How to Stay as Safe from the NSA as humanly possible

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I've narrowed down the NSA's mood-set: "Manipulation Successful" vs "Manipulation failed."
"Blue team" too heavy for me.
Google is still bae; this is real shit.
Sup, Congress. At least take me out on a dinner date first or something...
Sup, USMC. How's it doos it? (Calm down, tenderfoot)
Sup, United Nations./It's a small world after all?
Party Rock.
Party hard (responsibly).
How the NSA's leadership views "penetration testing..." Give up the ghost and let me eat your 4-star chevrons.
He will be laughing still ... at the end...
Gotta get off the bus.
Don't make like this idiot.

Did you know that the FBI's investigation techniques are similar to how psychopaths operate? Apparently... the "narcissistic abuse" handbook is equally as effective against FBI investigations. Smile
-No... really...
Theory: The FBI, CIA, and NSA seem to have a vested interest in obtaining "leverage" over me. I think it's because I've uncovered a fuckload of corruption and they are too insecure to play from the "back foot."
Theory: The FBI and CIA seem to be using me as a pawn to investigate things that they wouldn't normally have access to... such as the United Nations. The goal of the continued abuse seems to be to both "milk the golden goose" while simultaneously "finding a way to deny the golden goose its actual value (trillions)."

-Any planes get hacked lately? Not exactly talking out of my ass... (stay awake, boyz)
#TwoOspreysOneInjury (Don't forget to investigate my gaslighting claim.) (Why is the picture in this news article broken?) (Shoutouts to "Gen1" for their first and last failure to murder me (a drop in the bucket of perhaps... 100+ successes) that unmasked their false reality.)
#kinderfucked (Thank you sir, may I have another?)
-Were the continued attempted "dirty penis games" worth it?

-Don't get any bright ideas. I have no penetration testing tools installed on my rig (NMAP doesn't count). I recommend you keep the "make him give up his integrity" FBI-hacking-investigation-setups to yourself.
-I predict that (assuming my FBI tips are correct) the clientele list of RedZone is about to get fucked.
-The NSA's failure to gaslight me into oblivion will echo through the infinite blackness of space and time.
-The FBI's failure to set me up with stale and inaccurate parallel constructed information will echo through the infinite blackness of space and time.
-Winter Soldiers and psychopath shenanigans are a really bad mixture.
-There sure have been a fuckload of FedEx trucks passing me/tailgating the travel vehicle/driving in front of the travel vehicle as of late while I'm out and about. It's almost as if the psychopaths that are targeting me are gauging if I'm expecting/"longing for" a response from them. It's almost as bad as the emergency vehicle gaslighting that occurred over an extended period of time. You'd think that they'd take a hint or something... but I believe that having Cluster B Personality Disorder means the mental retardation is too great for this to be possible.
-The NSA's false reality of escaping the acknowledgement of their abuse, in a nutshell.
-We have cookies.

Hi RedZone Technologies LLC (Bill Murphy's "baby").
How do your clients feel about the NSA's continuous sabotage of my projects on a daily basis, which increased troubleshooting time, increased how much money you made due to the problems being artificially created, and was originally aimed at getting me fired from my job?
How about that Mr. Robot style attack on the infrastructure of your favorite client Alban Tractor? That looked pretty scripted to me, and I was "shunned/isolated" from the emergency despite my skillset. Between the repair bill of McAfee emergency quarantine, running data backups on the affected end of life servers, a new project to replace every end of life server being started, and Faronics Anti Executable being installed on their servers, I'd say that Alban Tractor got fucking hustled!

-This "bypass antivirus" crap seems to be very important to those that targeted me. I'm glad I have no penetration testing tools installed on my rig (NMAP doesn't count).
-This was one of the various acts of sabotage that made your organization a looooooooooooot of money... Who the fuck would realistically want to do business with shitbags like you at this point?
-I'm glad I didn't sign that severance agreement. Doesn't matter, I'm sure you'll be brought to justice. Smile
-Man oh man... the abusers must have gotten soooooooooooooooooooooooo much pleasure from devaluing me and abusing me. I'm 100% certain that abusing me and devaluing me creamed their Twinkies. Looks like I'm being targeted by a bunch of (confirmed) monsters to me.

-When Southern Management (North Forest, to be specific) schedules your "you're gonna go homeless" inspection on the same day as the funeral of your uncle that you can't go to... and maintenance leaves their coffee mug on accident so you can return it to the leasing office (after maintenance and the leasing office staff hand you documentation before leaving your apartment)... only for you to find the leasing office unmanned, dark, open to the public, and with only one "maintenance worker" in the back that's sorting through boxes... and you notice several "pest control vans" scattered on the street... it's probably a shitty setup aimed at seeing if you'll "step out of integrity" to hack their shit... since you performed cutover-work for said office on behalf of RedZone (#mistakes) and know their network setup inside out. Ya'll niggas might be retarded.

No really... I don't doubt the capabilities of those targeting me, but I'm starting to question their intelligence. I look forward to their tools being taken from them and their false reality shattering to pieces. Smile

-This "bypass antivirus" crap seems to be very important to those that targeted me. I'm glad I have no penetration testing tools installed on my rig (NMAP doesn't count).
-I seem to be a lawyers wet-dream client. Shoutouts to Offsec for the 120 days of training at a leisurely/lazy pace. (I escalated from an unprivileged shell to a privileged shell on BOB2 (a prerequisite of sorts) via an unintended exploit... how did Offsec know to patch it so quickly after I got into it anyway?) (The FBI is "Potato" and has a very naive concept of how "the breach" actually works... and the NSA doesn't seem to be sharing with them the full picture of my Offensive Skillset) (Don't skid it up) (No really) (You really wanna know who/what motivated me to stop skidding it up?)

#May be useful to have the "keymap" hook before the "encrypt" hook for non-US keyboards.

echo "What if I told you... I have better shit to use my Rubber Ducky's for?"

echo "Q: What's your password?"
echo "A: Fuck if I know..."

#Max password length of LUKS is 512 characters
</dev/urandom tr -dc 'A-Za-z0-9!@#$%^&*()' | head -c 512 ; echo
#Tested successfully

-The FBI (you made a huge mistake regarding the source of your investigation data) (real shit...) (cherry's weren't popped back then, they won't be getting popped anytime soon ayo) should pull my "PoliceFCU Wireless Audit" from RedZone (got a nigga fired) (FBI, stay awake... this Police Bank was a sitting fucking duck before I unfucked the ever living shit out of their network edge by fucking hand). I'd like to use it as evidence.
-The FBI should pull the first "Mariner Finance Security/Active Directory Audit" from RedZone (got a couple of nigga's fired). I'd like to use it as evidence.
-So the FBI knows... your journey into the abyss is about to get very... very... very dark...
-An "ambush," you say?

