use/build on was "PTSD" from Afghanistan. It failed MISERABLY.

This technique was QUICKLY SCRAPPED AND NO LONGER USED ONCE I MADE IT KNOWN THAT I WOULD SEEK EVIDENCE FROM SGT ON MY OWN ACCORD OUTSIDE OF THEIR "ADVICE." WHEN MY LAPTOP WAS SEIZED (which contains all of my collected evidence of NSA abuse of power) AFTER MAKING THIS KNOWN TO THEM, I WAS GIVEN A FAKE LAWYER LETTER THAT WAS DATED FOR 1 YEAR IN THE FUTURE (which I am still in possession of). On the day that my laptop was seized, the entire office was told to work remotely. The only person in the office was James Crifasi and myself. James Crifasi is the one that handed me the lawyer letter (that was dated for 1 year in the future and stated that they weren't aware of any person involved in the SGT incident and that they were concerned about my stress) after taking the company laptop into his posession. Because the letter that he handed me is dated for 1 year in the future, I can safely assume that their lawyer didn't actually write the letter (and had no prior awareness of it until I sent this thread to him directly).

-Redzone was aware that evidence of criminal wrongdoing was being buried at SGT (government abuse of power).
-I was fired because RedZone did not (and does not) intend to acknowledge the data breach that occurred on their servers or any of the incidents that affected me while I was employed by them. Moreso, they ACTIVELY ASSISTED the agency that targeted me on more than one occasion.
-I'm going to assume that they thought that firing me and pressuring me into signing a 4k severance agreement (no lawyer wished to help me with it) would let them legally bury the rest of the evidence of any wrongdoing in an easy fashion. I was supposed to believe that "I couldn't do anything about it." I was supposed to feel "powerless." I was supposed to stay "silent" and let them get away with it.

"Supposed" to, anyway.


-Every lawyer that I approach (that responds) tries to direct the conversation away from legal action and towards non-legal action, similar to what my job did to me while trying to cover up evidence (I was told to contact the OPM, file a police report, call the FBI, file a restraining order, and the second I go to find that they're covering up evidence and that my employers don't want to acknowledge the data breach is the second I got fired). This is me making the ballsy statement that the organization that targeted me is actively approaching everyone that I ask for legal advice and asking them to not assist me (and that they approached every lawyer that I sent an email to asking for help with the severance agreement as well). I'm currently looking into finding a lawyer for wrongful termination as a starting point and I'm willing to bet that even this will be made difficult because of the claims involved.

One such example of gaslighting with lawyers would be:
Jason Zuckerman (Zuckerman Law), someone that I asked to assist me with the severance agreement that RedZone's "lawyer" sent me.
-After telling him that I would not need his assistance, he told me that he would "delete the emails that I sent him."
-After asking him for legal advice regarding my situation, I was told by "him" that "I do not know of any attorneys who handle this type of matter. Maybe try the ACLU." This is similar to the tactic that RedZone used against me, referring me to an organization that will not help me with the situation (I still have the emails).

-It would seem that posting the various abuses carried out by the state actor that targeted me in a public setting is the only thing that gives them pause. From what I've observed, the tactics used are designed to encourage me to believe that they "control the law" and are designed to encourage me to simply "give up" so they can get away with their crimes without facing accountability.

I've also experienced covert gaslighting/scare tactic techniques from RedZone's lawyer, for asking its clients (that I personally performed work for) to act as job references, despite following the lawyers instructions (and I question where the lawyer got most of the information of his "reports" from, because they weren't from RedZone's clients). They didn't work.

