SOLDIERX Defcon 27 Coins

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We've had some expressed interest in the SX coins that were seen floating around.
Given the interest I'm posting them for anyone else who would like to have some.
Note this is not a functional PCB - after failing to deliver in a timely manner one I transfered the logo over to another pcb file to make a nice keychain, earrings or whatever you can think of.

I had these printed through oshpark for approximately $4 a pop.
Other manufacturers are substantially cheaper (jlcpcb or pcbway for example) but may require you to open the files in KiCAD for slight modifications.

Dimensions are approximately 1.57" in diameter.

Finished Product:

Starting Image:

Example working to create the for Solder mask, Silk Screen, and copper layers


SX_Coin_1.5inch.zip448.86 KB