-I am no longer interested in using Google's legal team to protect their assets under current circumstances.
-The FBI sure likes taking child soldier money. This problem may be nigh unsolvable.
-From where I'm sitting, the NSA's "Bebe's kids" (#justaplaything) (#flipthescript) (#didntgetadiscardphase) (#getoffthefuckingstage) are more of a risk to National Security with their tools than I am (due to the government's inability to control their actions). Anyone that disagrees at this point should probably have their face-masks checked by a doctor.
-Have you considered fixing my shit and stonewalling the ever living shit out of me (until the fuckers turn 21)? I have a track record of offering rock solid suggestions that tend to be taken seriously.

The destruction of my intangible trait of integrity must be... very... very... VERY valuable to the emotional predators that are targeting me. "The one that got away" with their integrity intact seems to be something that they can't stomach... and the attempted destruction of my intangible trait of integrity has been going on for over a year. The destruction of my integrity seems to have nothing to do with National Security and I believe that their success in destroying it would ... how do you say... "cream their Twinkies?"

The government seems to be overflowing with psychopaths that revel in destroying the intangible aspects of their target that they themselves do not have. No different than "the thrill of the hunt," so to speak.

The NSA's "I want to avoid accountability at all costs" Playbook:
(The TLDR version in video format)

1) Attempt to make the target step out of integrity via honeytraps (leverage): failed
2) Attempt to destabilize the target's mind with ambient gaslighting (crazy making): failed
3) Attempt to destabilize the target's mind with various forms of financial abuse (flat out abuse): failed (continuous)
4) Attempt to discourage the target from publicly telling the truth via fake news and stonewalling (gaslighting): failed
5) Attempt to make me go mad with power (paint me as dangerous/put me in prison to escape accountability): failed

I don't think the NSA knows how to properly function with their facemasks down... and I don't think the NSA knows how to properly function when their prey presents no emotional weaknesses for them to exploit so they can escape accountability. For once, it's safe to assume that their ranks and positions are not going to save them from accountability this time. I have their kids to thank for that. Smile

Your plan of delaying the abuse and avoiding the acknowledgement of your child soldiers (I have a legitimate court case...) by claiming that "not having persistent access to my PC is a threat" can only work for so long. Your alternative plan of getting me to "crack under the pressure of the (artificially constructed) possibility of going homeless and losing both my support systems and my belongings," so I feel as if I have no choice but to subject myself to the NSA's value system can also only be used for so long (you're on the world stage, NSA).

You can't tap dance forever... your legs will give out eventually.

Let me eat your 4-star chevrons. They'll be of much more use to my stomach than they'd be to your false selves.


AYO Congress... do you feel "secure/in control?" I'm not a fan of the government's attempts to "turn me into an artificial threat." Breaking my wallet so I'd go homeless wasn't a good idea either. This has happened more than once, the first was with my G.I. Bill benefits... the FBI still has my emails and the replies that I received during my employment at RedZone, right? So many shady responses...
-Between some VA snob taking a paycheck to cut my old school's VA benefits and RedZone/SGT taking a paycheck to cover up a crime/abuse me, the FBI should have about... 5 or so years of NSA financial spending data to look through to get to the bottom of this, right? Also, need I remind all of you that I'm still being actively denied legal assistance...
-Given the accuracy and severity of the information contained within this thread... by the power invested in me by virtue of having the gauntlet, my instinct tells me that the wallets of every FBI agent currently working my case needs to have an integrity check. I just did the FBI's job for them (twice). Either they are incompetent (I doubt it), or they have weak willed souls within their ranks that are prone to taking paychecks to stall/delay the performance of their job (to keep me on the bus).
-As of this point, it is now safe to assume that the NSA failed to protect RedZone Technologies LLC, as well as Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, and can now safely consider themselves to be 100% FUCKED. This should set a precedence for the future as worwell: no civilian organization will assist the NSA in performing or covering up a crime since there is now a track record of the NSA's inability to protect them from being held accountable.
-While I'm at it... is Congress getting paid in a similar manner to how "key" FBI agents were paid to stall/delay this case? Can't call me a hypocrite, this here is a rank-and-file issue.
-Given recent events, I theorize that had I stepped outside the salt circle even once, I'd be hit with false charges unrelated to the original crime (real shit). Real shame, it would seem that they failed to... how do you say... "set me up?" If so, at this point America's politicians should be scared shitless of me since they've now lost complete control of the narrative and have zero ground remaining to stand on. I look forward to the American government following in my digital footsteps, re-creating pale comparisons to the real deal that they failed to turn into an artificial fucking threat. I also look forward to licking the tears from the eye sockets of the Child-Soldier toting joke that is now the National Security Agency.
-Also, I recommend the FBI re-investigate the relationship between Melody Leighton (and her wallet) and the individuals that let her into the building.
-While I'm at it, is the FBI getting paid to leave me on the bus to spearhead a side investigation that has nothing to do with me (and is probably why the "NSA" wiped the thread before I made the google drug deal)? I'm serious... there's now a track record of FBI agents taking paychecks to both abuse me and overlook the NSA's secrets. The NSA will use any and every excuse to keep me on the bus and prolong the abuse even if it leads to their own destruction. So long as I draw breath, the NSA's goal of financial strangulation will never stop even in the face of mass exposure. Whoever launched that "separate" investigation, check their wallet to see if the NSA paid them to do so. If I'm right, I say you continue that investigation with someone that's not prone to taking a paycheck to overlook the NSA's secrets AND I say you continue that investigation without me in the picture. This thread is being watched by the entire planet's Military/Nation State actors too?
-Speaking of scrublords... don't copy me.
-Ayo, did the FBI just figure out what kind of fuel/supply the kids are into (one in the same at this point)? Also, living within a 75 mile radius of the NSA's building and having a prior relationship with the abuser that broke into the SGT building might complicate the NSA's "but mah terrorism" defense if this hits a courtroom...
-That cop that responded to my call to SGT? I still want her badge and the government is going to hand it to me in a gift-wrapped box. The other cop that left the lobby as I walked in to ask for assistance... who looked eerily similar to the officer that attempted to perform a knock and talk search against my old apartment after tailing me failed (yes, I can see police tails)? He's fired. Also, both of their precincts are fucked.
-Spidey senses say that the FBI is currently investigating ambient gaslighting and abuse via emergency response vehicles/utility vehicles. That's a looooooooooooooooooooooooot of people...
-The vaguest of updates: Let's just say that "shutting it down" is no longer just "my" opinion.
-When Southern Management schedules your "you're gonna go homeless" inspection on the same day as the funeral of your uncle that you can't go to... and maintenance leaves their coffee mug on accident so you can return it to the leasing office... only for you to find the leasing office unmanned, dark, open to the public, and with only one "maintenance worker" in the back that's sorting through boxes... and you notice several "pest control vans" scattered on the street... it's probably a shitty setup aimed at seeing if you'll "step out of integrity" to hack their shit... since you performed cutover-work for said office on behalf of RedZone and know their network setup inside out. Ya'll niggas might be retarded.