EDIT: May 4, 2018: Yesterday, I asked RedZone's lawyer to cease all forms of emotional communication with me during our email correspondences and to keep his answers to any requests that I make, which are reasonable requests, such as "can I have my emails from class (considering the fake Offensive-Security PWK ban and my communications not making it to the educational institution, the request was beyond reasonable)," to a simple "yes or no" (classic tactic: "get a rise out of/rile up" the plaintiff by appealing to the reptilian brain, collect evidence from the "emotion-fueled" responses of the plaintiff to discredit the plaintiff and the plaintiff's character). I had to rephrase this from "emotional communication" to a simple "yes or no" and my request was not acknowledged at all in any email response from RedZone's lawyer AND the responses seemed borderline psychopathic in nature so I'm keeping a paper trail. This tactic is similar in nature to RedZone's abandoned "PTSD" technique (that failed), and I'VE BEEN PONDERING WHY REDZONE'S LAWYER IS USING MANIPULATION TACTICS SIMILAR TO BOTH WHAT REDZONE STANDS ACCUSED OF (whom he represents) AND TO MY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES (such as the court sentence manipulation of the sentencing fee that the judge passed down (which can be proven), which was designed to target my emotional state), despite "having been a lawyer for 35 years." The responses are uncharacteristic of a lawyer and his supposed legal experience would dictate that attempting emotional manipulation in this specific case (particularly because his clients have already been accused of using the same technique) would be a bad idea. THIS LEADS ME TO SUSPECT THAT HIS EMAILS ARE BEING FORGED (vs him not being good at his job... RedZone gave me a fake lawyer letter before seizing the laptop that contained evidence of NSA abuse of power (I still have the letter), so government abuse of power via imitating a legal representative doesn't seem infeasible) in a similar manner to the forged email responses sent to me from OSCP (that still exist on the laptop).

The name of RedZone's lawyer is "C. Edward Hartman, III" (Hartman Attorneys at Law) (116 Defense Highway × Suite 300 × Annapolis, Maryland 21401)
Below are screenshots of the request and subsequent responses (to the request to keep his responses to my future requests to a simple "yes or no"). (Emotional Bait) (Emotional Bait, Full Context. Best if I include the request that I made, which was made in a reasonable and logical manner. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear right?) (Request to cease using Emotional Bait) (Failure to acknowledge my request) (After rephrasing the request to terms that even a 6 YEAR OLD could process and understand ("a simple yes or no"), the request is still completely evaded despite the request being explained in a REASONABLE and LOGICAL manner. The last sentence of his response (and the second to last sentence) is also nonsensical, resembles word salad, has zero context in relation to the request, is composed of vague and open ended deflective statements aimed at getting me to defend myself, and is uncharacteristic of a lawyer.)
Bold Accusation: The severance agreement and the subsequent interception and deletion/manipulation of my emails to find legal assistance was intended to pressure me into "signing away all evidence" for a minuscule amount of money, and the severance agreement WASN'T SENT BY REDZONE'S LAWYER.

EDIT: May 10, 2018: I've uploaded the lawyer letter that was given to me by James Crifasi on the day that my laptop that contains evidence of forged emails, attempts to find legal assistance, notification that the management engine was active and in use on my PC, and correspondences that have occurred regarding this situation was seized. Note that the only person in the office when this letter was handed to me was James Crifasi and myself, everyone else was told to work remotely for the day. My active directory account was disabled the morning of (I checked before I entered the office). Also, keep in mind that, after my laptop was seized, I discovered that evidence of government abuse of power (that I notified my employers off... and observed their lack of concern thereof) was ACTIVELY BEING BURIED. SGT invested a lot into improving their network architecture... I personally performed the infrastructure changes with James Miante. I installed a Cisco 3850 switch stack to replace their end of life hardware and turned it into a wireless controller. A LOT OF MONEY WENT INTO IMPROVING THEIR BUILDING'S NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE, and I went ABOVE AND BEYOND TO ENSURE THEY GOT WHAT THEY PAID FOR. The nature of their contract (which I will not post here) with RedZone means THEY SHELLED OUT A LOT OF MONEY TO MAKE THIS IMPROVEMENT. They were INVESTING in the building. Why suddenly close the building and destroy video footage that has a retention policy of SEVEN YEARS? (High quality scan, observe that the date of this letter is addressed for ONE YEAR IN THE FUTURE)
(Nothing left to hide, I have enough proof gathered and posted to not care about any negative opinion towards me regarding this letter. Proof is proof.)

