Video review of Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer

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As RaT mentioned we have been looking into doing videos and with that in mind I did a video review as a rough test for my Bemani and Bullet Hell blip channel. (Which can be viewed on My Blog) The game covered is an attempt at bringing shmups to modern consoles called Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer. (Which roughly translated is German for Mercenary-X: He who attacks/conquers the Sky, albeit I've also seen Himmelsstürmer translated as 'Romantic Idealist')

A few production notes that I have:
- While the game is designed 1280x720 and I could have captured it at that resolution, this would have taken a HUGE amount of hard drive space and would be a worthless gesture. Also, the version on blip is 30 fps, however the masters I have are 60 fps. (More on that below)
- Most people are used to narration in reviews, but instead of that I opted to go all text as a change in pace and also cause I didn't feel like narrating. Should I do another review (which may happen if I see enough of a positive response) I will do narrate it mainly due to the game I will most likely cover.
- This was also the first time I ever used a nonlinear video editor as up until this point I've been using only VirtualDub and cheap tricks for editing.

Notes on current flash streaming solutions:
- YouTube's so-called HD format is only 852x480. (That's right folks, the 720p line was complete bullshit.) Also, they have no concept of fair use, the creative commons license, or in some cases freedom of speech. As a result of this it is the opinion of myself, RaT, and Blake that using that site would not be a viable solution.
- Currently, I have not seen any flash video sites that allow for 60 fps videos which really needs to change since the HDTV standards for 480p and 720p both state that as the max framerate.

Now with those notes out of the way. I would like to ask those within the community what they would like to see when it comes to video content. Are there any particular reviews, tutorials, or topics that should be covered?