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Background: Free MC Boot for the Playstation 2 is an exploit that once installed onto a memory card, can execute without a trigger disc and allows for executable files (elf format) to be launched. As a result of not requiring a trigger disc, this can be used on systems with a dead laser. The two downsides is that it has to be installed/compiled onto the memory card individually (cannot be copied from one memory card to another) and it will only work on whatever region the PStwo is using. (Example: If installed on a European PStwo, it will only work with other European PStwos.) This will work on any model prior to the SCPH-9000x series which was released at the start of 2008.

Simple Guide:
Detailed Guide:

Tutorials on how to boot the installer: (Action Replay Max Evo) (Action Replay Max and Independence exploit) [Note from Amp: It should be possible to boot the installer with just Action Replay Max as the version I have can launch elf files.] (Codebreaker 8.1) (Swapmagic 3.6 or newer)