Update: May 10, 2018 (Burn Notice):
As a side note, I have suspicions that "Sydney Cromwell (Front Desk Clerk/James Crifasi's assistant)," "Stephanie (Accounting assistant)," "Chris/Christopher (Bill Murphy's assistant)," and "Anthony (MSP phone clerk's assistant, who also dropped a hint that his "girlfriend" used to work for the NSA at RedZone's annual party)," (employees of RedZone at the time of my termination) work for or are associated with the NSA (what is RedZone's video retention policy?). I was also given "advice" by Sydney to contact the OPM to file a complaint so it could be handled "in house."

So... Redzone assisted SGT with evidence burial (who has a video retention policy of 7 years, the only way to make the tapes disappear is by closing the building), the OWNER of RedZone, Bill Murphy, lied to my face about being aware of the thread (evidence of the sent email was saved by me, and within 15 minutes of sending the email to him originally, he had an "emergency meeting"), James Crifasi and Bill Murphy attempted to paint my experience and concern over the incident as PTSD related (despite being aware of the instances of government abuse of power), the "warrior2warrior" representative (who turned on a tape recorder to record my responses) gave me fake legal advice to "file a restraining order," JAMES CRIFASI GAVE ME A FAKE LAWYER LETTER BEFORE SEIZING THE WORK LAPTOP THAT CONTAINED EVIDENCE OF ABUSE OF POWER when the PTSD angle failed (after I made it known that I would find out if the tapes still existed myself), the POLICE OFFICER THAT RESPONDED TO MY CALL AT SGT seemed UNCONCERNED WITH THE BUILDING BREACH and gave me fake legal advice to "file a restraining order," RedZone fired me when I confronted them about the evidence burial and the management engine being ACTIVE AND IN USE ON THE WORK LAPTOP (RedZone knows what it is/what it does and silently tried to slide me an AMD laptop a week later), THE EMAIL RESPONSES FROM REDZONE'S LAWYER ARE BEING FORGED (meaning they haven't actually involved a lawyer AT ALL) AND MY ATTEMPTS TO FIND LEGAL ASSISTANCE ARE BEING INTERCEPTED AND DROPPED. Also BEFORE ALL OF THIS, DURING THE PEAK OF THE GOVERNMENT'S ABUSE, several instances of abuse were carried out to include THE ELECTRONIC MANIPULATION OF A COURT SENTENCE PASSED DOWN BY A JUDGE (good luck making this disappear). It would seem that the government will go to great lengths to prevent their abuses of power from being exposed, and the tactics that I've experienced seem to be psychopathic in nature. (Someone's bound to get the hint...)

-Where does the "liquid courage" stem from: My metadata is clean (as clean as it gets, the closest to an illegal data breach I've ever gotten was "licking the skin of an apple." I have yet to bite the forbidden fruit, so I, quite literally, have "nothing to fear" because I've done nothing wrong of worth and no-shit have nothing to hide), I avoid TOR for the time being (and previously, before I was aware of the management engine's existence, nothing observed via exposed TOR metadata is of any significance) due to this situation being unsolvable via "hiding" or "secrets" (the game is rigged and the deck is stacked via metadata abuse so the only winning move is NOT TO PLAY; being open and authentic is the only path that works here), and my -threat- level to national security SHOULD be relatively low/nonexistent. My crime is "catching the government red handed." Given the nature of the events that have played out, I've also began to question the nature of how the government picks and chooses its targets. From what it looks like, one could have nothing to hide and nothing to fear... and STILL BE TARGETED REGARDLESS OF NOT BEING A THREAT TO BEGIN WITH (LOVEINT nonwithstanding, this doesn't make you a -target-). It's almost as if THE THREAT IS BEING MANUFACTURED ARTIFICIALLY.
EDIT: May 20, 2018: The techniques and tactics used against me seem to have been designed to murder me "covertly." So there should be no threat to me physically.

