Replacement for Beyond Trust Retina Scanner?

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Does anyone know of a good and fair priced vulnerability scanner. No to Nessus, we use Nessus for our external scanning. And Nessus not sure if they changed there policies but I had issues with them stating I abused there license. So since it is browser based just about every time my IP Address changed I had to reset the license and eventually they emailed me stating I was abusing the license even though I told them I was a Penetration Tester and thought I could scan unlimited IP Addresses, seems not the case when you go to a client and your IP Changes, so a no go there. I was looking at Cobalt Strike but not a true Vulnerability scanner, looked at Immunity Canvas as well. I do not want a tool to do my testing that is what scripts are for, even though it helps a bit to rule out some exploits. My company needs a replacement scanner for Retina as they do not support it anymore... I was hoping to pay no more than 2,500 per license as I need at least 12 License's for everyone's laptops and I also need another 22 License's for laptops we ship to the clients as well.. So trying not to spend a fortune on Licenses. I use Parrot Linux Distro and like Sparta but it is to slow... But a great tool... I seen Legion but it crashes even after I remove the screenshot function... Thoughts????????? Thanks!!! >)