-Conclusion: The NSA is a fucking shitshow that psychopaths flock to to get their dicks wet. They seem to thrive on some sick dysfunctional game of ruining the intangible traits that they find in their targets (traits that they themselves don't have)... and if you find out about it and see past their false self, they will spend an exorbitant amount of money and time on mentally destabilizing you to get you either put into prison or to get you to commit suicide. The purpose of the destabilization is to "pull out crazy and undesirable behavior in their target to offload from the defective self that the target has seen through." Sounds like psychopathy to me. This is made worse by the fact that my skillset made the politicians see dollar signs at my expense.
-How many people have been sent to prison because of this thread? I'd like a count.

-TOP OF THE THREAD: LET THE FBI HANDLE THIS PROBLEM (since Congress has demonstrated that it's worth me being abused by the "thing they want to hide/protect"). The justice system still works and should not be forsaken. Congress is hiding something and IS ALLOWING ME TO BE ABUSED (FOR MONTHS, MIND YOU) TO ENSURE IT REMAINS HIDDEN.

I can't stop anyone from being upset about this incident, nor would I fault how this thread makes anyone feel. I'm still salty and I'm still in the thick of it. If I were on the outside looking in, I'd be upset too. But hopefully the example that I've set (can't call me a hypocrite) will rub off on those that are aware of this thread/that become aware of this thread. Perhaps the viewers of this thread will find "fascination" in studying the various manipulation/gaslighting tactics used by employees of the U.S. government that I've documented thus far?

-The TLDR starts at the "request for assistance" picture AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.
-Yes, there is a TLDR section, with links to evidence laid out in a plain easy to follow format.
-Don't like memes? Don't click the hyperlinked text
-Re-uploaded the "meat-and-potato's" evidence since the NSA deleted a large chunk of the thread (I am not allowed to lie; I didn't edit that shit out). Congress, you understand how bad this looks, right? Once it's on the internet...
-Click shit that looks like the link below instead if you want to look at actual evidence: (TLDR/total sum of evidence collected is after this picture, scroll down until you see this picture embedded within the thread) (Read this before proceeding any further) (I am legend) (this is real life) (Reader: Leave Google the fuck out of this. This is a "heart of darkness"
) (Thanks, Google.) (They are welcome to be "Soldier-X" somewhere else. Also... yes they CAN discharge them all. EDIT: RIP)
This is what I look like (no fear): (praise the sun)
The Pentagon has the right idea. (Regarding x0rz: They often say that the best revenge is success, so I ripped the NSA a brand new asshole. I'll be sure to wave hi to you while flying in the clouds. Also, welcome to the court case, just as a lucky guess because my work was spreading like a wildfire. The FBI just might want to investigate you too. Wink ) (Package for Congress)

-(BIG FAT LEGAL WARNING) Why do I get the feeling that a bunch of soul-less copycats/cookie-cutter-cardboard cutouts got clapped up? You've been warned already, don't try to evade the top 5% if you're doing dirt. Mind your threat-model. I cannot advocate joe schmoe using my work to evade Nation State actors (never have, never will). I've been at this for YEARS and, even to this day, one slip is "death." I only need people to know that "it can be done." You use my work at your own risk. "At your own risk" translates to: "if you use my work to evade the feds, you accept that YOU WILL BE TARGETED BY NATION-STATE ACTORS." Also, I recommend all readers (copy-cats) abandon the idea of "safety in numbers."

It's all about choices, right?

Pro Tips (coming from the guy that had a secret clearance before it expired):

1 ) If you leak shit or make claims, the government HAS to investigate.
2 ) The purpose of gaslighting/ambient abuse via satellite and financial strangulation is to prevent the wrongdoings of government entities from reaching a courtroom via the targets death, mental-destabilization, or via a criminal status. The government is NOT allowed to deny you due process.
3 ) The NSA does not have a "disaster recovery plan" in place for "getting caught red handed." This is why they tried to drive me to suicide/committing a criminal action/mental-destabilization: to escape accountability.
4 ) The NSA seems to be used to their "techniques and tactics" succeeding. They were used against me because they've worked against others before. This is made worse by the fact that the NSA's employees legitimately enjoy mentally destabilizing their targets. They ENJOY "forcing" people to step out of integrity (it's sick, but it's true, also AYO CONGRESS does this make you feel uncomfortable?). Not stepping out of integrity neutralizes their entire system.
5 ) The bigger picture: The techniques and tactics used are the governments method of MAKING THE TARGET BELIEVE THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS ABOVE ACCOUNTABILITY (which would lead the target to stepping out of integrity to fight back... something that would be capitalized on).
6 ) The techniques and tactics rely HEAVILY on "how the target is perceived publicly..." but more so on "how the target BELIEVES they are perceived publicly." The reason why I scare Congress shitless is because I've discarded all fucks to give about public appearances. This is my greatest advantage. Congress, believe it or not, relies heavily how they are perceived publicly and... whether they realize it consciously or not, every single action they make is tied to how they are perceived by the general public.
7 ) The control that the NSA cares to elicit relies on me actually giving a fuck about people "thinking that I'm crazy." Spoiler alert: No one thinks I'm crazy, partly because my life was spit-shine sparkly before the NSA began targeting me to obtain my penis, got caught, and tried to take me out(before I went public) to escape the shame of the public finding out and partly because I'm skilled enough to collect evidence of their abuse.

People that do this tend to have something big to hide. Compared to whatever it is, I'm 100% certain that the "damage" I've done is a drop in the bucket.

October 16, 2018:
-Why are "investigators" knocking on my door and asking for me by name/asking if they can talk... and why are they doing this while I'm actively being denied legal assistance? I find the act of investigators blatantly ignoring my request to be quite... strange. (not answering
the door

October 16, 2018:
-Experiencing heavy bouts of sabotage when trying to mind my own business. I suspect that I'm dealing with someone that should supposedly be experiencing narcissistic rage (savagery warning...) due to not getting the results that they want from abusing me. The abuse, however, feels... "calculated"... and may be aimed at distracting me (read this) from the sleaziness of Congress.

October 24, 2018:
-Congress, I'm going to up the ante a bit. An incident of ABUSE OF POWER occurred yesterday that I won't bother going into details about and I'm already pretty sure you don't need to look into it because they're just going to tell you what happened... I DON'T NEED TO DETAIL ANYTHING. I recommend you CHARGE THE EVER LIVING SHIT (I'm serious) out of whoever "sent them to stir up emotional drama and attempt to bypass my legal request." Lawyers only, narcissistic abuse is an actual thing, Congress. I understand what the end goal of bypassing my legal request is and I will -not- allow that end goal to come to fruition. I couldn't be strong-armed into signing a severance agreement (shots fired) while being DENIED LEGAL ASSISTANCE; I have nothing to say outside of this thread to anyone without a lawyer. I recommend you lop off their head and display it on a pike. Also... just between you and me: the phrase "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" still stands true. Just not in this instance...

