I need A Sensei For Online Game world breaker

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I already Quit gaming for i couldnt read of any what im trying to break with. What im saying is the computer language. Actually im trying to discover what i like and what to do. I have no sports im no good at class then when i tried game breaker or outlaw i like it running program to cheat over game online reading other programs how they do it... and guess what i found some... I intentionally tried to Hack SILKROAD ONLINE... the game was so hard to crack and find way to speed up or boost or bug without being detected just to be one of the top. Ive tried this for two years but still then i was stuck up by being just a user of what other created. They only created wat was obvious to the game creator expected only game bots... Anyone anyone out there who want to share... I know one rule of hacking nothing is free... I just want to learn... Thank you