1) The NSA's employees use their capabilities to spy on/study their "interests" so they can "increase their odds" of getting their dicks wet/muffs stuffed (LOVEINT).
2) If caught (using their capabilities in an unauthorized manner) or if they run the risk of exposure (as a result of getting caught), they use their capabilities to try to control "the situation (and the person)" by invading several facets of the life and social/employment circles of the person that caught them, so they can avoid all accountability. This is why RedZone was approached when I caught the NSA in my PC.
3) If this fails, the NSA then resorts to systematically destroying the target by any means necessary, be it financial abuse, inviting the target out of integrity, or mental torture via ambient-gaslighting to erode the target's perception and sense of reality, so they can avoid all accountability.
4) When trying to figure out the proper course of action, the person being targeted will be mislead and discourage, and emails will be intercepted and dropped, intercepted and a response to the email forged, or the person the email is sent to approached.
(The proper course of action is to go above them to someone that they shouldn't be able to manipulate)
5) It didn't work, and now I'm here with evidence, some of which has been buried, some that I managed to legally freeze, and some that they gave me for free in their failed attempt to reduce exposure by freezing my github thread and subsequent threads.
(Timestamps exist that will demonstrate that the threads were frozen when I posted my experienced car loss and results thereafter, the manipulation of my court sentence via remote hacking, and the extent of RedZone's involvement in attempting to cover up evidence. This occurred again during the first repost of my second created account, and with the second repost with a third created account. After the creation of the third account, I waited for two minutes before reposting the thread and its contents. The account was flagged within 15 seconds of being re-posted.)
6) The NSA has an unlimited budget.
7) The abuse is still on-going and is carried out in a covert manner. They seem to not care that this incident is public and they seem to not care that evidence has been collected.

EDIT: May 9, 2018: The techniques and tactics that are being used against me currently seem to be designed to "freeze me out." Despite being fully qualified, I've received no call backs regarding employment. Despite having every right to continue my education, I've received no email-responses from Offensive Security regarding getting my email address changed (and I want to continue my education). If anyone has any advice on this that doesn't involve "just work for the feds that tried to fuck up your life, bro (I'd rather be homeless or shot in the face)," please email me at (I don't care if it's done anonymously via guerilla mail over TOR). Any and all advice is welcome (because I also don't trust Congress to do the right thing and this may be a very long wait).

To RedZone:
Were you targeted too? Did you help them out of fear and CONSTANT reminders that you are being watched? Did you fall for the false perception and believe that it was better to not get involved/that nothing could be done about it? Did you believe the ability to prove abuse via a nation state actor to be "impossible?" Because it wasn't.

Andrea Fitzsimmons: Previously comfortable with who you were and what your weight was, then began going to the gym. Despite results, I noticed you unjunk messages from the SonicWall Email Security on more than one occasion, which was among several "spam" messages that were semi insulting, aimed at your weight, some of the titles straight had the word "fat" in them (one read, and I quote, "No one likes a fatty"), etc. How often have you had to un-junk SWES emails that would normally make it to your inbox, and how much junk mail related to your weight did you see? Do you use your RedZone email to buy products related to weight, or a personal email, where spammers shouldn't know to send weight-loss emails to your work email? Also, what was the name of the "OPM" investigator that you talked to? Did they leave contact information?"

Bill Murphy: After I sent you the link to the github thread, and "Sydney Cromwell" and "Stephanie" cleaned up the front conference room for your "emergency meeting" 15 minutes later, what was the meeting about? Was your car damaged randomly for no reason? What type of damage was it? This has happened to several people that I know, a friend who had his side view mirrors broken immediately after I considered going public with this information and a sister who had her apartment door kicked in. Did they threaten to ruin your business? Were you given a letter of National Security or was the entire thing off the books as a result of threats/intimidation? Also, WHAT IS REDZONE'S VIDEO RETENTION POLICY... because the faces of those that you had an emergency meeting with should be on camera (and the exact date and time of the meeting can be estimated based on the email that I sent you with the link to the github thread, which is stored in the evidence folder in the above specified locations... figured saving it would be useful).