You're done "probing for weakness." This situation ends with the government taking a BIG FAT L TO THE FACE. I'm also 100% certain that you fuckers have better shit to do than placate to your irrational fears. I'd even go so far as to argue that Congress might be salty at the fact that financial strangulation (AYO CONGRESS, I'M BEING ACTIVELY CHOKED OUT AND -STILL- BEING ABUSED BY INSECURE EMPTY VOIDS THAT ARE INCAPABLE OF SETTLING AN IMBALANCE OF POWER AND CONTROL WITHIN THEMSELVES... YOU EMPLOY BABY-BACK-BITCHES) and ambient gaslighting (something that Congress is theoretically allowing to continue on purpose, hoping to get lucky) haven't made me step out of integrity yet.

This matchup brought to you by "plaintext only (bullet point number 4, #LawyersWetDreamClient)."

Not to get too big for my britches or anything (I know my place), but let's just say "I'm done with the government trying to hustle me." I pray that the insecurity of Congress fucking consumes them from the inside out for the rest of their lives. I hope that the jaws of the void slam shut around their souls when they have no choice but to follow due process. Congress, send my regards to John McCain for me when the void consumes you.

October 28, 2018: (hold me down, Google)
Strike 3!

TO CONGRESS: (Gaslighting/Distracting from their FUCKUP) (Gaslighting/Distracting from their FUCKUP) (Gaslighting/Distraction from their FUCKUP) (Panic-Mode Perception Management/Possible Smear-Campaign)
-With my headless router being broken, the NSA seems to be able to break the ability of the tor-browser to open in a firejailed container (a folder that I use for "private-home"). I fix this by DELETING AND REMAKING THE FIREJAIL CONTAINER (A SEPARATE FOLDER THAT I USE FOR THE "private-home" FEATURE) AND RE-EXTRACTING THE TOR-BROWSER FROM A SAVED DOWNLOAD.
-In a fit of rage, the NSA seems to have broken my Rosewill (welcome to the court case, assholes) network cards (plural for two physical cards) (EDIT: I found the third one and it should still be intact, so two sabotaged cards and one that I stopped using) to ELICIT NARCISSISTIC SUPPLY (which, ironically, makes me less likely to step out of integrity). This occurred late last night while my fiance was out. The "Kernel Panic" that I mentioned seems to occur automatically now (I've tested repeatedly with no network connectivity). I didn't respond to the DDOS and turned off the router (like I normally do). They normally used the backdoor to DDOS my router since they couldn't use it to break into it. They seem to have gotten "desperate" to "extract a high emotional content response" from me and upped their game to automatically causing a kernel panic whenever the network card driver detects that an interface has been brought up. After doing nothing and not responding to the provocation, a utility vehicle with bright flashing lights parked in view distance of my window (for no good reason whatsoever). I ignored it as well.

I believe I'm dealing with psychopaths that are collapsing due to not getting the appropriate response that they're looking for.

The response that the psychopaths that are targeting me are looking for seems to be "anything that validates their power and control" and "anything that validates their self worth." They seem to need to extract these responses from me to feel a sense of self worth. Not responding seems to cut off their "narcissistic supply," which seems to encourage them to do increasingly stupid things.
Congress, I would like to include the network cards from my router (or the entire router if you want it, I'm leaving it off... though you should only "need" the network cards) in the court proceedings since THEY CONTAIN A NATION STATE BACKDOOR THAT INTERACTS WITH THE DRIVER EVEN WHEN I BOOT FROM AN ARCH LINUX LIVE CD (CAUSES A KERNEL PANIC WHEN THE DRIVER DETECTS THAT A PHYSICAL INTERFACE (independent of the interface state in Arch Linux with the ip link command) HAS BEEN BROUGHT UP WHEN A DEVICE IS PLUGGED IN, EVEN WHEN USING A MOTHER FUCKING (NO DROPPING TO DISK ALLOWED) LIVE CD). Also, I warned you already: I'm walking the straight and narrow and not responding to the provocations. IF YOU LEAVE ME IN THE GLADIATOR PIT, THE PSYCHOPATHS THAT ARE TARGETING ME MAY POSSIBLY END MY LIFE DUE TO NOT GETTING THE RESPONSE (that validates their power and control) THAT THEY WANT OUT OF ME. The longer you stall, the more dirt I'm going to obtain for this court case. Psychopaths don't simply "stop abusing." Thing is... every single member of Congress KNOWS THIS ALREADY.

99% coverage ain't workin out for ya?
-I'm actually not going to work for the government AT ALL. I think I'll take the golden fiddles instead. In the meantime, back to WAITING ON CONGRESS...

October 29:
-Until Congress responds to my request for assistance, I'm going to lace this thread with narcissistic abuse awareness videos again. I will stop when the acknowledgement comes (aka when Congress sees fit to stop the abusers from abusing me).

