I may be wrong but...

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my paranoia is off the charts. not right now. always

I just been looking through my email looking at all the shit i saw from random soldierx accounts made like 30 minutes before they email me that they hacked some shit and need help.

Now since my paranoia can be broken by a dragon ball scouter I was thinking maybe its a scam.

people on here are all NSA, DHS, FBI, GOVERNMENT
what if its them

what if they know we have the power and they don't wanna risk busting down our doors of us not doing anything illegal so they're trying to take us down by luring us into illegal shit

kinda like "to catch a predator" tv show where they catch child predators online but it's rlly an adult talking then they get their ass

I just feel like they really aint fucking with us

My advice is just to not answer those bullshits. or just 1 email Back "No" and ignore the rest of the emails

stay safe

my paranoia is gay