James Crifasi: I remember specifically ASKING YOU FOR ASSISTANCE WITH GOING TO CONGRESS AND ASKING YOU FOR ASSISTANCE IN RETRIEVING THE VIDEO FROM SGT TO USE AS EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT MY CASE. Your response to me asking you for help with going to Congress was "first I need to gather evidence using a video device that wasn't connected to the internet." Your responses to obtaining the tape from SGT were vague, misleading, and I specifically remember (a year or so ago) you coming to DISTRACT ME after I CALLED SGT TO TRY TO OBTAIN THE VIDEO RETENTION POLICY (which I failed to do). The irony of this is AFTER I OBTAINED EVIDENCE AND WENT TO SGT TO ASK WHAT THEIR VIDEO RETENTION POLICY WAS AGAINST REDZONE'S ADVICE, the laptop that HAS EVIDENCE OF GOVERNEMNT ABUSE THAT WAS COLLECTED BY ME was SEIZED BY YOU (and you had full intention of firing me to help bury the evidence). So my questions to you are: WERE YOU HELPING THEM FROM THE START TO MISLEAD ME FROM TAKING ACTION TO END THE ABUSE? Was it YOUR decision to ISOLATE ME FROM THE REST OF HELPDESK (during the time that Andrea kept calling me a "secret ninja") immediately after the "conference room meeting" that Andrea and others had with a total stranger (that seemed to purposefully look SHADY AS FUCK with a winter green coat) that was never seen again, the day after I caught the NSA breaking into my computer? Were you AWARE that the NSA's goal was attempted covert murder, and did they blackmail you into assisting them?
... and did you REALLY think I'd let you off the hook by leaving your LEVEL of involvement out of this thread?

James Miante: I don't really have much to ask you. Aside from random laughs (no point saying what you laughed at, it just emphasizes that you were aware of the situation), you tried to stay out of it/tried to distance yourself from it.

While I'm on the subject of random snickers and chuckles...

"Stephanie" and "Sydney:"
--On the date of Feb 26, 2017 You attended a "private cannabis event" known as the "Up In Smoke Day Party" at "Layla Lounge (501 Morse Street NE, Washington D.C.)" that I also attended. You passed me your pre-rolled blunt to smoke and "did a cheer" with your hands in the air immediately after I smoked it, before taking a hit yourself (and passing it to some other random person, then throwing on your headphones as I walked away). A FEW WEEKS AFTER THE EVENT, YOU END UP WORKING AT REDZONE in the office across from mine.
--We've had strange discussions, one of which revolved around random sex shows (like a vegas play or some shit), one where you said that you were going on a date with someone to fly drones (despite being "married" to the guy that I saw at the RedZone party, your stories aren't consistent), and I distinctly remember you, Stephanie, and Andrea discussing a "house warming party" for your "new house (on what budget???)" that would involve "debauchery" and nudity. You also gave me the advice to "contact the OPM" so my issue with "catching the NSA in my computer" could be handled "in-house."

My questions to you both (since I already have evidence of both of you participating in gaslighting after I sent Bill Murphy an email with the link to the original thread) are: are you Federal Agents, Honey-traps, or both? Was your purpose to position yourselves as trustworthy individuals, to obtain blackmail, to mislead me from taking the correct action (which was going to congress instead of filing an OPM report), or a combination of the above listed questions? Was your goal to assist the person that I caught breaking into my computer (LOVEINT gone wrong)? Did Bill Murphy already know about the situation? How did you get your notification to clean the front conference room for Bill Murphy within 2 minutes of me sending him the github link?

RedZone In General: What is your opinion on the constant BGE power outages that affected your infrastructure? What is your opinion on the various BGE power outages that affected my ability to perform work while I was at client sites? There were too many power outages to consider them to be a coincidence.

Why am I asking these questions?
-It completely removes the ability of everyone involved to lie about the situation. The power used against me (and against RedZone) resides purely in the ability of the perpetrators to LIE.

To Melody Leighton:
Your soul is stuck in a place of perpetual darkness, there is no need for revenge against you (for two reasons, the first reason is that your mind and how it works will take revenge against you for me, the second is that any attention that I give to you specifically is wasted (because it's your narcissistic supply)). I'll stick to focusing on everyone else (for two reasons, the first being there is value in combating those that wronged me and the second being that focusing on you is a literal waste of effort with zero gain and zero reward). The faster you discard me, the better. Enjoy searching for me in someone else and never finding me. You will never find a suitable mirror to reflect back to you what you wish you could be for the rest of your life.

I look forward to moving towards a future where I forget that you exist. The only step remaining before this occurs is to take your toys away from you to ensure that this never happens again in the future with anyone else.

Cluster B Magnet
S-Tier supply