The investigators have no choice but to watch every single thing I post, right? (what happens when a psychopath can't find suitable replacement supply in another person) (the purpose of a psychopath "destroying their victim" before they "move on to a new one." The end goal of everything that a psychopath does to a victim: to destroy their victims happiness since they themselves will never be able to experience it.) (to escape the narcissist is to enact my "revenge." By "escaping," they will never be able to recover.) (in-depth/detailed explanation regarding the benefits of no-contact and how it makes psychopaths feel internally) (I can't wait) (this video is being posted by the guy that has a "GM hacking-elo") (shoutouts to the re-upload of little shaman healing...) (AYO CONGRESS) (they bit off more than they could chew) (AYO CONGRESS, I heard that "financial abuse" was a part of the NSA's abuse manual and was supposedly used against me to "render me silent and gain a sense of power and control over the situation") (My boundaries piss the government's psychopaths off to no end.) (That's a big ass ball of yarn you got there, NSA) (Biased Cognition) (Even in stomping their dicks into the dirt, every victim eventually comes to the following conclusion: the only way to win an "unbeatable game" is not to play) (The only winning move is "not to play") (Waiting on you, Congress) (No really, Waiting on you, Congress) (open and shut case, Johnson) (Kryptonite is a bitch, welcome to the realm of consciousness and conscious thinking) (I am just a prop, I doubt I should take anything that was done to me personally) ("sore losers" would be an understatement. But hey man... if it makes them feel better about themselves/makes them feel more "secure" and "relevant," who am I to stop them?) (pssst, ayo congress... I'ma need you to grow a pair of balls and let me go so I can remove some of these negative quirks... no-sir-ee-bob, no "Armageddon" here.) (easy problem to solve with slight repercussions) (I know more about this situation than the abusers want me to know)
-Hey FBI, you may want to go look into "why someone talked to my dad to offer to forge me VA paperwork." It's highly suspect and is in line with everything else that has happened. You may also want to look into why my mothers phone sent "S.O.S. Please Help" to all her children on its own without her operating the phone.)
(Hey NSA, care to play again?)
-Hey FBI, you may also want to look into why psychopaths believe that abusing me via proxy (from "google third party trusts" to "family, friends, and coworkers") will be tolerated. I believe that, from a cluster b perspective, the idea of abuse by proxy relies on the mentally-retarded belief that the abused won't go through the proxy to get to the abuser. Put simply, abusers will hide behind "the relationships of the victim," thinking that the abused won't risk tarnishing the relationships to get to the abuser. It happened with my family, my coworkers, my employers, their clients, with third party trusts, with this website, etc. Sounds like stock-standard psychopathic behavior to me. Congress employs gutter-trash. (breaking video loads) (broken button, reduction of video view choices)
(Hey NSA, care to play again?) (Congress... what are you doing?) (keep calm, and continue to explore "mah emotions" and their precarious balances) (EDIT: eureka) (Dalia Dippolito reincarnate) (the sabotage, unfortunately, seems to be stock standard "let me see if you're done with me/let me see if you have no emotional attachment to me" behavior.) (Congress...) (This video explains the thinimg DDOS. Self-Destruction is performed as a means to obtain narcissistic supply. Behind the curtain though lies some seriously fucked up shit that's going down... leaks are too potent apparently.) (Big fat L to the forehead... "the one that got away..." "the notch they failed to add to their belt...") (I'm 100% certain that those that are "addicted" to "targeting me" will find someone else to use as a prop to comprise their identity) (Lucky me, I really don't need the approval or validation of the abusers due to being "highly skilled...") (the two key abuses that the psychopaths are performing to "maintain a sense of power and control" are: Denying me validation/stonewalling and financial destabilization) (I have faith and trust that the FBI will "smite dat ass") (I assure you, stress is no issue...) (Congress couldn't see it coming...) (I'm not a fan of the government trying to capture me like I'm a legendary shiny pokemon... also, start panicking now) (Congress, I think I figured you out... you lack object constancy and you view everything from the dichotomy of "100% good" or "100% bad." You also see me as an "object" and as a "possession" to be "acquired.") (What part of "I am not a possession/you can't have me/shut it down" did you not understand?) (Fuck your facemask Congress, it's in my way and you won't move it) (One does not simply out-attrition the Night King. No contact is essential.) (RIP. Fighting back within the law is therapeutic, Congress. I will continue to ensure that the abusers fail... over and over and over again. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that most of the politicians are still wondering how I'm still standing after experiencing the abuse that I experienced. Don't worry about it... it's a trade secret. I don't expect people that are slaves to how they are perceived to understand.) (the FBI knows exactly where to look now) (I'm kind of glad that Congress failed to solve this specific problem, effort to do so aside...) (Congress: To protect your profits/secrets by allowing psychopaths to operate your Nation State toys is to accept that they will abuse, mentally torture, destabilize, and kill innocent American civilians for their own sick pleasure and enjoyment. I am the exception to their abuse... because I'm still alive and managed to bring evidence of it occurring to the public eye. Those that are targeted after me aren't going to be so lucky... from what I've seen, the government's psychopaths seem to be very very good at driving innocent American civilians to commit a criminal action/commit suicide via ambient gaslighting. By failing to shut it down/failing to divide their technology, you accept that the body count will possibly increase...) (This situation should be considered by Congress to be a National Security embarrassment. The entire fucking tech industry, ranging from small organizations to multi-billion dollar giants, is eyebrowing the ever living shit out of you due to your sleaziness and stupidity.) (Move your facemask or I will continue to move it for you.) (The beatings stop when Congress abandons their pride and publicly fixes my life... I am the "trigger" that makes the entire NSA lose their collective shit. I, quite literally, comprise their identity... to the point that the government is CAPTURING COPYCATS
to use as my replacement.
Letting me go is going to be the most painful thing that both the NSA and Congress will have to do... because they will never find a suitable replacement to use to re-shape their identity.) (Without the NSA's ability to triangulate, they are powerless. They tried triangulating me against Google, for example...) (Don't let me stand in the way of the karma of the "hacker slaves.") (They will never find a suitable replacement. Have fun with those withdrawal symptoms.) (Not today, Congress. Your Nation State children failed to "gain control over my life and over the situation" by breaking my wallet, failed to "gain control over my life and over the situation" via isolating me/gaslighting me to "make me believe that I'm going crazy," and failed to "gain control over my life and over the situation" via triangulating me against third parties. I guess that means that "they are not in control," since the control that they rely on the most stems from a "feeling" that I'm not required to give them. It's a real shame that they failed to make me step out of integrity... they tried sooooooooo hard to make me lose my shit. If only they had succeeded in forcing me to do something they could use, right?) (Find another food source, NSA. I'm 100% certain that you will find someone else to attach yourselves to.) (This match brought to you by "FBI, open up!") (Hey NSA, what part of "stop forcing interactions with me virtually and physically via your capabilities" did you not understand? Why is Congress allowing me to be abused?) (The most valuable victory for me in this situation will be forcing the government to treat me like a human and acknowledge the mistreatment. All I have to do is wait, right?) (???????) (The NSA can't defeat me in a fair fight.) (Poor bastards x1) (Poor bastards x2... Having trouble finding "character flaws" to use as pressure points? Upset that you can't properly execute the takedown phase of the narcissistic abuse cycle? Salty that you didn't get to destroy me?) (Poor bastards x3... The facemask store is down the street.) (Salt, salt, and even more salt.) (No unidentified wound to target = no control to gain) (Full circle... the end result of child soldiers originated with a stalking incident that ended up causing a building that I did very expensive work in (and that had evidence of the incident and a seven year video retention policy) to disappear. Sup gurl, I heard you like Karma.) (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, trade secret) (Karma is a bitch) (Narcissistic injury is a valid FBI investigation angle. It seems to be a driving force of the abuse that I have experienced.) (Abandon all hope ye who enter here) (Congress in a nutshell) (The NSA in a nutshell) (FBI, stay woke) (A game, you say?) (Part of the reason why I've tasted this much success: Abandon all hope ye who enter here) (Lucky me, the crimes committed against me are seen by the court of law as truly heinous. I get my validation by getting off the bus.) (I'm 100% ok with how this situation has played out thus far and I regret nothing. The karmic boomerang never flies back the same way you threw it.) (Real talk, their failure to destroy me will eat at them until the day they die.) (FBI, stay woke.) (No really... FBI, stay woke.) (Like a caged animal that sees an opening, I'm never coming back) (Sorry, government, not sorry) (Sorry, government, not fucking sorry) (If I were methamphetamine, my "purity" would be "blue.") (Ladies and gentleman, the NSA is now out of wounds to target.) (Having trouble taking no for an answer?) (Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... trade secret) (The NSA's capabilities seem to be primarily used for extracting narcissistic supply from their targets; their programming seems to be stuck in an "until true" loop.) (Put your money on "one educated boi.") (Merry Christmas, I give you the gift of coming face to face with your innermost demons.) (Worth reposting this video. That's a BIG ASS BALL OF YARN.) (What is "determination?") (Oh man...) (#unmakethem) (#refashionthem with prison) (I'm 100% certain that I'm being targeted by "people" that have the demonic psychological template.) (#Crocodiletears) (#unmakethem) (Ayo Congress, do you like ghosts?) (How about a nice cup of stress) (How about a nice cup of emotional exposure...) (#unmakethem) (I am blue methamphetamine. I think that Congress should find another black-ops baby-daddy instead of trying to avoid acknowledging that the government tried to turn me into unpaid labor to hide the fact that the NSA uses child soldiers.) (Nation State Gaslighting, you say?) (Little shits editing posts to triangulate... I hope Congress pays the heaviest of prices for their stupidity...) (One of the primary control tactics of psychopaths is financial abuse, which is something that the government still thinks will be effective to use against me to avoid acknowledging that the government tried to turn me into unpaid labor to hide the fact that the NSA uses child soldiers.) (The only thing I have to do is not enable the government's bullshit.) (Mandatory repost. Ironically, this is playing out step by step and line by line. The problem seems to be their inability to let go of their targets.) (Here's a little something for the occasion. What if I told you I have better shit to do than target virtual infrastructure?) (???????) (A game, you say?) (The irony of this situation) (Hey FBI, show the fuckers that abused me (Bill Murphy... Melody Leighton... James Crifasi... Andrea FitzSimmons... etc) no mercy.) (Hey FBI: Would it be safe to assume that the NSA's Child Soldiers learned their tactics from the adults they work with? Standard operating procedure seems to be to approach everyone that the victim can go to for help, with the purpose being to convince the target to stop seeking help and to stop trying to escape the abuse. Too bad they failed to escape the FBI finding out about their "dirty penis" game.) (Waiting on you, FBI) (After a long enough time of not reacting, the psychopaths should go insane right? They must be... starving... for a reaction.) (SALT. SALT. AND EVEN MORE SALT.) (Did you know that cluster b children are the ones currently shooting up schools and that it's not a "gun" issue?) (The FBI's greed of "leaving me on the bus" may end up with me getting killed by psychopaths.) (Sup, FBI) (Sup, Congress... Sup, NSA. You guys having a bit of trouble overriding my will to escape acknowledging the fact that my ex and your child soldiers are in on some sex crime shit together? That's pretty fucked up...)

