Tutorial and Ebook Archive

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To make a long story short - over the last 10 years or so (probably longer) I've saved various tutorials and ebooks that I've found to be good. This is either for reference or just because they're good quality.

There is a very large range of texts in here including:
- Old SoldierX tutorials.. yea that's right
- "Ancient" Tuts regarding windows 9x security and the like.
- Very good reference documents like a complete SSL diagram showing THE ENTIRE SSL process and a very large electronics handbook.
- Documents everyone should read like "Reflections on trusting trust" by Ken Thompson *** very good read.
- NSA Security Guides (back when they were posting them)
- Ebooks going in depth on cryptography
- Hard to find tutorial on quantum cryptography
- etc..

I figure it's best to share as opposed to hoarding. So here you go..


Note: One of these days I'm going to go through each tut and write a short description. Seeing as how there's over 200Mb - it'll take some time.