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Hi, I'm Jerbo, and you can call me Jerbo. I'm 22, and I love computers. I've had a computer in the house since I was 5, though unfortunately for me I only started getting into coding when I was 16-17. At this point, I have some basic programming skills, and right now I'm working on C, Objective-C, and C#. I've used Java before as well, but aside from web apps and simple cross-platform apps I don't see it being as beneficial to me as the C-based languages.

I worked at Best Buy, Circuit City (RIP), and Apple, always as a computer-tech. I know their systems, and I know my way around MS/Apple OS. I don't know that this experience will help me out here with SX, but I'll answer any questions freely.

While I'm interested in programming, hacking, cracking, you name it, the base for these and others generally comes down to one thing: I love learning how things work. I always loved taking apart my toys as a kid, putting them back together, working through the frustration of doing that over and over getting the parts just right, and then being overly satisfied when I finally got it back together, working.

I know that my skills are lacking at this point, but my goal is to learn so that I can contribute to the community, and I hope I can meet some cool people along the way.

I also love music (I play drums, percussion, keyboards, and bass), movies, food, gardening, and having a good time. I love to talk about the things I love, and I love to share, and I hope we all can have some good times.

" ub0r h4x0r you. I better go unplug my toaster before you endanger my toast." -K