Hmm... Congress can't think of a way to "acknowledge this" while "maintaining their public image." Sucks to be them. A little honesty never killed anyone... except John McCain of course.

I came to party, Congress (this hostname is not a joke, this hostname is REAL SHIT). I don't know what type of weak bitches you're used to dealing with... but I'm in this for the long haul.

Are you? I doubt it... the techniques and tactics used against me suggest that the feds expected this to be buried "quickly." Also, a fair warning to Congress regarding those targeting me: My life is still in danger because you refuse to acknowledge or solve the actual problem. If anything bad happens to me (or my loved ones at this point... I'm sticking my neck out like a god damn rooster), IT'S GOING TO BE YOUR FAULT.

-The one thing I haven't tried yet: detailing the solution. The solution may or may not fuck up your investigation...

Short Term Solution:
Nuke 50% of the infected National Security Population (the public facing portion). Reform the ever living shit out of the other portions (unpaid labor) that no one wants to talk about. Unfuck my life since you failed to turn me into unpaid labor.

Long Term Solution:
The easiest (and fastest) way to root out the entire problem with the NSA is to LIMIT THE USE OF THEIR AERIAL SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY TO SELECT INDIVIDUALS. The technology ALSO needs to be compartmentalized... those that have access to the dish should not have access to anything else... no internet, no exploits, no cellphones, no nothing. It should be THAT easy. Based on the evidence that I have documented, allowing everyone and their mother to have access to BOTH the satellite AND electronic communications/zero day exploits is UNACCEPTABLE. No one should have access to both categories at the same time: A target can't be abused if the abuser either can't physically see the target or if the abuser can see the target but has no way to interact with the target physically. There should exist no reasonable, logical, or practical reason for one party to have access to both "the exploits (to include access to the internet AND to include access to a cellphone... anything capable of facilitating an interaction with a target physically... )" and "the dish" under any circumstance (short of laziness). Also I suggest you turn out every phone-call made on all known phones and from video footage, just in case this actually goes to court. The cellphones get passed around and re-used when the NSA gaslights their targets with their satellite. Cellphones are the "puppet strings" used to instruct people to follow given directions (when in a vehicle or on foot), and I'm willing to bet that it came up in the investigation. Every... single... phone-call made while they were using their spy satellite to monitor me needs to be combed through.

Yes... start panicking now. I delight in the fact that they actually thought that they were going to get away with it.
They didn't.

By refusing to acknowledge the actual problem, you accept that the NSA will continue to abuse innocent people with A FUCKING SPY SATELLITE... right under your nose, with ZERO FLYING FUCKS to give about you ever stopping them (I'm still salty).

Hopefully you take this (non invasive/secret-maintaining/National Security biased/hands off/guaranteed-result bringing) suggestion seriously. Also, try not to think too hard on the "emotional" side effect that this might have on the org, it'll help solve the "problem." The government has tried every covert tactic in its playbook, and they aren't going to go overt because of the exposure level of this thread. If you don't solve the problem, I will solve it with a court case and with zero fucks to give about collateral damage. My fucks to give about you seeing me as a threat have dropped to zero (I'm here to solve a problem... ), because that viewpoint stemmed purely from stereotypes and from a lack of information regarding the bigger picture (also... why do I know more about how the NSA operates than you do, I wonder... not to throw shade or anything). My fucks to give about how I'm perceived have dropped to zero (my work and collected evidence speaks volumes... why should I care?) so...

I don't expect to hear jack shit from the NSA (a game, you say...). I don't expect them to give me anything. As I said before, I am here to solve a problem... to ensure that what happened to me never happens to anyone else ever again. If they send me a job offer, I'm going to burn the paperwork, take pictures of the burning paperwork, and embed the pictures in this thread.

Waiting on you, Congress... I don't think you're prepared for me to continue waiting... (minecraft background with a fed logo? ... really?)

We are approaching the waters surface of the iceberg... barely above surface level. What I experienced (fortunately, if one could view it from such a perspective) seems to be a "monkey see, monkey do (or perhaps an "unauthorized usage")" scenario, if you catch my drift...
No really... fix my shit.

