Compiling Key-logger

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Guys i have seen a few things on the internet about installing and compiling a Key-logger inside a picture perhaps on .jpeg and once the victim downloads or opens the picture it will install a key-logger on their computer has anyone had any experience in doing this and have made it either to social engineer attack someone and what sort of programming language is needed for such an attack depending on the O/S system. And perhaps can an email address be made for the Key-logger to respond to as i have had an idea to test it out if i have the knowledge to be able to research and compile one but i just thought that i would like to ask any programmer if it is possible as the email client will be proton mail for the receiving aspect of anonymity with using the tails O/S system for access to the email client after cracking a network all programming will be done on an offline computer as of yet i have not the knowledge to annoymize myself across the web an would consider myself to be compromise-able so all endeavors will be done with a old laptop and a new hard drive installed and encrypted on the laptop i use for secuiryt based reasons perhaps an SD card that i can swallow in case of a compromise its good to be paranoid such as i am eyes everywhere but i thought i would just like to post it and see if i get a reply Guys thanks very much for taking the time to read my post.

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