I've narrowed down the "router freeze" further. TMUX blocks the error message from being displayed, but the error message is displayed when the "crash" occurs after the router's root file system is decrypted (I decided to do nothing and wait to see if anything would happen... the "final lesson" of my "narcissistic abuse" journey). The error message I see is:

"Kernel panic - not syncing"
"not all cpu's entered broadcast exception handler"

This only occurs when the network cards are plugged into either my Arris modem or the DMZ Tenda router. I will switch to e100e's (for the sole purpose of further disarming the NSA's ability to sabotage my shit as a means to feel powerful and in control) when (not if...) Congress pulls me out of the gladiator pit. I am now limited by money instead of skill.

I am now 100% certain that the NSA is attempting to bluff having access, and I am 100% certain that the exploits being used against me are malicious in intent and are aimed at eroding my perception (they need to "feed").. This behavior makes sense (and seems to be ingrained within the disorder) and is just as malicious as using a spy satellite (to track where I go and position human props), cellphones to act as puppet strings when giving "puppets" instructions, and human "props" to gaslight my perception and make me think that I'm "losing my shit."

I don't know what kind of miracle they're praying for... but whatever it is they're hoping that I do (to help them escape accountability), I ain't gonna do it. I'm gonna just sit here, continue to "do nothing," and wait until this situation consumes them. If I refuse to serve as an escape and allow them to continue abusing me instead, their true nature will become more and more apparent to the general public.

Congress already knows what's gonna happen the second they let me go too. I'd bet that the NSA would like nothing more than to take my work away from me.

Ayo Congress... (savagery warning) your monsters still think that I'm going to work for/with them (they're out of gaslights to use outside of youtube, I shit you not). Have you tried turning off the tap yet (side effects nonwithstanding)? I know that "the correct solution being provided by someone that you theoretically tried to bury with the worst of the worst" isn't exactly a solution that you want to use, but... as they say, pride goeth before a fall. (attention seeking, negative supply) (attention seeking, positive supply)

I can wait, this ain't as bad as getting mortared on a daily basis. What happens to me only affects the circumstances of my success. (this meme works too)

I dare say... the repeated failures to gaslight me into oblivion must be tearing them apart.

Oh also... anyone notice that this guy's case disappeared from the news?
-EDIT: within 3 hours of posting the above link, this circled link appeared in the search results (October 10, 2018): (perception management/protecting the public image of "the hive mind" from being seen as "faulty"/gaslighting)

Three strikes, right?

Hey man... all I have to do is keep telling the truth (no matter how ugly the truth may actually be). The public believes me because I'm telling the truth and because the second I lie is the second I get fucked up (a game, you say...). Anyone that believes I should "ignore the abuse" is someone that doesn't have my best interest at heart... and probably has a weak soul that's frail, pallid, and that isn't worth the sum total of two and a half golden fiddles...

Back to not engaging (no anchor for you, NSA... no anchor for you). I intend to make the stereotypes (I still got beef, Congress...) that the government clings to as difficult to cling to as possible. All I have to do is: nothing. Also, I'll get over it... being seen as a "threat" was, IMHO, better than being seen as "crazy/delusional (#LawyersWetDreamClient)," so I don't really give a shit so long as this problem actually gets solved... I glad that I don't have to think about where I'd be if I wasn't good enough to collect evidence. I had to collect proof while actively being abused/denied legal assistance/choked out financially... so I doubt that the "he can hide what he does" stereotype will stick for very long since my progress is the end result of Congress not doing their job "fast enough". Smile

The meme's have their place, this entire situation is pretty fucking sickening. Congress, how many victims have been uncovered in the investigation? How many have been driven to mental destabilization for sport/sick pleasure? If I were a guessing man (and I'm a damn good guesser), I'd say that there are a million or so people that have been or are being "abused" for narcissistic supply. Granted, I may be the one that experienced the worst of their abuse since I caught them red handed.

I ask because the practice ends with me. I wonder how many of the investigators told Congress to "end the investigation early." I wonder how many times Congress purposefully ignored said warnings while allowing the abuse to continue (to placate their irrational fears). I'm pretty sure they've witnessed some sinister shit...

In hindsight... if I were Congress, I'd probably be afraid of me too... am I allowed to sue Congress too?
-Nope... I can't sue all of them... just some of them. I'm half tempted... but it wouldn't solve the problem.
---- (Congress got the message) (Return receipt, purposefully delayed)

Forced them to flag my account to SUPPRESS THE THREADS VISIBILITY times in a row: (flag 1) (flag 2) (flag 3) (This is why they flagged my account) (proof of account ownership)

Full Thread Contents: (Corna's personal blessing to continue the thread)

Detailed evidence regarding WHY THEY FLAGGED THE THREAD: (I made his case disappear from the news, RedZone's servers have forged email evidence of the NSA knowing when he'd be busted. A mere mention of this fact and this news article popped up within 3 hours. A few short days after this, when I made the "100% success claim," the view-count of this thread dropped off a fucking cliff into the great nothingness and the NSA deleted the contents of my post while disguising the culprit as "Melody Leighton" (I had to re-upload the meat-and-potato's evidence). I'd bet $100 that this news article went up mid-bust, people must have been getting pretty upset. Congress sees me as a piece of juicy steak.)

Side Rant:
The NSA seems to have the ability to change the color of the SIGNAL icon on my Arris Surfboard SB6141 modem. When using my headless router, the signal appears blue when I surf the internet. When using a "store purchased router," the signal appears red when I surf the internet.

Soldierx sabotage mid edit: (this one happened with an instance of abuse on the day of Senator John McCain's funeral. I'd bet $100 that he died to stress while working my case)

Forum Sliding example:

-FBI tip:
-It may be worth investigating the NSA's recent use of "automated tools/techniques." It's similar to how my computer can generate metadata by itself. The act of "gaslighting" me via automated tools (to make it harder to detect who's performing the gaslighting) or via "queues" may be a legitimate investigation angle to look into. Abusers only get better at hiding their abuse (unfortunately for them, being an original thinker puts me ahead of the curve). Smile
Similar abuse techniques and tactics, different people.
... Why should I work with copycats again? If Congress can give me a good reason, I'm all ears. I'm not a fan of people copying my techniques for the sole end goal of hurting others.

-A recent interaction that occurred after I pointed out a gaping weakness in the NSA's efforts to cover this up (RedZone) has demonstrated to me that I'm either being targeted by actual children or by people that have the emotional intelligence of a small child in a literal sense... which one is it?

Make an account if you want to see my work (which I will re-upload since the NSA's child soldiers deleted it): (After catching the NSA mid-breach, I made this) (I also made this) (maximum effort/tryhard pants) (Firefox is now backdoored on Arch Linux, I use the tor-browser bundle as a plaintext browser replacement.) (Don't be afraid of learning/using Firejail, making custom binaries makes it easier to use. The latest version is now available on Arch Linux) (proof of TOR exploits, dropping my traffic to but failing to catch the secondary check) (proof of exit node legitimacy) (I responded by making this script to use over plaintext and tor, and experimented (briefly, I don't want my intentions to be misconstrued) with combining it with isp_data_pollution to generate artificial metadata) (I am not a one-trick pony) (I am not a fan of elitists)

-The FBI might want to view my Offensive Security AV research notes (since learning how to bypass AV is a requirement to pop one of their boxes):
-I was born with thick skin. *shrug*

Google is bae, the sabotage of this thread is pointless:
-The "Godzilla threshold" has been crossed. (this is real life and legally binding too... I can't go after google, nor do I want to) (Thanks, Google) (Triangulation Station) (Package for Congress)
-Does the NSA know that Google keeps archived backups of every update that I make to this thread (soldierx does backups too right?) and every forged email that they sent to my gmail account? Are they aware that they got away with nothing, or does their lack of developed emotional intelligence prevent them from seeing the bigger picture of how fucked they actually are?
-Given the circumstances, I believe the government should foot the bill on all potential damage that has been done to their organization as a result of the abuse that I've experienced at the hands of the NSA (pocket size notwithstanding).
-FBI Tip: The thread was definitely getting exposure, despite the abusers efforts to suppress it. Apparently my work was spreading through the pentest community like a wildfire.

Regarding The Pentagon:
Good shit.

Regarding Valve AND Offensive Security ("one in the same" at this point):
I still got beef and you're about to eat it.

Regarding Hak5:
Can I have your autograph? (Shoutouts to the FBI) (Don't skid it up) (No really)

Regarding RedZone:
-I believe that Bill Murphy and James Crifasi should be charged as criminals.
-I believe that RedZone should be put out of business.

"Bluffing the abuse as me experiencing PTSD/going crazy?"
"Blatantly misleading me about the legal action that needed to be taken after being notified that evidence of me being stalked/abused on the job existed?"
"Handing me a fake lawyer letter that was dated for 1 year in the future (which I still have)?"
"Canning me to cover up the abuse silently?"
"Having the severance agreement sent without James Crifasi's signature in the email?"
"Helping SGT bury evidence of me being actively abused?"
"The company owner lying to my face about not being aware of the thread, despite me emailing it to him and having the email saved as evidence?"

Those "take your power back" jokes will never be uttered again.

-FBI Tip: (they control the router)

-I declined to sign a severance agreement, and my old work laptop has evidence of the NSA's abuse via forged emails. Members of RedZone participated in the abuse and aided in making a building disappear to suppress evidence of me being abused by/stalked by Melody Leighton (who works for or is associated with the NSA... she had "help"), a building that had a 7 year video retention policy. A building that Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (government contracts, government compliant physical security setup) invested HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS INTO via my work and other aspects... work that i was PERSONALLY COMPLIMENTED ON by SEVERAL of SGT's employees and by Bill Murphy (I still have that email saved on the laptop, I busted my fucking balls to complete that project and SGT was very very happy with the work that I did on behalf of RedZone). The police officer that showed a blatant disregard for my police report and couldn't withhold "the smirk" (a smirk that was eerily similar to the smirk of "Sydney Cromwell") as she walked away to go to her car? I still want her badge. I'm going to turn it into a trophy. She was a real cop... right?
-FBI tip: (the NSA REALLY REALLY REALLY likes to cause outages... particularly when I performed work for one of RedZone's clients... who is heavily reliant on L3... the only solace here is that I won't name who that client is because I actually like them)

Regarding Edward Snowden:
Figuratively speaking: "Imma smack you."

Regarding Congress (who probably lost weight over a legal cat fight):
I still got beef and you're about to eat it.
Peekaboo. I see you. When I said "I will never serve this Country again," I meant it. Outside of a court proceeding, I have zero guarantees that you won't try to dick me. Me being prior enlisted may throw a cog in that "dream of belonging to something greater" spiel that
you'd probably like to give me.
Trust and believe, Uncle Sam got his.

I recommend you save it for someone who isn't aware of the global scale of their accomplishments and who hasn't seen past your sleaziness, because I have zero faith, trust, or confidence in your abilities (as a whole) to do the right thing and I am 100% certain that your intentions for me are no good/malicious in nature.

FBI Tip/Theory: RedZone went pretty fucking far with the abuse. What would make RedZone sacrifice so much to cover up for one rogue government employee? Was RedZone fully aware of what I was being targeted by? If so, settling out of court just might not be enough...

FBI Tip/Theory: No adult would help someone break into a closed building with a government compliant security setup so they could stalk me while I was on the job, what was the nature of the relationship between the stalker and those that helped her gain unauthorized access to the building?

FBI Tip/Theory: Congress left me out to dry for a very long period of time. Did anything change with the abusers, such as their environment? Would it be safe to assume that the abusers were imitating/misusing something that the general public probably shouldn't know about, or did they just get the idea to go hog wild with ambient gaslighting on their own?

FBI Tip: The abusers seeing me as a "literal pet" is a legitimate angle to investigate. Any form of communication used against me by the abusers (social media, emails, le gang stalkers with stickers and license plates, etc) that makes reference to me being a "dog" should be considered by you to be highly suspect.

FBI Tip: RedZone went pretty far with the abuse. Were they compensated for participating in the abuse? This ain't the type of shit that you just do for free... Would it be safe to assume that RedZone's staff purposefully aimed at getting me fired or getting me to quit my job after I reported that I was being stalked at Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies? Would it be safe to assume that the NSA compensated several parties that were involved in the abuse process of me? I'm not really surprised. Just another bulldoze job, right?

FBI Tip: Between some VA snob taking a paycheck to cut my old school's VA benefits and RedZone/SGT taking a paycheck to cover up a crime/abuse me, the FBI should have about... 5 or so years of NSA financial spending data to look through to get to the bottom of this, right? Also, need I remind all of you that I'm still being actively denied legal assistance...

Regarding the "little men" who deleted this thread because I struck a nerve (while being watched by the FBI, mind you):

On a side note:
I'm starting to understand why Congress left me on the bus. Child soldiers and sex crimes are a real bad mixture.

I seriously wouldn't be surprised if the FBI no-shit caught the fuckers red handed acting as a singular narcissistic entity. I also don't doubt that taking this to court instead of accepting a settlement would cause a no-shit apocalyptic scale event. The abuse has been occurring for YEARS (nearly a decade) and the only purpose that the abuse served was to destroy me. The abusers experienced great pleasure in doing so (like a pack of animals going for the thrill of the kill). Safe to say... a few of the "main perpetrators" will never see the light of day ever again. I personally think that criminal charges should be levied against both RedZone and Congress, but that's not my decision.

I'll settle for getting off the bus and staying away from the NSA's dysfunctional family dynamic of covering up their shame at all costs.

Hey NSA: Control your little shits or I will solve the problem permanently with a court case.

As of this point, the FBI is now stonewalling an attempted murder claim.
Your move, Kinderheim.